Policies & Procedures

SANDALL Policies & Procedures


SANDALL, written in all caps is the official Chapter acronym.

Budget (8/6/07)

Archives $50.00
Grants $1500.00
Membership $100.00
Newsletter $0.00
President $100.00
Programs $700.00
PR $3000.00
Tax Preparation
/Audit $300.00
Treasurer $50.00
Vice-President $75.00
Nominations $100.00
Secretary $50.00

Certificates for meritorious service to SANDALL
In order to recognize meritorious service to the chapter, the Board shall at times present an official chapter certificate to members and others. Such service may include chairing a committee, serving as a speaker or other participant in a chapter program, or performing some other significant service to the chapter.

The Archives Committee collects, maintains and preserves materials about SANDALL and makes them accessible to SANDALL members.

Internet SIG
The Internet SIG meets monthly to exchange Internet information and web sites among SANDALL members.

The Membership Committee recruits new members, collects dues and keeps the membership database current.

The Newsletter Committee coordinates the production and distribution of the Association’s newsletter, SANDALL News. The newsletter’s mission is to provide a written forum to educate, communicate, and record information and news relevant to the mission and membership of SANDALL.

Conducting board business by e-mail and other electronic means
In order to efficiently conduct chapter business, the Board may utilize e-mail or other electronic means for discussion and voting. Such actions will be subsequently ratified at the next Board meeting and will be recorded in the minutes.

Discounts to Programs Committee Members
SANDALL Program Committee members need only pay half price to participate in the Fall Workshop.

Dues are $25.00 per year. Student Dues are $20.00 per year.
6/08/18 Annual Meeting

Grants issued will be used to support attendance at appropriate professional activities.

Government Relations Committee (GRC)
Government Relations
The Government Relations Committee (GRC) acts as a liaison between the San Diego Area Law Libraries (SANDALL) organization and the local, state and federal legislatures. In coordination with the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), the GRC monitors federal and California legislative, regulatory and judicial developments relevant to SANDALL, AALL, law libraries, law librarianship, or the dissemination of public information. The GRC shall report all relevant information to the SANDALL Executive Board and members. The GRC Chair shall advise the Executive Board about notable issues and make recommendations or propose any actions to be taken on behalf of SANDALL.

The SANDALL GRC Chair is appointed by the President for a term of one year. The number of terms a Chair may serve are at the discretion of the Executive Board based on the best interest of the organization. The Chair may appoint additional members as needed to assist with GRC business and activities.


SANDALL is a local chapter of AALL. SANDALL received Chapter approval in July 1998 and currently has an approximate membership of 120 law librarians and information professionals throughout the San Diego area. The Government Relations Committee received approval from SANDALL’s Executive Board as a “standing committee” in 2004, to further reflect SANDALL’s ongoing involvement with the community.

This policy is promulgated by the SANDALL Executive Board to direct the Association’s policy and advocacy work. SANDALL’s policy endorses, but is not limited to, the AALL principles on access to public information, below.

The statement entitled “Principles & Core Values Concerning Public Information on Government Websites,” approved by the AALL Access to Electronic Legal Information Committee (AELIC) on February 26, 2007, adopted by the AALL Executive Board on March 24, 2007, and adopted by the SANDALL Executive Board on May 28, 2009, is hereby incorporated in this policy by reference. The AELIC statement articulates SANDALL and AALL policies on creation, access, and distribution of government information in the digital age, and helps to further articulate SANDALL’s and AALL’s policies on government information. It outlines five core values that SANDALL and AALL believe are essential guidelines that all government agencies should follow when developing websites that provide information to their citizens, the legal community and other users. The full text of this statement may be found on AALL’s website at: http://www.aallnet.org/committee/aelic/AELIC_Core_Values.pdf

Legislative Advocacy
In consult with the SANDALL Executive Board and in coordination with AALL’s Government Relations Office in Washington D.C., the GRC represents the views of the SANDALL membership to the state and federal legislature through letters, meetings, and testimony when necessary. The GRC coordinates advocacy and lobbying efforts with AALL and other related library associations as needed, including the Southern California Association of Law Libraries (SCALL), the Council of California County Law Librarians (CCCLL), Northern California Association of Law Libraries (NOCALL) and the Legislative Committee of the California Library Association (CLA).

