August 2012 Board Minutes

SANDALL Board Meeting
California Western School of Law
Friday, August 17, 2012
3:30 – 5:00 p.m.

In Attendance:

Brent Bernau, President
Barbara Glennan, Vice-President
Chris Pickford, Treasurer
Anna Russell, Secretary
Jane Larrington, Past-President
Call to Order called by Brent Bernau, President at 3:30 PM


Treasurer’s Report:

  • CEB pledged $1000.00 but has not paid. Chris contacted Suzanne at CEB for further action. Suzanne said she would have a check cut from UCLA.
  • Joint Institute Revenue received and deposited ($4897) in checking. Board discussed keeping funds available rather than locking them up in a CD. Treasurer’s report enclosed (1).
  • Discussion of SANDALL Certificate of Deposit – possibly rolling it over. Board voted to investigate options for when the CD matures. Jane made a motion to investigate what to do when the CD matures and then report by email to the board before the November meeting. Motion amended to leave joint institute funds in checking or savings and then add some of the joint institute revenue to the CD possibly after discussion of the board via email.
  • Discussion of SANDALL’s nonprofit status. Incorporation fees will be higher than may be feasible for SANDALL to afford.  Board members informally agreed that the cost of incorporating would out-weigh the benefits at this time but it is possible to revisit the idea.
  • Renewals: 33 member renewals with more coming. Notice to the listserv will be made reminding the membership.
  • Treasurer’s report included in appendix A.

Past President’s Report:

  • Jane discussed SANDALL’s Annual Report submission to AALL for 2011-2012. The Joint Institute was a highlight during the year.
  • The past-president will look at the SANDALL bylaws and policies to determine whether updates and recommendations should be made.  And will work on creating a digital archive policy.


  • Many lobbying requests (e.g. UELMA) occurred this 2012 summer. UELMA has been sent to the Governor’s Office for signature or veto. Governor Brown may call any of the individuals who signed the letter urging passage, which include Brent, Barbara and Jane.  NOCALL GRC Chair Michele Finerty has provided talking points for all signatories.
  • The SCALL institute is March 22-23 in Riverside.
  • All committee chairs have been appointed except for Nominations. Need to update the website for SANDALL committee chairs.


  • Discussion of website – Motion amended to continue with adding meeting minutes and keeping the current 5 years that are available. Motion passed.
  • Motion made to add all annual reports to the website. Need to add a policy about digital archives. Password protecting the meeting minutes but not the annual reports. The motion carried.
  • Discussion about adding an ecommerce (eventbrite) link to the website for the joining membership page. There is a small fee for such links; no determination was made.

Vice President:

  • Discussion of the leadership training at AALL. Council of Chapter Presidents spoke. Government relations is the hot topic.
  • Tentative dates for brownbag (September) and workshop (late October). Talk of late afternoon, breakfast brownbags, and a potential dinner speaker.
  • Discussion of brownbag topics – Librarian in Black but would need to pay for travel expenses and small honorarium. Carol Levitt as a possibility for workshop. Email solicitation will go out soon. First brownbag will be hosted at USD in the afternoon.
  • Motion to provide VP with a budget for workshop of $500. Motion approved.
  • Discussed holiday party venue. Potential venues include the Inn at the Park, the site of last year’s holiday party, on a weeknight. Early December. There is strong interest in returning to that venue.

New Business:

  • Agreement that the board continue to meet separately from brownbag meetings.
  • Discussion of virtual meetings – “ReadyTalk” – web conferencing for the February meeting. The November meeting will be on 14 November (3:30 – 5 pm).

Old Business:

  • ByLaws discussed above by past president
  • Grants Committee Chair raised issue of what type of activities to give grants too. Updating how we provide grants: We want to support SCALL, AALL, SANDALL workshop. Set dollar amounts for these listed. Then allocate x dollars for grants in Fall and Spring and set an early deadline for all x dollar grant requestors. Motion to spend $500 for education conference of applicant‘s choice during the Fall. Motion passed.
    • 2 grants for SANDALL workshop
    • Discount for unemployed, retired, and student-members
    • SLA does not offer SANDALL reciprocal rates for their workshop, but since several of our members are also SLA members, we will provide a grant.
  • Joint Reception at AALL – unless we can come up with more equitable allocation of costs, we would have to reconsider our participation.
  • Retiree Membership: we will review prices for unemployed, retirees, and students. Motion to add retirees and unemployed to the student rate. Jane will check the bylaws. Motion approved. Motion will take effect next year.

Meeting adjourned.

  • Motion to adjourn by Jane, seconded by Barbara, approved unanimously.


Appendix A

Treasurer’s Report – August 17, 2012 (covers June 22-August 16, 2012)

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