Feb 2022 Board Meeting

SANDALL Board Meeting Minutes


Wednesday, February 2, 2022; 3:00pm

Meeting Facilitator: Eriberto Ramirez

Invitees: Eriberto Ramirez, SANDALL President; Havilah Steinman Bakken, SANDALL Vice President; Kelly Keach, SNADALL Treasurer; Julianne Odin, SANDALL Secretary; Chris Pickford, SANDALL Executive Board Member

  • Call to order: 3:03pm
  • Soliciting grant applications from members for SCALL Institute
    • Havilah will develop new grant application form and send it out to membership via email. The email will also mention that SANDALL has an additional VIP registration to the SCALL Institute to give out. Havilah will also reach out to Heather Parker about updating the grant application form on the website.
    • Julianne is also a SCALL member and will make sure to update the SANDALL board about future SCALL activities.
  • Holiday Party
    • Eddy still waiting on check from CEB for reimbursement and will be following up with them.
  • Future Events
    • Havilah will plan a virtual happy hour with some conversation starters for February 23 at 4pm.
      • Julianne will provide a Zoom link for the event and will recap SCALL’s prior virtual happy hour for board via email to give some ideas about what it could look like.
    • Eddy will look into scheduling an in-person event for March.
  • AALL Board Visit
    • Tentatively planning a virtual event on May 4, 2022.
    • Havilah will fill out visit request form on the AALL website once we have more details.
    • Board will develop ideas over email and meet to discuss on March 2 at 3pm.
  • Gaggle
    • Havilah will block the phishing emails that come into the listserv.
    • Kelly will talk with Lisa about Gaggle again, including about adding and removing members from the listserv.
  • Archives
    • Julianne will email Chris Pickford about facilitating the transfer of the SANDALL Archives from the USD LRC to SDLL.
  • Approve SANDALL Grant
    • The Board voted to approve Eriberto Ramirez’s application for a grant on condition that Havilah reviews the application. The vote passed with three votes in favor (President Eriberto Ramirez abstained from the vote).
  • Succession planning
    • Havilah will send out job descriptions to Board for review and track changes.
    • A more in-depth discussion of succession planning will be on the agenda for the next Board meeting.
  • Meeting adjourned at 3:48pm.