Feb 2021 Board Meeting

SANDALL Board Meeting Minutes
February 2, 2021 1:30 PM
Meeting Facilitator: Ian Kipnes
Invitees: Kelly Keach, Chris Pickford, and Eriberto Ramirez
Call to order
President: Ian Kipnes
• Eriberto Ramirez – We’re going to have a trivia event in May and give away gift cards as prizes. We also have our business meeting coming up in June.
• Ian Kipnes – If any members have gone to any fun events that might be a great addition to the newsletter.
• Chris Pickford – Lisa is still running a virtual connect and sending welcome emails when we have new members.
• Kelly Keach, Treasury Report – We don’t have to pay for local insurance anymore, we’re covered by AALL now. We currently have $15,253.13.