May 2012 Board Minutes

SANDALL Business Meeting
San Diego Law Library
1105 Front Street
San Diego, CA 92101
Noon to 1:30 pm
May 15, 2012

In attendance:

Jane Larrington, President
Brent Bernau, Vice-President
Chris Pickford, Treasurer
Kelly Keach, Secretary
Betsy Chessler, Past-President

Call to order called by Jane Larrington, President 12:05 pm

Meeting Agenda

Call to Order

1. Approve minutes from board meeting of February

2. Old Business (if any)

a. Web Committee report

3. New Business

a. SANDALL swag for AALL

b. Chapter leadership training & Council of Chapter Presidents mtg

4. Board Reports

a. Treasurer Report – Chris Pickford

b. Secretary Report – Kelly Keach

c. President’s Report – Jane Larrington

i. June Business meeting

ii. More UELMA activities

iii. NOCALL’s Holly Riccio is incoming chair of Council of Chapter Presidents

d. Vice President’s Report – Brent Bernau

e. Past President’s Report – Betsy Chessler

i. Bylaws change – voting

f. Committee Reports

i. Employment – see written submission from Arnold Josafat who is unable to


ii. Social Responsibility – see written submission from Deb Morse

iii. Grants – Brent Naritomi – see written submission & items for discussion

(1) Should we survey members to see what other conferences might be of


(2) How can we best respond to our members requests for grants that fall

outside of the scheduled grants?

(3) Guidance for undistributed money – should the money roll over to the

next grants within the fiscal year?

(4) 2012 AALL Annual Meeting

iv. Nominations – Sushila Selness

v. Government Relations – Michele Jones & Amanda Mongolo

vi. Historian/archives – Leigh Inman

vii. Web – Anna Russell

(1)  Presentation of options for new website

Wrap up and future agenda items

Meeting Notes

I)      Approve February Meeting Minutes

a)     Corrections

i)      Information about Bylaws Election – number of members, members needed for valid vote, and percentage required for passage

ii)    Remove amounts owed by specific sponsors for Holiday Party

iii)  Add Treasurer’s Holiday Party Addendum at end of minutes

b)     Betsy moves to approve minutes, Jane approves, motions carries unanimously

II)    Old Business – none

III)  New Business

a)     Promotional Items for AALL Annual Meeting

i)      Items with SANDALL brand suggested include: beach balls, gummi candy in the shape of sandals, woven bag, key chains, sunglasses, notepads

ii)    Quantity – no more than in 2011

b)     Participation in Pacific Chapters Social

i)      In the past, NOCALL, SCALL, and SANDALL all paid a flat fee despite SANDALL Chapter having many fewer attendees

ii)    Brent B motion in favor of Chapter cost based on Chapter participation rather than preset amount or percentage, Chris seconded, motion passes unanimously.

IV)  Officer Reports

a)     Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report – May 15, 2012 (covers February 4, 2012-May 14, 2012)

[Removed for web publication]

Current number of members = 110

b)     President’s Report

i)      June Meeting

(A) CEB will be providing lunch

(B)  San Diego Law Library will host

(C)  Bylaws Election – Paper voting will be available.  Need 56 votes, 39 yes.

ii)    Luce Forward memorial

(A) Members will try to contact librarians about a Luce Forward memorial

(B) If there is material, Leigh Inman may create a digital slideshow

iii)  SANDALL Directory

(A) Chris P has an Access file that he will transfer to Anna

(B) Betsy will print copies (50)

(1)  Extra copies will be included in a welcome packet for new members

iv)   Leigh Inman creating a slide show about Chapter events of previous year

v)     Library School Graduates – Will contact Alison Coltin to see if any this year

vi)   UELMA – Presidents of the NOCALL, SCALL, SANDALL write a joint letter to California legislature in support of passage of it

vii) San Francisco Law Library – Presidents of NOCALL, SCALL, SANDALL write a joint letter to San Francisco County in support of the county continuing to provide space for the law library.

viii)         NOCALL’s Holly Riccio is incoming chair of Council of Chapter Presidents

c)     Secretary’s Report

i)      Will work on the Newsletter Article of the Month for the June meeting

d)     Vice President’s Report

i)      February Brown Bag – 15 people attended event about Medical Librarianship

ii)    Notes on Joint Institute provided to Leigh Inman for archiving

iii)  Beach Clean-up – 3 members and a volunteer from the beach

iv)   Spring Social – 22 attendees

(A) Potluck and raffle

(B) $212 raised

(C) Thank you to CEB for donated material and gift cards

e)     Past President’s Report

i)      SANDALL Buddies Program

(A)  Still working with Grace and the program is going well

(B) Working on job shadowing

ii)    Bylaws Election

(A) May 22 to June 6

(B) Need 1/2 of the members plus 1 to vote and 2/3 of the votes to be in the affirmative for bylaws change to take effect

(C)  Kelly will create, email, and track ballots

(1)  Work with Chris to make sure the SANDALL listserv is accurate for tracking votes

V)   Committee Reports

a)     Debra Morse – Social Responsibility

i)      Want to have a more diverse group of librarians and events next year

ii)    Have opportunities at SANDALL events

iii)  Move beach clean-up to spring

b)     Brent Naratomi – Grants Committee

i)      Would like to add a category specifically for technical services

ii)    Other possibility – have both dedicated grants and discretionary grants

(A)  Dedicated – AALL, SCALL, SANDALL

(B)  Discretionary would need to be open and transparent, established criteria, and be contingent on sufficient funding after dedicated grants are accounted

c)     Sushila Selness – Nominations Committee

i)      Ruth Levor, Victoria Williamson, and Sushila Selness are members

(A)  42 ballots for this year’s election

(B)  April 3 emailed, May 7 counted, May 9 destroyed

d)     Michele Jones – Government Relations Committee

i)      Worked with Amanda Mongolo

ii)    Monthly email updates and others as needed

iii)  Bills followed included California SB 445 and UELMA

(A)  UELMA benefits – uniformity for how states handle and preserve electronic legislation among others

iv)   Amanda Mongolo resigning

(A)  If interested, please contact Michele Jones and/or SANDALL Board

e)     Leigh Inman – Historian

i)      Pictures from Joint Institute and Brown Bags

ii)    Betsy provided pictures from the beach clean up

iii)  Looking for photos from the Spring Social

iv)   Any physical memorabilia from events are welcome

v)     USD has an archive of SANDALL material

f)      Amy Moberly – Newsletter Committee

i)      Discussion of advertising is tabled

ii)    Material for newsletter is due Friday, May 18

iii)  Happy to continue in position, but other volunteers are welcome

g)     Anna Russell – Website Revision

i)      Recommendations:

(A)  Use for migration for future website

(B)  Sign-up for 2-year contract to reduce yearly costs

(C)  Possible site addresses:



ii)    Betsy Chessler made motion to approve WordPress for the web CMS and to approve Anna Russell’s choice for the hosting service, Kelly seconded, motion approved unanimously

VI)  Motion to adjourn made at 2:00 pm by Kelly, seconded by Brent, motion approved unanimously.