September 2019 Board Meeting

SANDALL Board Meeting Minutes

Breakfast Republic

Thursday, September 19, 2019; 10:00am-11:00am

Meeting Facilitator:  Chris Pickford             

Invitees:  Erin Grimes, Kelly Keach, Sasha Nuñez, Ian Kipnes

Call to order

President – Chris Pickford

  • New approach to Connect. Only quarterly (three to four times a year).  Overseen by committee. Can solicit volunteers on listserv. Lisa Foster is willing to spearhead.
  • Breast Cancer walk. Everyone approves. Once the team is signed up, people can pledge money. Erin will send out invitations/memos on listserv and social media.

Looking for comments from the different chapters of AALL

Vice-President – Erin Grimes

  • Holiday party. Bo-Beau was great last year. Again this year? Cost per person was $35 last year, which still seems reasonable. Erin will get in touch with Bo-Beau. Currently looking at calendar for best time – second week of December?
  • SANDALL Events. Midway Museum – could we do library tour? Would anyone be interested in the Gemological Society? We could set up two tours to see which ones people can go to? One in fall, one in spring before the Institute.
  • SANDALL Institute. It is usually in winter, but can do it in the spring as well. Chris recommends holding it at Morrison Foerster again.
  • Idea for topic: legal analytics.
    • Bobbi Lieber has contacts in legal analytics and will get back to Erin.
    • If anyone has any ideas let Erin know, will reach out and gauge interest.
    • Get in touch with Val.

Treasurer – Kelly Keach

  • SANDALL Membership. SANDALL has 85 members right now. A couple people joined in last couple weeks.
  • Board turnover issues. Emails are still going to Kacie, we need to fix that. Kelly is still trying to get the password so can see financial statements on Chase online. We won’t receive new dues until April/May because of bylaw change. (Chris notes that we need to get the form updated. Heather Parker handles that.) Kelly is going through the dropbox from Kacie, behind on putting things in dropbox. Will stop by Chase this afternoon to get that sorted out. Will update financial statement once he has a better handle on the situation.
  • Insurance. October 1: will send check to AALL for insurance.
  • Gaggle. Check on bill for Gaggle? Probably not much.

Secretary – Sasha Nuñez

  • Minutes. Board agrees to vote to approve minutes from the Annual Meeting at the next board meeting.


  • Website needs to be updated with minutes and bylaws.
  • The board still needs to work on a manual for board position descriptions.

Adjourned 11:00am.

Jan 2020 Board Meeting

SANDALL Emergency Board Meeting Minutes

San Diego Law Library – DT, Board Room

Monday, January 6, 2020; 9:00am-9:30am

Meeting Facilitator:  Chris Pickford             

Invitees:  Erin Grimes, Kelly Keach, Sasha Nuñez, Ian Kipnes

Call to order

President – Chris Pickford

  • Erin Grimes leaving SANDALL. Ian will step into Vice President role, and will look at bylaws to see how to officially replace the floating board position that is Ian’s current position. Other than that, it should be straightforward to keep everything synchronized.
  • New librarian Eddie Ramirez has shown some interest in being chair of the revived social responsibility committee. He may be interested in being brought on as floating board member through special election.
  • Should we also put out a general invitation via Lee and Suzanne, as the elections committee, to anyone else who may be interested in being the floating executive board member?
  • Additional Vice-Presidential duties—organizing events. Michelle Knapp organizing at Gensler for SCALL. Still thinking about events including Gemological Society tour, Midway behind-the-scenes tour, Chinese-American Museum, Comic-Con Museum.


June 2019 Annual Meeting


Thursday, June 13, 2019 at 12:00

Introductory remarks

Thanks to sponsor CEB (Suzanne not here today)

Ten new members – into medium sized chapter!

Upcoming conferences – we’re hosting the joint Pacific Chapter, Chris is heading up planning.

Recognition & Member News

Article of the Year Award:

Betsy Chessler for “Here & Now – Work Life Balance and Stress Management for Library Professionals” (May 2019 Newsletter)

Vice President Report:

Bike the Bay event – would like to do it again this year

First official event: Oct. 12 David Stotland talking about best practices for disabilities

Experimented with Facebook Live for that event

Holiday event

Spring Institute at Morrison Foerster, mindfulness workshop. 4 speakers.

Working with Heather Heen on joint reception at AALL.

City Taphouse (1/2 mile from convention center), free event Saturday the 13th, will get it on the listserv.

Directories put together by Betsy Chessler available.


