SANDALL entered its 11th year, after a 10th year filled with much celebration and innovation. We have tried to bring some of that festive and innovative attitude along with us.


In keeping with the festive and innovative spirit, the chapter initiated its COOL A WARD. Each month a member's name is chosen randomly. We then surprise the member at work. An award certificate is given ... sometimes in the form of a large poster. .. , along with flowers and candy. We need the cooperation of the site supervisors and have always received it. It does wonders in raising the standing of the individual at work. Let's face it, our employers really want to celebrate us and are happy to cooperate.


We have continued to award the STAR VENDOR AWARD. In this time of cut backs by the vendor companies, it is good to celebrate the reps who work for us ... around, under, behind and over their bosses heads to help us out.


We have continued honoring our recent library school grads. This year we had two chapter members who completed their MLS.


The chapter has initiated a 3rd Sunday of the month breakfast meeting at a local eatery. Here the Social Media (i.e. B3 group) meets not only to discuss technology but to experience the mentoring aspects of group learning where the hierarchy of the workplace is dissolved and each person is able to be student and teacher at the same time.


Submitted by

Bob F. Richards

SANDALL President


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