August 2013 Board Minutes

SANDALL Board Meeting
Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Monday, August 12, 2013
11 a.m. -12:30  p.m.

 In Attendance:

Barbara Glennan, President
Shannon Malcolm, Vice-President
Robert Wickman, Treasurer
Anna Russell, Secretary
Brent Bernau, PastPresident

Call to Order by President at 11:10 a.m.

Annual Business meeting minutes were approved via email 06/13 and will be posted on to the website.

Board Reports

1.  Treasurer Report—Robert Wickman

  • Transfer of authority on Chase Account is complete.  Both the President and Treasurer are on the account
  • The Board decided to change the procedure for the 2014-2015 year.  Each year the VP will be added as well as the incoming Treasurer.  All outgoing Past Presidents and treasurers will be deleted.
  • Treasurer will update the procedure SANDALL has for  debit card users.
  • A budget report will be available for the next meeting.  Treasurer will establish electronic access to the SANDALL account and provide the information to the successor.

2.  Secretary Report—Anna Russell

  • Newsletter:  the publications committee (Anna Russell, Amy Moberly, & Melissa Fung) will meet virtually to review the process of putting together and distributing an e-newsletter.  Board members agreed that the e-newsletter must have an archival capability and members should be able to opt-out of receiving it.  Secretary reported that there would be a $20 to $30 design theme cost for an upgraded newsletter but would preview newsletters with free design download options and report back to the board at the next meeting.
  • Website: nothing new at this time.

3.  Vice President’s report –Shannon Malcolm

  • SANDALL events for this year:  the VP used SANDALL member surveys and discussions to put together the year’s event planning options.  VP will begin the event planning process this year by contacting vendors, which will provide more advance notice to vendors and members.  VP will discuss the possibility of vendor sponsored educational grants to help SANDALL defray costs.
  • VP is working on two brownbags and a workshop for the Fall.  VP will poll the membership about a holiday party venue.
  • Budget: Committees should be aware that needed funds must be requested from the board and educational activities and grants will receive funding on an ad hoc basis.

4.  Past President’s Report—Brent Bernau

  • AALL 2014 Annual Meeting Pacific Chapters Reception in San Antonio: It’s SANDALL’s  turn to plan it ; the past president will seek local San Antonio help to choose a venue outside the convention hotel and coordinate  plans with the other chapters.  December is the deadline for  events that will be held in the convention hotel.

5.  President’s Report—Barbara Glennan

  • Committee membership changes: Jason Curtis to chair Employment Committee; Jan Hedlun and Connie Sterling to Grants Committee,  Arnold Josafat stepped down; the Social Responsibility chair had to temporarily step down; President will send out a new call for volunteers
  • Annual meeting, leadership training review: the 2013 leadership training provided helpful tips on recruiting new and senior experience level support to help the chapter; the training also touched on chapter liability issues.  SANDALL maintains liability insurance but it is unclear to the current board how much coverage SANDALL receives.  The AALL attorney advocated for incorporation of chapters to minimize risk.  The president will look into the cost and feasibility of incorporation.
  • Dates/Location/Times for Board meetings this year:  There will be meetings in Sept., Nov., Jan., Mar., May, & Jun.  The next meeting is scheduled for Sept 23, 3pm at USD.  The secretary will reserve 3 parking spots.

Old Business

  • Grant request pending:  the motion was made and approved unanimously to approve the grant and provide $466 dollars of funding.

New Business

  • Grant budget for next year: the board determined that AALL grants will be funded and that the budget would remain flexible.  More details will follow after the VP’s discussion with possible sponsors.
  • Treasurer will update and maintain the membership roster.
  • Board was made aware of the issue of non-RSVP and non-member appearances at SANDALL cost-events.  The board determined that free events would not be tightly controlled but that cost-events had to be controlled.  The president will send out a friendly reminder in the next newsletter and listserv reminders before major events like the workshop and business meeting that non-members will need to pay for membership and members without an RSVP will have to wait to determine if room is available.

Wrap Up & Future Agenda Items

  • The treasurer and president have historical materials to turnover to the archive chair and will bring material to the September meeting to pass it over.


Motion to adjourn made by the president, seconded by vice president, approved unanimously.