No additional votes on bylaw amendment

With 41 yes, 3 no, amendments have officially passed


Financials: 15000 to our name between checking savings paypal

As of yesterday 83 members

76 members last year

1900 in membership dues

Holiday party made 300

Spring institute made 300

Upcoming joint chapter reception 2000 sponsorship from Thomson reuters

Past President

Thank you to Kacie for filling in Treasurer role after Christine’s departure.

Our practice has been to put out dues renewal in the fall, but after bylaw meetings decided to change our practice and honor bylaws (dues July 1) or put another change into bylaws as part of the amendment process. Decided to align our practice with what it says in the bylaws. This membership will carry over until next renewal.

In light of fact we did have a successful approval of the bylaws amendment, will no longer have past president position but will now have executive board member with 1 year term. We will have special election for that position. Short term, not so specific yet besides being voting member of the board.

Finally: thank you to all board members over 3 year term. All wonderful to work with, value from working with them and learning with them. Michelle Knapp, Michelle Villagran, Robert Wickton, Laurel Moran, Derek Antler, Marianne, Christine, Kacie, Chris, and me! Got advice from many people who served on the board before. Wonderful experience, thank you for friendship and mentorship.


Photos from holiday party at Bo-Beaus and spring institute.

Proposed bylaws amendments passed

Committee Reports and recognition certificates

Archives: current status of archive – 2 collections. Print collection at USD, digital collection stored at Cal Western network server. Some materials also at LRC. This year not done very much in digital collection, had put up SANDALL newsletter from 1998 to 2008. Still preserving digital copies.  For the coming year, we are going to keep collecting printed materials especially what you give away at different events (brochures, posters). We’d also like to collect minutes, correspondence, directories. Not scanning at this point the newspapers or any other collections, but will be scanning any materials board need or would like to have available for research or other purposes. Request a new member for archival committee. Could help with having a third server to preserve and store

Employment: Isabela, Melissa Abernathy, Rachel Green, Allan Harjala

Members of employment committee continued research in legal and non-legal science employment opportunities. Put out weekly list and send to SANDALL members.  1000+ positions between July 2018-2019.

Connect:  Lisa Foster

What we do typically, what we’ve done for the last years, outreach to the library schools. Cohorts in SoCal area, interested in law library or think you might be? Come to a meeting to network. We try to have monthly meetings, break in summer. Ones we’ve held this past year: October, November, March, May. Light this year. Ways to invigorate this program? Could have mentoring committee where individual members could be in 1-on-1 mentorship with new librarian or student. Profiles on work they do, key hobbies, and match up. Work out their own arrangements about how they want to communicate. Enthusiastic response. Probably start in Fall. Then maybe quarterly CONNECT meeting instead of monthly.

Membership: Lisa

Going to be shifting our practice on membership renewals as mentioned previously to ensure we’re in alignment with bylaws. Numbers: as of May we had 80 dues-paying members, 2 emeritus members, now we have 83.

Gov Relations (Marianne subbing for Rachel)

Rachel puts out Washington e-bulletin acknowledged joint activism by SANDALL, SCALL and NOCALL. Recognized in June 2018 e-bulletin regarding our support of inclusion of law libraries in CA state budget. Cowrote with Judy James and David McBaden. June of 2018 gov brown signed SB840 with 16.5 million allotted to CA county law libraries. AALL Washington e-bulletin recognized SANDALL four times for activism efforts in this fiscal year.

Grant Committee (Marianne subbing for Marie)

1 application during open call for funding requests. Valerie Gragg received the grant. $1000 conference grant to attend ABA equal justice conference in KY.

SANDALL Newsletter (Melissa Abernathy couldn’t make it)

Nominations (Suzanne was called away)

Special elections, another one coming up. Survey ballots through September and March, April, May. Very active this year.

PR: Erin Grimes

We have a FB, LinkedIn and Twitter, mostly those engagements have gone up. For all new members, encourage to add. Can send email for handles. LinkedIn page—we moved onto/created company page. Only have 19 members who like/follow, will send out email with link. Facebook 81 follows. Twitter 94 followers, linkedin 157. Anything to promote – events at library or for SANDALL – send to Erin or Michelle and they would be happy to promote it. Call for new committee members.