The Chair of SANDALL’s GRC is the official liaison to AALL’s GRC, state and federal governmental bodies, and other library associations. The GRC Chair or his/her designee is responsible for updating, communicating and advocating all relevant SANDALL information and activities to these organizations via listservs, newsletters or other appropriate means.

Statement of Purpose
The GRC serves to promote the information-policy interests of SANDALL. The GRC strives to keep SANDALL members informed of current and relevant information-policy issues effecting SANDALL, law librarians, law librarianship, or the dissemination of public information. When necessary or desirable, the GRC shall assist government decision makers in developing laws, policies and practices consistent with SANDALL’s Government Relations Policy and the incorporated statement entitled “Principles & Core Values Concerning Public Information on Government Websites.”

On-going Tasks
To effectively carry out its mission and purpose, the GRC will actively monitor California and federal issues important to SANDALL, AALL, law libraries and librarianship and the dissemination of public information. The GRC shall inform the SANDALL Executive Board and members of such issues through regular updates. On-going updates shall be sent via the SANDALL listserv, newsletter or other appropriate means.

The GRC will regularly monitor online legislative databases and applicable online listservs for developments; inform the SANDALL Executive Board and members about legislative issues of interest and deemed sufficiently important to SANDALL through the SANDALL listserv and its newsletter; exchange information with the legislative advocacy sections of other library associations; announce and promote pertinent events as they may arise, including the annual Legislative Days sponsored by California AALL Chapters, the CLA and the American Library Association (ALA).

In furtherance of its mission and purpose, the GRC may at times draft proposed letters and position papers for adoption by the SANDALL Executive Board or the membership. Such documents will be consistent with the views of this GRC Policy, SANDALL, and AALL. If approved, such documents will be communicated to the appropriate governmental bodies and/or other interested groups, as well as to the SANDALL Executive Board and membership.

The SANDALL GRC will inform its Executive Board and association members of current information-policy issues, coordinate efforts with AALL and other relevant library associations for maximum effect, and assist AALL and/or policy makers in the development of laws, policies, and practices consistent with this and AALL’s Government Relations Policies.
Approved by the SANDALL Executive Board on May 28, 2009

Internet SIG
The Board recognizes the Internet SIG as an official Chapter SIG.
Dissolved by the Board in 2003.

Meeting dates
Meetings will be scheduled to the extent possible in alternate months from SCALL meetings, but at the very least, not in the same week as any scheduled SCALL event.

Minutes of board meetings
The Secretary will submit a draft of the minutes via e-mail to the Board for approval within two weeks after each meeting. The approved minutes will be distributed to the SANDALL listserv, loaded on the SANDALL web page, and published in the SANDALL Newsletter.

Newsletter editorial policy
The SANDALL News is an official publication of the San Diego Association of Law Libraries (SANDALL).
The Newsletter is distributed electronically to all SANDALL members via the discussion list, placed on the SANDALL web site and distributed to the AALL CONE listserv. The electronic copies will no longer include advertisements. A print or digital copy (CD) of each issue is placed in the SANDALL archives. It is published five times a year, every other month, with the exception of June and July.
(revised 3/20/07)
Content & Style
At the discretion of the Editor and of the Secretary, as Chair of the Newsletter Committee, the Newsletter accepts and publishes articles, announcements, letters, columns and comments dealing with information of relevance and interest to practitioners of law librarianship and to members of the legal community.
The views expressed in the Newsletter are those of the authors and should not be attributed to SANDALL, the institutions with which the authors are affiliated, or the Editor or Secretary.
The Newsletter follows The Chicago Manual of Style (14th ed. 1993) and Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary (1991) to resolve questions of style and usage.
All submissions will be edited for clarity and grammar. Whenever possible, the Editor will contact an author to discuss questions of intention and interpretation.
The Newsletter accepts advertising from information vendors, publishers, and others who supply goods and services to law librarians.
All advertising is subject to approval by the Editor and the Secretary, as Chair of the Newsletter Committee. The Editor and Secretary, as representatives of the Association, reserve the right to refuse any advertising that is deemed inappropriate or offensive.

Non-member attendance at chapter events
Non-members who are interested in joining SANDALL and/or who attend as guests of members are welcome to free SANDALL events. All non-members are required to pay the non-member rates for paid events.


