San Diego Area Law Libraries
Annual Report 2007-2008

San Diego Area Law Libraries (SANDALL) is the youngest of the AALL chapters and will be celebrating its 10 th anniversary this year.

As a young chapter, we continue to grow with a new high of 121 members this year and continue to be active within both the San Diego County library and legal community. As our membership has grown so has our chapter treasury which now has a balance of almost $19,000 or a $1,000 increase over the previous year. We are, as we always are, thankful for the wonderful support of the vendors in our community who support our various events throughout the year.

SANDALL elected officers for this year are: Sheila Corman, President; Patricia Rusheen, Vice President/Program Chair; Gina Catalano, Secretary; Leigh Inman, Treasurer; and Carmen Brigandi, Past President. For this year, the position of Past President was an elected office since our elected president for last year, Brian Williams, retired in the middle of his term and Patricia Rusheen became interim president. She could not serve as Past President since she opted to run for the Vice President position for a second year.

The chapter reached out to its members, the legal community and other libraries this year. SANDALL's annual fall institute was very successful with over sixty attendees from both law and public libraries. Ten of the attendees were from the city and county public libraries and were thrilled to have this chance to meet with SANDALL members.

We were also fortunate to have Ann Fessenden, AALL President, join us for this event and speak during lunch. Sheila Corman took Ann on a tour of various types of law libraries in San Diego the day before the institute and the Board joined them for dinner that evening. It was wonderful to be able to meet and visit with her.

Our four Brown Bag lunches and ½ day institute were well-attended with Ms. Rusheen finding speakers to interest a majority of our members. Attendance at these events is sometimes problematic for law firm librarians with their heavy schedules and the large area our chapter covers with San Diego County beginning at the Mexican border and continuing north through Camp Pendleton for almost 60 miles. The county also goes about 80 miles to the east.

This year SANDALL provided more educational grants than ever before. Arnold Josefat, our Grants Chair, had a busy year. SANDALL gave two grants to the Fall Institute, two to the AALL Annual meeting in Portland , one to the SCALL Institute and one to the AALL Joint Study Institute in Washington , D.C. A total of $1500 was awarded to SANDALL members. Much of this money was raised at our annual Spring Social and Silent Auction.

The Board focused this year on synchronizing By-Law, policies, procedures and correcting other outdated information. This had not been done in a few years and led to some problems with knowing what current policy was. We also brought back some policies from the past; especially inviting Committee Chairs to the February Board meeting and having the newly elected officers join the Board at the May Board meeting to help the transition to the new fiscal year.

Our newsletter is now successfully distributed online through our listserv as are meeting notices, reminders and voting. This has cut the mailing cost for the chapter to nothing. We also printed and distributed our membership directory which had a lovely photo of San Diego on it. The Board has also discussed having the directory online only in the future and is looking into password protecting that information on our website.

Another highlight of the year was the annual Holiday Party held at the Town and Country resort this year. It was well attended and for the first time had music and dancing. Those who were there were ready to dance well into the night. They were also treated to a wide selection of door prizes with the grand prize being a GPS system.

Elections were held in the spring under the watchful eyes of Marianne Sterna, Nominations Chair. New officers for 2008-2009 are: John Adkins, President; Betsy Chessler, Vice President/Program Chair; Gina Catalano, Secretary; and Leigh Inman, Treasurer. Sheila Corman will be on the Board as Past President.

Submitted by:

Sheila Corman
SANDALL President
17 June 2008

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