Service Recognition

Marianne Sterna, Kacie Neu and Lisa Foster (outgoing members)

New Officer Installation and Oath

Erin Grimes (vice president)

(Kelly Keach was ill today)


April 2019 Board Meeting

SANDALL Board Meeting Minutes

San Diego Law Library – DT, Board Room

Wednesday, April 10, 2019; 9:00am-10:00am

Meeting Facilitator:  Marianne Sterna             

Invitees:  Lisa Foster, Chris Pickford and Sasha Orman

Call to order

Past President – Lisa Foster

  • Status of SANDALL Bylaw changes and next steps. The board is waiting to hear back from AALL’s bylaws committee to ensure that approves of the proposed bylaw amendments. The next step is for an email (not via listserv) to go out to all members, with the proposed amendments and statement of purpose attached, on or before May 14. As board secretary, Sasha will send that out using Kacie’s up-to-date member list. The next step after that is sending a ballot out to all current members on or before May 30. The board made plans to send a yes/no approval or disapproval ballot via SurveyMonke with a deadline of June 12 by 5PM (one day before business meeting). Anyone attending may cast a vote at the business meeting if they didn’t already cast a ballot online. Lisa will tabulate the votes halfway through the business meeting.
    • For the amendments to pass, we need votes from 50%+1 of SANDALL members and 2/3 of that quorum need to approve.
  • Grants committee nominations. The board unanimously approved Valerie Gragg’s SANDALL Grant application for the full amount. She is a new member who has never received grant. The grant will allow her to attend the American Bar Association’s Equal Justice Conference in Kentucky this May.

President – Marianne Sterna

  • Procedure Manual and Job Descriptions. Marianne has received no response from former board members on job descriptions they have for their positions. It is agreed that such descriptions are something our organization needs. Marianne will continue to work on this, starting from scratch. Lisa added that these descriptions should be less than a page, and some should be simpler (i.e. treasurer and secretary). Responsibilities listed in bylaws and policies & procedures should be instructive as well. We must ensure that current version of those documents are available and viewable on the SANDALL website.
  • Heather Heen w/ Thomson Reuters, 2019 AALL Pacific Chapter Reception Host in Wash D.C. Marianne has requested a travel grant for AALL, and Chris will likely attend as well. Lisa said that SANDALL is due for a conference chapter registration grant from AALL, and that we should send an email to gauge interest. We also need to arrange a place, time and date before the email is sent. Usually Pacific Chapter Receptions are held the Saturday before the conference starts. It’s usually an appetizer event walking distance from the conference. Plans are to contact a DC chapter board member for suggestions on reception venues.

Vice President’s Report – Chris Pickford

  • SANDAL Spring Institute — details, assistance needed, registrants, vendors. The Eventbrite registration deadline is Monday at noon, but extra food should be ordered for those who register late; we should also cover speakers and vendors in the lunch tabulation. Art supplies for the Zentangle presentation have been ordered, and Chris is reaching out for more sponsorships for raffle prizes. This year’s exhibitors are CEB and Jan Raymond Legislative History Intent. Lexis is sponsoring breaks and snacks. Morrison Foerster will provide drinks.
    • Going forward, we should create an informal timeline for implementing a winter/spring institute—a time by which to contact vendors, choose a venue, etc.
    • Should there be a presentation during lunch (i.e., a roundtable discussion on mindfulness)?
    • Tech: Morrison Foerster should have everything necessary in their room, but presenters should send any PowerPoint presentations ahead of time so that they can be loaded onto a computer.
    • Sasha is creating the brochure. We also need to create signage for vendors.
    • Chris will deliver opening remarks including a thank you to sponsors, what inspired the institute, and a thanks to everyone for coming. Thanks to Heather for website work, and to Betsy and Morrison Foerster for the hospitality. We need to ensure that our sponsors are on the website. He may also touch on the anti-swag movement.

Treasurer – Kacie Neu (on leave)

Secretary Report – Sasha Orman

  • Minutes from 01-08-19 meeting. The board reviewed the minutes from the January meeting and noted that “Agenda” needed to be changed to “Minutes” at the top. The board will approve the minutes via email after the meeting pending this change.


January 2019 Board Minutes

SANDALL Board Meeting Agenda

San Diego Law Library – DT, Board Room; Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019; 9:00am-10:00am

Meeting Facilitator: Marianne Sterna

Invitees: Lisa Foster, Chris Pickford, Kacie Neu, Sasha Orman

Call to order

Past President – Lisa Foster

  • Discussion on SANDALL bylaws regarding an official membership year. Our practice has been putting a call for renewal out in October with a deadline to sign up, but our bylaws say something completely different, which means that we have not been following our own bylaws. Should we change our bylaws to reflect our practices?
  • Heather Heen with Thomson Reuters: Hosting the 2019 AALL Pacific Chapter Reception Washington D.C. It is SANDALL’s turn to be responsible for the AALL Pacific Chapter reception. This doesn’t mean we spend any more than our share.

Our membership feels strongly about having a reception. We have contacted Thomson Reuters regarding sponsorship money; the remainder is split up based on members. As current president of SANDALL on a year we are hosting, it was decided that Marianne should attend.