Recording new policies
From time to time, the SANDALL Board may adopt new Chapter policies, such as a Newsletter Editorial Policy, a Policy on Non-Member Attendance at Chapter Events, or a Vendor Membership Policy. The procedure for recording new policies shall be as follows:

1. When the Board considers the adoption of a new policy or amendment or repeal of an existing policy, the language of the proposed new policy or action repealing a policy shall be recorded in the minutes of the Board meeting and published on the listserv and in the SANDALL News as a part of the minutes especially designated Proposed New Chapter Policy.
2. Members shall have two weeks from the date of publication on the listserv to comment to members of the Board and/or to the Chapter listserv on the new policy or the amendment or repeal of the existing policy.
3. At its next regularly scheduled meeting after the two-week comment period, or if the Board determines that quicker action is necessary, by e-mail conference at the end of the comment period, the Board shall make a final decision on whether to adopt the policy, either as is or as amended, to repeal the existing policy, and/or to abandon the proposal or the proposed action to amend or repeal the existing policy.
4. The Board decision shall be announced to the membership on the Chapter listserv and in the SANDALL News.
5. New and amended policies shall be posted on the Chapter web page under the designation “Policies.” The date of adoption or amendment shall be noted at the end of the policy. The Secretary is responsible for maintaining a binder with paper copies of all current policies.
6. Repealed policies and former versions of amended policies shall be stored in the chapter archives. The date of amendment or repeal and the nature of the action shall be noted on the archived copy. The Chapter Secretary is responsible for making copies available to the Archivist.
Approved May 5, 1999

Relations with vendors
SANDALL accepts vendor sponsorship of its events. Vendors are allowed to participate fully in chapter duties and activities.

Standing committees
The Bylaws specify five Standing Committees: Constitution & Bylaws, Membership, Newsletter, Nominations, and Programs. The Board designated three additional Standing Committees:
The archives will be housed at USD. The Board hopes that SANDALL events will be memorialized photographically and the photographs stored in the archives.
Employment Liaison Committee
The President will appoint a Chair to continue the work of gathering notices and publicizing employment opportunities.
Web Page Committee
The President will appoint a Chair to gather and monitor information and links for the web page and a Webmaster to maintain the site
Public Relations Committee
added 8/18/04

SCALL’s SANDALL Task Force Report
Resolution supporting the recommendations of the Task Force, with one minor modification.
Recommendation #1: No changes in existing SCALL geographic boundaries are needed. (SANDALL Board concurs.)
Recommendation #2: No change in SCALL nomination procedures, selection of officers, committee chairs and committee members is needed. (SANDALL Board concurs.)
Recommendation #3: No changes in locations, number, quality and frequency of meetings, institutes and other SCALL events are needed. (SANDALL Board concurs.)
Recommendation #4: In order to encourage involvement and participation in SCALL, cross invitations between the two chapters be extended for all functions. The SCALL Board should exchange calendar information with the SANDALL Board for both electronic and hard copy publication by the chapters. (SANDALL board concurs with the following modification: Cross mailing should be done only for major events, e.g., the SCALL Institute, the SANDALL Workshop, possible joint meetings, but not for regular meetings. Meetings should remain a benefit of membership of each organization.)
Recommendation #5: The organizational relationship and interaction between SCALL and SANDALL should be characterized by reciprocity and cooperation. SCALL should appoint a liaison to SANDALL and consider doing so for the other California chapters as well. SCALL should update committee manuals and procedures to promote awareness of SANDALL’s calendar of activities and encourage reciprocity and cooperation wherever possible or appropriate. Additionally, the SCALL Board should consider securing the buy-in of the other California chapters into a Pan-California Vision Statement characterizing the reciprocal and cooperative relationship among all the California chapters – emphasizing resource sharing and including the bar, courts and distributors of information. (SANDALL Board concurs. Board members attending the Joint Institute will seek to meet with SCALL and NOCALL counterparts to investigate formulation of a Pan-California Vision.)

All items copyright ©[1999] by the author, except where otherwise expressly indicated. By submitting an article to the Newsletter, the author of each item agrees that the item may be reproduced for educational purposes, as long as (1) copies are distributed at or below cost, (2) the author and the Newsletter are identified, and (3) proper notice of SANDALL’s copyright is affixed.
Approved by the SANDALL Executive Board on February 9, 1999.
[Amended by the SANDALL Executive Board on May 5, 1999.]