November 2012 Board Minutes

SANDALL Board Meeting
San Diego County Public Law Library
Wednesday, November 14, 2012
3:30 – 5:00 p.m.

In Attendance:

Brent Bernau, President
Barbara Glennan, Vice-President
Chris Pickford, Treasurer
Anna Russell, Secretary
Jane Larrington, Past-President

Call to Order called by Brent Bernau, President at 3:30 PM

  • August Minutes – approved via e-mail 9/10/12


Board Reports

Treasurer Report—Chris Pickford

  • Membership:  90 current members; 7 are new.  $1450.00 received in dues.
  • Certificate of Deposit has matured in the amount of $16458.46; exploring our investment options. Decision was made to leave our account funds in Chase.
  • Discussion of SANDALL taxes and who pays. President will provide information at the next meeting.
  • Treasurer attended AALL Chapter Treasurer Training
  • Chapter Liability Insurance – paid ($100). Required by AALL.
  • Discussion of signatures for Chase Bank account.  Treasurer and one other Board member need to be on it.  Barbara and Chris will meet to add VP to account.

Secretary Report—Anna Russell

  • Discussion of adding a Tech Talk column in newsletter and working with SANDALL Buddies for columnists.  Also use of the listserv to garner interest in a committee to provide support for the column/newsletter.

Past President’s Report—Jane Larrington

  • Projects are progressing.  Nothing new to report at this time.

President’s Report—Brent Bernau

  • Pacific Chapters Reception in Seattle: email received from LLOPS 11/14/12.  Waiting for further information about a decision on cost and whether the reception will be held offsite to help reduce costs. It is the consensus of the Board the past cost to SANDALL has been too high.  Board input on the value of the Pacific Chapters’ Reception will be emailed by the President to further the discussion for future receptions.  SANDALL is in charge of the 2014 Pacific Chapters’ Reception in San Antonio.
  • Workshop Grants: Jan Hedlun & Robert Wickman.  No applicants for other grants; it was acknowledged that members may not have had enough time to apply or may not be able to go to many conferences this year.  Grant money will be available for Spring conferences.
  • Requested web statistics for the next board meeting.

Vice President’s report –Barbara Glennan

  • Fall Workshop – 15 attendees + vendors (22 total attendees).  Feedback from participants was positive.  Three prizes were provided (Amazon, Visa, Kindle).  The workshop has a YouTube video that has been added to the website’s educational materials page.
  • Holiday Party 12/5/12 – Motion to change the per person cost from $25/$30 to $30/$35 to cover increased costs.  Motion unanimously approved.  The holiday party has been advertised on the listserv and website.  Members can register by check or credit card.  Requests will go out to sponsors shortly for holiday party.

Old Business

  • Status of CEB’s contribution to 2011 Holiday Party—Treasurer:  CEB has been responsive but there is still no resolution on the 2011 promised contribution.

New Business

  • CEB’s contribution to 2012 Holiday Party—Vice President: CEB will be contacted for sponsorship.

Next Board Meeting

  • February; date, time, location TBD – the next board meeting will be determined after the holidays.

Meeting Adjourned.

  • Motion to adjourn made by past president, seconded by secretary, approved unanimously.