  • Social responsibility. This will be a topic of conversation at the business meeting. Our membership has not taken interest in general social responsibility events—book drives, beach cleanups. We can always try to revive this concept later, but for now we need to pick our battles and focus time and effort on points of higher interest such as advocacy and our job list.
  • Grants. We should remind our membership that we do grants. We do not need to specify how much we have allocated, just ask people to explain what they’re looking for and why. Example: Michele Villagran was able to use a grant to fund her AALL speaking engagement.

President’s Report – Marianne Sterna

  • AALL matters: Listserv and Liability Insurance. We’re within our allocation of listserv members, but are nearing our maximum before we have additional costs. If we communicate with people using more than one email that they’re being counted as more than one member, this could open up our capacity. Regarding liability insurance, Lisa and Kacie took care of this after our last meeting.
  • Board structures: Other chapters and ours. Before our next board meeting, Marianne plans to reach out to other chapters for comments on how they are structured. She is also questioning if other chapters have had trouble getting people to run for board seats. People might be more open to committing if it was less of a time commitment. This could be an issue to draft a proposal for and take to a vote at the upcoming business meeting. One idea could be to make the vice-president role a two-year term. We could also replace the “past president” year with a member-at-large role, with no specific responsibility other than being voting member.

Related to this issue, it was discussed that there should be more guidance and formalization on the responsibilities of each board member role, particularly written job descriptions that we can hand to prospective board members detailing what they can expect. A checklist of required and optional duties could be helpful for creating job descriptions. This will be discussed further at the next board meeting.

  • Moving toward online webinars for training sessions. The San Diego Law Library is going to be doing online webinars and could have the capability to share that with SANDALL. The Stotland seminar had eleven attendees, but had issues with sound. If we were to capture a recording, it would have lasting value.

Vice President’s Report – Chris Pickford

  • SANDALL event for late February. Options for a museum tour include the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum or the Comic-Con Museum, or the Midway. Last year at the Natural History Museum, we were able to bypass entry fees.  
  • Spring Institute: theme, venue, speakers, date.
    • Theme: This year’s institute theme will be of health and wellness, mindfulness for library professionals. Three organizations that we can contact to find out about: Infinity Wellness (has done CLA events and MCLEs, can cater their talks toward a certain audience); UCSD mindfulness center; Zentangle (meditative relaxing art, has done programs at public libraries).
    • Finances: it is time to communicate with vendors to sponsor lunches or honorariums for speakers. We do not have a grant this year, so we are working with our own budget. We do not want to charge more than like $50.
    • Date: We need to make sure our date does not conflict with other things like SCALL institute. We should decide whether we will invite AZALL and other partner organizations.
    • Venue: Considerations so far include Mission Valley Public Library or USD.

Treasurer’s Report – Kacie Neu

  • Memberships. As of January we have 79 members, 12 of which are new or returning. For liability insurance we paid for 97, just to be safe. New people pop up sometimes, and we would rather have room to grow. We should talk to Heather Parker about adjusting our new membership form (e.g., how did they find out about us? What is their job title?).  
  • Holiday Party financial results. Our fees were a little higher, we were still in the negative but overall it was a great event and a win. Even so, are there things we could do differently to avoid some of these costs next year? We may charge more. $5 probably won’t be a deal breaker for most and would help narrow the gap. We may also offer the option of paying by check to bypass PayPal fees.

Secretary’s Report – Sasha Orman

  • Minutes from 10-11-18 meeting. Everybody approves.


Our newsletter deadline is the 15th. Does anyone have anything to contribute? We would love to get content (photos, articles, information).


August 2018 Board Minutes

SANDALL Board Meeting Agenda
Thursday August 16, 2018, 9:00am-10:00am

Meeting Facilitator: Marianne Sterna
Invitees: Lisa Foster, Chris Pickford, Christine Mathias, Sasha Orman. Unable to attend: Lisa Foster.
Call to order
President’s Report – Marianne Sterna
• Listserv alternatives. Christine has tested Gaggle as an option, and proposes looking at it again now that Chris has joined the team. Chris asks whether there is there a digest option, Christine confirms that it does. Also wanted: something that everyone with a membership can post to, not just board members, and with an easy process to assign an administrator.

• Committee heads. Marianne spoke with committee heads, everyone wants to stay on and continue with the work they’re doing. Marianne noted that, while most said they do not need extra help, archives may need some. She will send out information in case anyone has suggestions.
Vice President’s Report – Chris Pickford
• Programming options (law library-specific).
o David Stotland (attorney at San Diego County, and counsel for San Luis Obispo): legally blind, can talk about the kind of tools he uses to practice and keep up with the law. Considering this as a combination live presentation/webinar (via Facebook Live or other means) so that others can join.
o Librarians on Bikes: bike to different libraries.

