April 2013 Board Minutes

Sandall Board Meeting
Held at the Corner Bakery, Mission Valley
Thursday, April 4, 2013
8:30 – 10:00 a.m.


In Attendance:

Brent Bernau, President
Barbara Glennan, Vice-President
Chris Pickford, Treasurer
Anna Russell, Secretary
Jane Larrington, Past-President

Call to Order called by the President at 8:30 a.m.

February Minutes— approved via email 02/17/13

Board Reports

1.      Treasurer Report—Chris Pickford

  • Not much activity at this time of year regarding SANDALL accounts.
  • CEB paid for Fall Workshop
  • Paid for Tax filing
  • Will upload membership spreadsheet to the wiki and limit access to the board.
  • Enclosure 1 – Treasurer’s Report

2.      Secretary Report—Anna Russell

  • The desire to provide SANDALL Newsletter in an html format for website storage, mobile device viewing, and browser searchability was discussed.  No updates at this time.  Further research remains to be done.
  • In August 2012, a motion was made to add all annual reports to the website and to add a policy about digital archives as well as to password protect the meeting minutes but not the annual reports. The motion carried.  The Meeting Minutes main page (http://www.sandallnet.org/members-information/meeting-minutes/) has been password protected, using our main password.  Each meeting minutes page will need to be individually password protected so it will take some time but is a fairly easy project.
  • Sandall procedures manual wiki info: board members have administrative rights and must pass along their rights to their successor.

3.      Vice President’s report –Barbara Glennan

  • Status of UELMA program: Legislative Counsel doesn’t talk to the press.  Office is not ready to talk about it now.  Tentative plan for next year to have the roundtable.
  • Brown Bag, April 11 @ CWSL: Christy Cassisa will speak on “Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and the Law, a new trend in the legal profession.  Saad Ali will record and also train Programs Committee Member Michele Knapp.

4.      Past President’s Report—Jane Larrington

  • Work progressing on the wiki
  • Discussion of the upcoming duties for the SANDALL Annual Business Meeting and AALL Annual Meeting.  Jane provided a document detailing tasks to be completed for SANDALL’s Annual Meeting.  Treasurer will research options for AALL Annual Meeting swag and report at May Board meeting.

5.      President’s Report—Brent Bernau

  • Status of tax filing: SANDALL’s 2012 return was accepted by IRS website.
  • March Brown Bag: Wed., March 6 @Qualcomm. Squandering Paradise: A Short History of Balboa Park Land Use by Nancy Carol Carter. Well-received; 17 attendees. Saad Ali recorded it and put it on YouTube; host Shannon Malcolm gave tours afterward.  All educational materials are also linked from our SANDALL educational materials page.
  • SCALL Institute: Anna Russell was the Board’s representative, so was invited to President’s Dinner. She had already been awarded a SCALL Grant
  • Nominations Committee:  One candidate withdrew but we were left with one candidate for each office: Shannon Malcolm, Qualcomm, VP/President-Elect; Robert Wickman, TJSL, Treasurer. Ballots will go out within next two weeks.
    • Shannon was awarded the registration award for AALL meeting.
  • Pacific Chapters Reception at AALL: Saturday, July 13, 7-8:30 p.m., Sheraton-Redwood A
    • No information on cost
  • Spring Social in May
    • Brent offered to host at his house in OB. (Offer later withdrawn because construction of house may not be finished by then.)
    • Saturday, May 18th
  • Annual Business Meeting, Wed., June 19, noon-1:30 @TJSL Board Room
  • Lunch on the roof top terrace, then move to Board Room for Business Meeting?  CEB will be approached about sponsoring lunch, which they’ve done traditionally.

Old Business

  1. AALL Chapter Registration Award will go to Shannon Malcolm, incoming VP/President-Elect, per decision of Board at February meeting.
  2. Bylaws
  • Jane, Anna and Brent closely reviewed them
  • Posted draft for public comment on website, March 18
  • Explanation of Bylaws changes and discussion took place.  Received questions from three members; two members found the specified number of days for elections confusing. The Board agreed to specify the time periods in weeks, rather than days.
  • Motion to adopt proposed changes to the bylaws and put the bylaws to a vote of the membership in compliance with Article 10, Section 1, motion approved.

Article 10, Section 1:

“Such proposed amendments, along with a summary of the purpose of the amendment, must be filed with the Secretary at least sixty (60) days prior to a regularly scheduled meeting. Notice setting forth purpose and the wording of the proposed amendments shall be sent by the Secretary to all members no later than thirty (30) days prior to a regularly scheduled meeting. The Secretary shall publish this information electronically by sending information via the SANDALL listserv and posting the information on the SANDALL web site.”

  • Voting procedures: Look at survey monkey or apps for customized url; survey monkey has a free feature that successfully provides anonymous voting but requires a designated email list and no more than 100 people can vote for free.

New Business

  1. No new business at this time.

Wrap up and future agenda items

  • Next Board Meeting: Thursday, May 16, noon-1:30, at the San Diego Law Library. Committee Chairs will be invited.  Board will provide lunch.



Motion to adjourn made by past president, seconded by secretary, approved unanimously.


Enclosure 1


Treasurer’s Report –April 4, 2013 (covers February 7-April 3, 2013)

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