Don’t miss SANDALL’s February event on nonverbal communication

Even in today’s electronically connected world, librarians participate in face-to-face interactions every day, whether in the library or at the corner grocery store. Whenever we are dealing with that problem patron, the difficult coworker or even that person that is always a delight to be around, we are sending out and receiving signals through nonverbal communication. In fact, research has shown that at least “60 percent of meaning is communicated nonverbally.” Join us for a fun hour of information and demonstration of problems in nonverbal communication.

“Reading Faces” presentation by Leigh Inman, Friday, February 19, 2010, 4 pm – 5 pm at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, 2121 San Diego Ave.San Diego, CA 92110, Law Library BuildingRoom 300 (3rd Floor). Happy hour to follow at Cafe Coyote in historic Old Town.