• Programming options (not law library-specific).
o Zoo library: as we are a specialty library, seeing other specialty libraries could help open up ideas.
o Lance Prager, Infinity Wellness: did MCLE programs previously at SDLL, can tailor programs for what we want – mindfulness program, nutrition program, ergonomics.
o Zentangle: drawing structured patterns. (Janet Massey, Skyline Hills branch.)
o Myers-Brigg assessments.

• Winter institute and spring social. Will check with people who have opened their homes before for the spring social.

• Sponsorship for upcoming events. CEB Account Manager Suzanne Smith is changing positions within the company but will continue to handle requests until the end of 2018. Holiday party sponsorship requests are needed 90 days before the event. Now that we may be working with a different person, we need to be on top of that early. Who else do we look at for holiday party sponsorship? Usually CEB is enough to cover: the year before last went over on budget, but the last year was under budget. Holiday party and Institute usually biggest events, Institute largest money maker. Honorarian at institute? Possible venues for this year include: Mingei museum with hors d’oeurves, Tipsy Crow Law Library room. Last year’s event was at Fig Tree Café, Liberty Station (sit-down dinner, beer and wine).

• Bike the Bay. Has everyone signed up yet? New email may be needed as reminder. Received a suggestion for social media posts of Bike the Bay, which could be picked up by partners. Do we want to do a shout-out challenge?
Treasurer’s Report – Christine Mathias
• Financial report. We have total assets of $14,911.48 (with $9,478.65 in checking, $288.08 in Paypal, $5,144.75 in savings). We have already had one membership renewal. Only expenses so far are $180 for the AALL reception.
• Budget/Venue for holiday party. To help Chris get a better idea: last year’s budget was $1,500, charging about $30 per ticket including drink. $500 sponsorship, which needs to be applied for. The year before was $25 per ticket. Usually the holiday party is on a weekday. This year’s may be the first or second week of December?
Secretary’s Report – Sasha Orman
• Welcome.
• Processes. Send out the minutes to get them approved before the next meeting. Send minutes to Heather to post to SANDALL website.
Future agenda items & meetings
• Per bylaws, at least four board meetings per year plus annual meetings. Lisa held meetings every month to six weeks. Two more meetings before holiday party to check in on progress: next meeting in early October?
• Chris is out from Oct. 13-20, we will need to schedule around that.
• Local county library director: would line up a cataloguer for us if needed. Might come from a different perspective and training, could have good input.

June 2018 Board Minutes

SANDALL Board Meeting Minutes Annual Business Meeting

June 8, 2017 12-1:30 p.m.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law

SANDALL Annual Business Meeting Minutes

San Diego Law Library, 1105 Front Street, San Diego, CA 92101

Friday, June 8, 2018, Noon to 1:30 p.m.



Meeting Facilitator:         Lisa Foster

Board Members:              Lisa Foster, Marianne Sterna, Christine Mathias, Laurel Moran, Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran


Call to order by Lisa Foster


Introductory Remarks and Thanks to our Sponsor, CEB.


New Members who Joined SANDALL in 2017-2018 were acknowledged.


AALL and SLA Annual Conferences announcements were provided and information about Pacific Chapters reception was given to members attending. The information for this reception is:

For those of you attending the AALL Annual Meeting in Baltimore, you are invited to a reception for the five Pacific Chapters:  SANDALL, NOCALL, SCALL, LLOPS & WestPac.

LLOPS is the host chapter this year. Thomson Reuters Librarian Relations is graciously sponsoring this event.

Featuring:  Networking over hors d’oeuvres & an open bar for house wine, beer, tea, water & sodas.

Cost:  Free.

When:  Saturday, July 14th from 6-8 p.m.

Where:  Phillips Seafood, 601 E. Pratt Street.

Recognitions and Member News. Michele Villagran was recognized for her three years of service to SANDALL and the SANDALL board.  Laurel Moran was recognized for her two years of service. It was noted that Michele will remain a SANDALL member even now that she has joined the San Jose State library school faculty.  Congratulations Michele on your new job!


Newsletter Article of the Year Award was awarded to Ian Kipnes for his article “A Visit to the Union Tribune” in the November 17th newsletter.


