Jan 2020 Board Meeting

SANDALL Emergency Board Meeting Minutes

San Diego Law Library – DT, Board Room

Monday, January 6, 2020; 9:00am-9:30am

Meeting Facilitator:  Chris Pickford             

Invitees:  Erin Grimes, Kelly Keach, Sasha Nuñez, Ian Kipnes

Call to order

President – Chris Pickford

  • Erin Grimes leaving SANDALL. Ian will step into Vice President role, and will look at bylaws to see how to officially replace the floating board position that is Ian’s current position. Other than that, it should be straightforward to keep everything synchronized.
  • New librarian Eddie Ramirez has shown some interest in being chair of the revived social responsibility committee. He may be interested in being brought on as floating board member through special election.
  • Should we also put out a general invitation via Lee and Suzanne, as the elections committee, to anyone else who may be interested in being the floating executive board member?
  • Additional Vice-Presidential duties—organizing events. Michelle Knapp organizing at Gensler for SCALL. Still thinking about events including Gemological Society tour, Midway behind-the-scenes tour, Chinese-American Museum, Comic-Con Museum.