Aug 2021 Board Meeting

SANDALL Board Meeting Minutes


Monday August 16, 2021, 9:00am

Meeting Facilitator: Havilah Steinman Bakken

Invitees: Eriberto Ramirez, SANDALL President; Havilah Steinman Bakken, SANDALL Vice President; Kelly Keach, SNADALL Treasurer; Julianne Odin, SANDALL Secretary; Chris Pickford, SANDALL Executive Board Member

  • Call to order: 8/16/2021 at 9:05am
  • Motion unanimously approved to create a Google/Gmail account for SANDALL to enable a Google Drive shared by the board
  • Recruiting members
    • Kelly will be sending member notices to pay before the end of August
    • Havilah will reach out to SCALL about advertise our membership with them
  • Removing members from listserv
    • Keep on agenda
    • Idea to just send general notice about dues and removal from listserv for nonpayment
  • Gaggle: Kelly will check with Lisa about updating
  • Motion unanimously approved to make Chris Pickford archives committee chair
  • Motion unanimously approved to transfer SANDALL archive from USD LRC to San Diego Law Library and to appropriate $500 to facilitate the transfer
    • Chris Pickford will ask for more funding if necessary
    • Target date: September
  • Eddie will plan the AALL Board Visit
  • Holiday Party
    • Eddie will look at Anthony’s Fish Grotto and send menus to the Board to look over
    • Alternative: Bali Hai
    • Raffle: see if a vendor could sponsor gift basket (CEB), maybe ask members for donations; Havilah will take point
    • Gift bags for attendees?
    • Thinking of a late November date
    • Possibly also having a Virtual Happy Hour in addition to Holiday Party
  • Havilah will send request email to Sand Diego City Library about the possibility of doing an in-person tour of the Downtown Rare Book Room
    • Focus on archeological museum
  • Cans4Books: Havilah will reach out with ideas for SANDALL collaboration (advertise to listserv, SDLL serving as a drop point, possibility an event in the spring)
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:58am