Board Member Reports and Vote on Dues Increase

  • President’s Report –Lisa Foster
    • Dues Increase Proposal and Vote – Membership Vote Required and was held. A vote was held of the members present. Members voted to increase our dues by $5.00. Beginning with our membership cycle in the Fall of 2018, regular dues will be $25.00 per year and student dues will be $20.00. The vote was unanimous.
    • Future of SANDALL – Board Structure was a topic of discussion. Some members suggested we convene a task force to meet about the issues raised such as shortening board terms, hosting more virtual events. Anyone interested in this Task Force should email Only a few meetings of this Task Force should be required to come up with some recommendations for the Board to work on this Fall.
  • Vice President’s Report – Marianne Sterna provided a recap of events and noted the Joint Institute was quite successful with over $900 in revenue.
  • Past President’s Report – Michele Villagran gave information on how she will continue to be involved in SANDALL. During the past year she acted as an advisor and participated in board meetings and decisions. Michele introduced SANDALL to the AzALL board in order to facilitate a joint institute and worked with planning board to make the joint institute a reality. Michele also acted as a liaison between SANDALL Board and Government Relations and Social Responsibility Committees (note social responsibility committee dissolved in 2017). Michele worked with Christine Mathias and Erin Grimes on PR Committee to establish social medical policy for SANDALL and posting schedule. Michele will remain on this committee and continue to help with social media and communication efforts. Michele further worked on moving board and committee workspace to Google Drive.
  • Secretary’s Report- Laurel Moran
    • Approval of minutes for May 15, 2018 meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report- Christine Mathias provided information about the chapter year end financials. We ended the year in the black with good revenue from the Winter Institute, member dues, and the holiday party.


Committee Chair Appreciation and Reports were provided to the membership.

  • Archives
  • Connect
  • Employment
  • Government Relations
  • Grants
  • Membership
  • Newsletter
  • Nominations
  • Public Relations
  • Webmaster


Service Recognition

  • Laurel Moran – Outgoing Secretary
  • Michele Villagran – Outgoing Past President


New Officer Installation and Oath. Chris Pickford was sworn in and installed as SANDALL Vice President.  Sasha Orman was sworn in and installed as SANDALL secretary.


Prize Drawing







May 2018 Board Minutes

SANDALL Committee Chairs Meeting and Board Meeting Minutes

San Diego Law Library, 1105 Front Street, San Diego

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Committee Chairs Meeting: Noon to 1:00 p.m.

Board Meeting: 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Meeting Facilitator: Lisa Foster

Attendees:: Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran (phone), Christine Mathias, Laurel Moran (arrived at 1:20 p.m.), Marianne Sterna, Allan Harjala, Melissa Abernathy, Suzanne Smith.


Call to order


Committee Chair Reports:

  • Archives – Izabela Aleksieva was unable to attend.
  • Connect – Lisa Foster gave the report regarding outreach to library schools in Fall 2017. Connect meetings were held in September, October, November, January, March, and April. Attendance has been low and when the program resumes in the Fall of 2018 we will try to have a discussion theme for each meeting to create more interest.
  • Employment – Allan Harjala reported. This year Allan, Melissa Abernathy, Rachel Green and Sean Saxon comprised the committee. They researched and compiled legal and non-legal library and information science opportunities that might be of interest to SANDALL members and provided that information in a weekly listing. The weekly lists included 1,034 advertised positions from July 2017 to April 2018.
  • Government Relations – Rachel Green was unable to attend. Her report was submitted in written form. She reported that 2018 was busy, supporting legislative efforts at both the federal and state levels. This included support of H.R. 5305, the FDLP Modernization Act of 2018, and advocating for permanent funding for California County law libraries. The committee worked on this advocacy in collaboration with CCCLL, NOCALL, and SCALL. The committee also promoted AALL’s Online Advocacy Training and Virtual Lobby Day, and sent out four Washington ebulletins.
  • Grants – Marie Templo-Capule was unable to attend. The Grants committee received only one application for a grant during this year. This application will be discussed at the board meeting immediately following the committee chair reports.
  • Membership – Lisa Foster reported that SANDALL currently has 73 dues paying members and 4 emeritus/lifetime members, for a total of 77 members. This is a reduction of about 10 members from the same time last year. Outreach efforts were made by Lisa Foster and Treasurer Christine Mathias following the Fall 2017 membership drive to former members who did not renew, resulting in some additional renewals. Welcome emails were sent by Lisa Foster to new members, including information about upcoming events and how to join the listserv.
  • Newsletter – Melissa Abernathy reported regarding the newsletter, which is being published using the Mail Chimp marketing service. The newsletter had a 31.78% open rate this year for the five issues published in May 2017, September 2017, November 2017, January 2018, and March 2018. The most popular issue was January 2018 highlighting the “History of SANDALL” event. The mailing list for the newsletter has 159 members. Thanks were given to Lisa Foster, Marianne Sterna, Anna Russell, Emily Ngo, Ian Kipnes, Michele Villagran, Laurel Moran, Christine Mathias, Kelly Keach, Michele Knapp, Rachel Green, Izabela Aleksievea and Dan Kimmons for their photos and written submissions this year.
  • Nominations – Suzanne Smith reported for the Nominations Committee, and shared that she and fellow committee member Leigh Inman have made extensive efforts, but still have not identified any candidates for the open Vice President and Secretary positions. Possible solutions for this situation were discussed, including the posting of a candid message to the membership on the listserv about the situation.
  • Public Relations – Christine Mathias took over as Chair of this committee last year. She reported that she and Erin Grimes have been working on a social media plan based on SDLL’s plan, which is comprehensive. She thanks Michele Villagran and Erin Grimes for their contributions to the creation of this plan. Christine encouraged everyone involved in event planning to forward information to her about events for posting on SANDALL’s social media platforms.
  • Webmaster – Heather Parker was unable to attend the meeting.


