September 2019 Board Meeting

SANDALL Board Meeting Minutes

Breakfast Republic

Thursday, September 19, 2019; 10:00am-11:00am

Meeting Facilitator:  Chris Pickford             

Invitees:  Erin Grimes, Kelly Keach, Sasha Nuñez, Ian Kipnes

Call to order

President – Chris Pickford

  • New approach to Connect. Only quarterly (three to four times a year).  Overseen by committee. Can solicit volunteers on listserv. Lisa Foster is willing to spearhead.
  • Breast Cancer walk. Everyone approves. Once the team is signed up, people can pledge money. Erin will send out invitations/memos on listserv and social media.

Looking for comments from the different chapters of AALL

Vice-President – Erin Grimes

  • Holiday party. Bo-Beau was great last year. Again this year? Cost per person was $35 last year, which still seems reasonable. Erin will get in touch with Bo-Beau. Currently looking at calendar for best time – second week of December?
  • SANDALL Events. Midway Museum – could we do library tour? Would anyone be interested in the Gemological Society? We could set up two tours to see which ones people can go to? One in fall, one in spring before the Institute.
  • SANDALL Institute. It is usually in winter, but can do it in the spring as well. Chris recommends holding it at Morrison Foerster again.
  • Idea for topic: legal analytics.
    • Bobbi Lieber has contacts in legal analytics and will get back to Erin.
    • If anyone has any ideas let Erin know, will reach out and gauge interest.
    • Get in touch with Val.

Treasurer – Kelly Keach

  • SANDALL Membership. SANDALL has 85 members right now. A couple people joined in last couple weeks.
  • Board turnover issues. Emails are still going to Kacie, we need to fix that. Kelly is still trying to get the password so can see financial statements on Chase online. We won’t receive new dues until April/May because of bylaw change. (Chris notes that we need to get the form updated. Heather Parker handles that.) Kelly is going through the dropbox from Kacie, behind on putting things in dropbox. Will stop by Chase this afternoon to get that sorted out. Will update financial statement once he has a better handle on the situation.
  • Insurance. October 1: will send check to AALL for insurance.
  • Gaggle. Check on bill for Gaggle? Probably not much.

Secretary – Sasha Nuñez

  • Minutes. Board agrees to vote to approve minutes from the Annual Meeting at the next board meeting.


  • Website needs to be updated with minutes and bylaws.
  • The board still needs to work on a manual for board position descriptions.

Adjourned 11:00am.