February 2013 Board Minutes

SANDALL Board Meeting
USD Pardee Legal Research Center
Thursday, February 7, 2013
9:00 – 10:30 a.m.

In Attendance:

Brent Bernau, President
Barbara Glennan, Vice-President
Chris Pickford, Treasurer
Anna Russell, Secretary
Jane Larrington, Past-President

Call to Order called by Brent Bernau, President at 9:00 AM

  • November Minutes – approved via e-mail 11/30/12


Board Reports

  1. Treasurer Report—Chris Pickford
    1. Status of CEB’s contribution to 2011 Holiday Party: CEB has no resolution for 2011 holiday party contribution; board decision to cease further queries.  All vendors paid for 2012 holiday party.
    2. Archives Expenditure – thumb drive cost incurred for archiving materials.
    3. Investigation was made in 2011 regarding banking service charges for maintaining a SANDALL account.  Based upon ease of access, choice continues to be Chase Bank with the periodic review if another, free option becomes available.
    4. Board decision to leave the SANDALL bank signature card as is for the remainder of this Board’s term (Chris Pickford & Jane Larrington as authorized signatories), and wait to update it until new officers elected in June.
    5. Enclosure 1 – Treasurer’s Report
  2. Secretary Report—Anna Russell
    1. Listserv issues: Organizations have the potential to block SANDALL listserv emails so members should be aware of the potential and be aware that they should be receiving SANDALL listserv emails regularly.
    2. Website: new feature, adding photos to the homepage.  I’ve spoken with current Historian about taking website specific photos at future SANDALL events. Also, I’ll share a 1page report on the sandallnet.org webpage statistics, showing the top visited web pages.  Current jobs is most visited.
    3. The newsletter: we currently don’t have enough SANDALL buddies to create a group of writers to periodically contribute to a tech column in the newsletter.
    4. Future newsletter item: provide the newsletter in html format for better web-archiving, direct emailing, and searchability.
  3. Past President’s Report—Jane Larrington
    1. June 2012 Bylaws change has been updated on the website.
    2. Board decided to continue the convention of notating the date when a Bylaws provision was updated.
    3. Update and renewal of the SANDALL procedures manual to preserve institutional memory and promote continuity during board turnover. The current board will begin revitalizing the SANDALL wiki started several years ago: https://sites.google.com/site/sandallboard/Home with an update report due by the April meeting.  Board members and the webmaster will have administrative privileges for the wiki.
    4. SANDALL’s email address, sandall@sandallnet.org, should be used when creating future accounts (e.g., EventBrite) to minimize disruption during board turnover.
    5. Suggestions for  Bylaws revisions were submitted to the board.  An additional proposal to amend Article X in order to make bylaw changes more efficient for non-substantive and minor changes was made.  Board will review and comment on bylaw changes by 03/07/13.
    6. Proposed revisions of the policies & procedures will be submitted to the board by 03/07/13.
  4. President’s Report—Brent Bernau
    • Nominations Committee:  Three library types represented: Ruth Levor, Chair, USD; Tracey Pardo, Past President, Cooley; Deb Morse, SDLL; Rachel Green, student member
    • Based on June Business Meeting:  March 5: Slate of candidates due to us; April 5: ballots e-mailed to members; May 5: completed ballots due
    1. SANDALL Buddies (from Betsy Chessler):  Betsy Chessler and Shannon Malcolm, co-chairs.  Buddies and B3 (blogs, breakfast and beyond) meetings have been combined.  B3  now stands for Buddies, Breakfast & Beyond, and meets the 3rd Saturday of the month at 10 a.m. at Studio Diner.  Everyone is invited, student or not.  Profiles of SANDALL Buddies were featured in the last SANDALL newsletter (minus Melissa Fung, who just became a mentor).
    2. PR (from Betsy Chessler): Progress has  stalled in putting together a moderated discussion at the San Diego Daily Transcript, as editor Joe Guerin has not responded to my or Barbara’s follow up contacts. Efforts continue to be made.
    3. Pacific Chapters Reception in Seattle: The LLOPS President says that the plan is to go with the more cost-efficient option whether it be off-site or the conference center.
    4. Status of tax filing: SANDALL has obtained CPA services from Gabriel Ahn, who handles SCALL.  Brent call ed the IRS to reactivate the SANDALL FEIN in order to file a 990 EZ postcard to begin filing annual taxes.  FEIN should be active by the end of February.  Once it is activated, we can begin filing taxes.  Our CPA will file our 2012 taxes at that time, even though it will be a late filing.  Prior to 2007, there was no filing requirement for SANDALL.  However, the law changed in 2007 to make filing the tax form a requirement.  None of the SANDALL Boards were aware of the new requirement until now. It is hoped the IRS will allow us to begin filing our returns without endangering our tax-exempt status or penalizing us.

