Officers & Committees


Your 2016-2017 SANDALL Officers

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Position: 2016 - 2017 SANDALL Officers:
Board Members:
President  Michele Lucero Villagran
Vice President  Lisa Foster
Past President  Michele Knapp
Treasurer  Derek Antler
Secretary  Laurel Moran
Archives & Historian  Izabela Aleksieva, Chair
Jean Miles
Robert O'Leary
Anna Russell
Employment  Allan Harjala, Chair
Melissa Abernathy
Izabela Aleksieva
Rachel Green
Sean Saxon
Government Relations  Vance Sharp, Chair
Bobbi Weaver
Grants  Marie Templo-Capule, Chair
Jan Hedlun
Robert O'Leary
Membership  Lisa Foster and Emily Ngo, Co-Chairs
Newsletter  Melissa Fung, Editor
Nominations  Suzanne Smith, Chair
Leigh Inman
Anna Russell
Programs  Lisa Foster, Chair
Heather Phillips
Public Relations  Christine Mathias, Chair
Betsy Chessler
SANDALL Connect  Lisa Foster, Chair
Webmaster  Heather J. Parker, Webmaster