June 2019 Annual Meeting


Thursday, June 13, 2019 at 12:00

Introductory remarks

Thanks to sponsor CEB (Suzanne not here today)

Ten new members – into medium sized chapter!

Upcoming conferences – we’re hosting the joint Pacific Chapter, Chris is heading up planning.

Recognition & Member News

Article of the Year Award:

Betsy Chessler for “Here & Now – Work Life Balance and Stress Management for Library Professionals” (May 2019 Newsletter)

Vice President Report:

Bike the Bay event – would like to do it again this year

First official event: Oct. 12 David Stotland talking about best practices for disabilities

Experimented with Facebook Live for that event

Holiday event

Spring Institute at Morrison Foerster, mindfulness workshop. 4 speakers.

Working with Heather Heen on joint reception at AALL.

City Taphouse (1/2 mile from convention center), free event Saturday the 13th, will get it on the listserv.

Directories put together by Betsy Chessler available.


No additional votes on bylaw amendment

With 41 yes, 3 no, amendments have officially passed


Financials: 15000 to our name between checking savings paypal

As of yesterday 83 members

76 members last year

1900 in membership dues

Holiday party made 300

Spring institute made 300

Upcoming joint chapter reception 2000 sponsorship from Thomson reuters

Past President

Thank you to Kacie for filling in Treasurer role after Christine’s departure.

Our practice has been to put out dues renewal in the fall, but after bylaw meetings decided to change our practice and honor bylaws (dues July 1) or put another change into bylaws as part of the amendment process. Decided to align our practice with what it says in the bylaws. This membership will carry over until next renewal.

In light of fact we did have a successful approval of the bylaws amendment, will no longer have past president position but will now have executive board member with 1 year term. We will have special election for that position. Short term, not so specific yet besides being voting member of the board.

Finally: thank you to all board members over 3 year term. All wonderful to work with, value from working with them and learning with them. Michelle Knapp, Michelle Villagran, Robert Wickton, Laurel Moran, Derek Antler, Marianne, Christine, Kacie, Chris, and me! Got advice from many people who served on the board before. Wonderful experience, thank you for friendship and mentorship.


Photos from holiday party at Bo-Beaus and spring institute.

Proposed bylaws amendments passed

Committee Reports and recognition certificates

Archives: current status of archive – 2 collections. Print collection at USD, digital collection stored at Cal Western network server. Some materials also at LRC. This year not done very much in digital collection, had put up SANDALL newsletter from 1998 to 2008. Still preserving digital copies.  For the coming year, we are going to keep collecting printed materials especially what you give away at different events (brochures, posters). We’d also like to collect minutes, correspondence, directories. Not scanning at this point the newspapers or any other collections, but will be scanning any materials board need or would like to have available for research or other purposes. Request a new member for archival committee. Could help with having a third server to preserve and store

Employment: Isabela, Melissa Abernathy, Rachel Green, Allan Harjala

Members of employment committee continued research in legal and non-legal science employment opportunities. Put out weekly list and send to SANDALL members.  1000+ positions between July 2018-2019.

Connect:  Lisa Foster

What we do typically, what we’ve done for the last years, outreach to the library schools. Cohorts in SoCal area, interested in law library or think you might be? Come to a meeting to network. We try to have monthly meetings, break in summer. Ones we’ve held this past year: October, November, March, May. Light this year. Ways to invigorate this program? Could have mentoring committee where individual members could be in 1-on-1 mentorship with new librarian or student. Profiles on work they do, key hobbies, and match up. Work out their own arrangements about how they want to communicate. Enthusiastic response. Probably start in Fall. Then maybe quarterly CONNECT meeting instead of monthly.

Membership: Lisa

Going to be shifting our practice on membership renewals as mentioned previously to ensure we’re in alignment with bylaws. Numbers: as of May we had 80 dues-paying members, 2 emeritus members, now we have 83.

Gov Relations (Marianne subbing for Rachel)

Rachel puts out Washington e-bulletin acknowledged joint activism by SANDALL, SCALL and NOCALL. Recognized in June 2018 e-bulletin regarding our support of inclusion of law libraries in CA state budget. Cowrote with Judy James and David McBaden. June of 2018 gov brown signed SB840 with 16.5 million allotted to CA county law libraries. AALL Washington e-bulletin recognized SANDALL four times for activism efforts in this fiscal year.

Grant Committee (Marianne subbing for Marie)

1 application during open call for funding requests. Valerie Gragg received the grant. $1000 conference grant to attend ABA equal justice conference in KY.

SANDALL Newsletter (Melissa Abernathy couldn’t make it)

Nominations (Suzanne was called away)

Special elections, another one coming up. Survey ballots through September and March, April, May. Very active this year.

PR: Erin Grimes

We have a FB, LinkedIn and Twitter, mostly those engagements have gone up. For all new members, encourage to add. Can send email for handles. LinkedIn page—we moved onto/created company page. Only have 19 members who like/follow, will send out email with link. Facebook 81 follows. Twitter 94 followers, linkedin 157. Anything to promote – events at library or for SANDALL – send to Erin or Michelle and they would be happy to promote it. Call for new committee members.

Service Recognition

Marianne Sterna, Kacie Neu and Lisa Foster (outgoing members)

New Officer Installation and Oath

Erin Grimes (vice president)

(Kelly Keach was ill today)