5.  Vice President’s report –Barbara Glennan

    1. January Happy Hour was a well-received event option but not strongly attended.  Notice, time and date may have all been factors.

Upcoming events

    • Daily Transcript is willing to do a roundtable on UELMA.  What is it? Current updates on it.  Roundtable requires sponsorship Ad in the Daily Transcript.  Tentative date for the brownbag is a Thursday in April.
    • E-book brownbag is another tentative option, using an online webinar format for a New York speaker.
    • Brownbag on Google experience for February.

Old Business

  1.  Bylaws—Brent Bernau
    • They have not been updated to reflect the amendments passed several months ago changing the terms of office.   (Note:  This item was updated today.)
  2. Board Liaisons to Committees—Brent Bernau
    • It was confirmed that SANDALL does not have a system of Board liaisons. Thus, Brent will make it a point to contact all committee chairs prior to each Board meeting to ask for any agenda items, reports or information to pass on to the Board.

New Business

1.  The Board designated the Treasurer as Acting Secretary for banking matters.

2.  Membership Directory

  • The website and print directory appear to be incomplete. This makes it difficult to verify whether or not someone is a current member such as when trying to put the Nominations Committee together.
  • Board decision made to request members to add their individual information to the online directory while continuing to keep an internal spreadsheet of members held in the SANDALL Sandbox wiki.

3.  Tax issue was resolved with 2005 Treasurers Manual

  • Manual is in the Archives. No manuals have been produced since then making it difficult for Board members to know how to do their jobs. Information should be available for each office to serve this purpose.  Decision was made that each officer would bring a draft information to the April Board meeting which will be posted to the wiki for the benefit of future Board members.

4.  Missing pen holder

  • No leads were produced by Brent’s query in the last Newsletter.  Discussion was whether to purchase a replacement, go with a more traditional gavel, or to stick with the nautical clock, which was adopted after the pen holder disappeared.  Decision to maintain the passing of the SANDALL Presidential clock as the turnover item of choice.

5.  2013 is SANDALL’s 15 Year Anniversary

  • We received AALL’s approval at the 1998 Annual Meeting, which was probably in July 1998, which might make it for the next Board to plan a celebration/festivities.
  • Decision to advertise SANDALL anniversary at the annual meeting in Seattle using give-away items.  Chris will report the cost of specific give-away items by the next meeting.  Decision made to leave it to the 2013-14 Board to plan a celebration/festivities, as their tenure coincides with SANDALL’s actual first year.

6.  Chapter Registration Award

  • AALL will underwrite one free Annual Meeting registration. Chapters have a great deal of discretion as to who they award the free registration to, but AALL recommends that it be offered to a newer member of the profession who would otherwise not have their registration fee paid for by their employer.
  • Decision made to offer the free conference registration to the next VP so that person will be able to participate in the Chapter Leadership Training held on Saturday morning of the Annual Meeting.
  • President will email the membership via the listserv regarding the award to entice potential VP candidates.

7.  Chapter VIP

  • The AALL Annual Meeting Chapter VIP Program presents an opportunity for Chapters to invite special guests from its area’s legal, governmental or information communities to receive a complimentary full registration to the AALL Annual Meeting.
  • Decision not to sponsor a VIP this year.  The consensus was that it would be better to jointly sponsor a VIP with the other two California chapters.

Next Board Meeting

  • April; date TBD, Breakfast meeting on a weekday to start at 9am.


  •  Motion to adjourn made by past president, seconded by secretary, approved unanimously.

Enclosure 1


Treasurer’s Report – February 7, 2013 (covers November 15, 2012-February 6, 2013)

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