Lisa Foster closed out the Committee meeting by noting that there are updates that need to be made the Committee Information section on the SANDALL website. Those updates will be made with the assistance of Webmaster Heather Parker after Marianne Sterna (as the President Elect for the coming year) checks in with all of the Committee Chairs in June to determine if they intend to continue serving on their committees next year.


Board Meeting commenced at approximately 1:00 p.m.


President’s Report – Lisa Foster

  • Listserv hosting issue. AALL has been notified of SANDALL’s intention to leave the AALL hosted L-Soft listserv platform later this year. The Board discussed the recent two week free trial of Gaggle, a group email service that would be significantly less expensive than staying with the AALL-hosted platform. The Board agrees that Gaggle was user friendly and appears to meet SANDALL’s listserv needs, and would be a viable alternative to the AALL hosted listserv. Because the SANDLL listserv will remain with AALL until the fall, there is still time to test other possible group email services that we could use, if any are identified.
  • Grant Recommendation for Michele Villagran (Michele Villgran recused herself) for this portion. The Grant committee recommended an award of a $1,000 grant to Michele Villagran for expenses associated with her attendance at the SLA Annual Meeting in Baltimore. Michele will be speaking at the conference, and has contributed much time and effort to SANDALL during her three years on the Board. The board members present voted to award the grant to Michele.
  • Feedback from dues increase proposal. Lisa Foster reported that two emails were received from SANDALL members in response to the message posted on the listserv regarding the proposed dues increase of five dollars for regular and student members. Both emails were in favor of the increase. One of the emails suggested the Board explore creation of an institutional member category. The Board will look into this matter next year, which require compliance with the same process that was used for the dues increase proposal.
  • Board recruitment (VP and Secretary). The Board discussed the lack of candidates for the open Board positions, and the consequences of not having a fully staffed Board next year. Failure to fill the Vice President position will require that the Board scale back event planning for the coming year. Feedback is needed from the membership about the reasons why members are not willing to run for the Board, and whether changes to the current structure might encourage more participation. Laurel Moran mentioned that at the SDLL, the director requires employees to be actively involved in SANDALL as a requirement of paying the employee’s dues. Outreach to other library directors about ways to encourage SANDALL participation was discussed. A listserv message will be drafted by Lisa Foster for review by the rest of the Board regarding the situation, and seeking feedback from the membership.
  • June 4 Annual Business meeting. The business meeting date was changed to June 8th due to a conflict with schedules. Laurel Moran will form a committee for article of the year—to be awarded at the Business Meeting. Lisa Foster will do a PowerPoint and prepare certificates. Food will be from Corner Bakery.
  • 2018 AALL and SLA conferences – SANDALL members attending/presenting; Joint Reception for Western Pacific Chapters. Michele Villagran will be presenting at AALL and SLA. Our chapter will only have three or four attending AALL (as of those who responded to Lisa Foster to date). The Joint Reception of the Western Pacific Chapters will be July 14th from 6 to 8 p.m.


Vice President’s Report – Marianne Sterna

  • Programming
    • Spring Social will be canceled and the raffle held as part of the business meeting on June 8th. Only 2 persons had signed up. Connect will not be held on 5/19 and will resume in the Fall.


Past President’s Report – Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran reported that she will have a busy summer before starting on San Jose State’s faculty. She will remain a member of SANDALL.  SJSU offers minimal support for committee and other work but she will continue to assist on PR and social media and remain active in the association.


Secretary’s Report – Laurel Moran

  • March 21, 2018 meeting minutes – previously approved and posted.


Treasurer’s Report – Christine Mathias

  • Financial report. Total assets $15,045.27 and no liabilities. The Joint Institute brought in $908.89 and there were additional payments for the Holiday Party that boosted us to having revenue on that event as well.


Future Agenda Items & Meetings: June 8th Business Meeting at San Diego Law Library 12:00 p.m.

March 2018 Board Minutes

SANDALL Board Meeting Minutes  

Meeting held via


Wednesday March 21, 2018, 11:00 a.m.


Meeting Facilitator: Lisa Foster

Participants: Christine Mathias, Laurel Moran, Marianne Sterna, and Laurel Moran. Absent due to illness: Michele Villagran


Call to order


President’s Report – Lisa Foster

  • Listserv hosting issue. We will be charged $250.00 annually for Listserv hosting by AALL. Lisa has been communicating with other chapters. Most are going to pay first time and explore other options going forward. Potential for open source listserv if we can find a member to host.  Laurel will take a look at listserv options. Lisa will provide our timeline in acting on this.
  • Grants Committee vacancy. Robert O’Leary has resigned as a committee member. Jan Hedlun is still serving on this committee. We need someone to round out the committee and there have been no responses on listserv. Grants committee recommends grants to the board and we make final decision on allocation and amount. Right now they have $1,000 to work with but we can look at what we have available depending upon what comes in with applications this Spring.
  • Proposal to raise dues in 2018. We need to have 2 board meetings. This board meeting will be the first board meeting. We need to propose and put out proposed increase for 2 weeks. Then second meeting to consider feedback we receive from members. Third step will be to request ratification by simple majority at Annual Meeting. Will attach as addendum to minutes the AALL Chapter Membership Dues informative piece prepared by Lisa Foster.


Proposed New Chapter Policy: Revise existing current policy which reads” Due are $20 per year. Student Dues are $15 per year” TO:


“Dues are $25 per year. Student Dues are $20 per year.”


  • Board recruitment (VP and Secretary). No one has expressed interest. Board needs to put out feelers for any interest; possibly newer members or those who have expressed interest should be sought out.


Vice President’s Report – Marianne Sterna

  • Programming
    • March webinar has been set and topic is the AzALL Institute wrap up.
    • April event will a webinar on serving people with disabilities.
    • Spring Social; no venue yet. Forward any ideas to Marianne. Possibly a park will be utilized.
    • June Business Meeting . Suzanne offered to bring food. It will not be at TJSL; it may be held at county administration building.
    • AzALL institute finances will be wrapped up after AALL reimbursement.


Past President’s Report – Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran

  • No report.


Secretary’s Report – Laurel Moran

  • Approval of February meeting minutes. Everyone has approved the February minutes and they may be submitted to the Newsletter and website.


Treasurer’s Report – Christine Mathias

  • Financial report. We have total assets of 15,766.12 and no liabilities as of March 2018.


Future Agenda Items & Meetings: Our dues increase will be put on next meeting agenda.



Feb 2018 Board Minutes

SANDALL Board Meeting Minutes


Monday February 5, 2018, 10:00 a.m.


Meeting Facilitator: Lisa Foster

Invitees: Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran, Christine Mathias, Laurel Moran, Marianne Sterna


Call to order at 10:06 a.m.


President’s Report – Lisa Foster

  • Grants Committee vacancy exists. Lisa Foster will put a notice out on Listserv to fill vacancy. This is not a very labor intensive position.
  • Membership bcc list. Lisa Foster created a list. She wants to be able to take member list and compare with bcc list. Christine will look at updating the list to assist Lisa with creating a good bcc list.
  • Third Saturday Connect will conflict with institute and will be canceled.


Vice President’s Report – Marianne Sterna

  • Programming
    • Joint Institute update. Marianne is working hard on the Institute. Overall we most likely will have 30 people. We have not created an Institute webpage as we have done in the past. AZall may be creating a page and we can link to their site.
    • Other upcoming programming will involve an April webinar with David Stockland on working with people with disabilities.
    • Spring social we will work on finding a location. Carla Castetter has offered a space in her Soledad Mountain community as an event location; we may consider that for the Spring Social.
    • March meeting could possibly be recap of the Institute for those who could not attend.


Past President’s Report – Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran

  • Social Media policy—progress report. Michele, Christine, and Erin Grimes have worked on editing the policy that SDLL shared. Consistent posting is really an important practice so that you engage your members.
  • Michele is secretary on SLA-San Diego board. She just got back from a leadership symposium and she will share the information she garnered there. If there are any items the SANDALL board would like to share with SLA-San Diego—let Michele know.


Secretary’s Report – Laurel Moran

  • Approval of December meeting minutes


Treasurer’s Report – Christine Mathias

  • Financial report
  • Checking account $10,918.97. Paypal balance is $202.86. $5,144.03 in savings. Total in assets $16,265.86. No liabilities.
  • On Holiday Party we just about broke even. We probably will come out ahead on the Institute.


Future Agenda Items & Meetings


Dues increase for business meeting. Lisa Foster will look into what needs to be done to bring that to the business meeting.


Adjournment at 10:41 a.m.