April 2019 Board Meeting

SANDALL Board Meeting Minutes

San Diego Law Library – DT, Board Room

Wednesday, April 10, 2019; 9:00am-10:00am

Meeting Facilitator:  Marianne Sterna             

Invitees:  Lisa Foster, Chris Pickford and Sasha Orman

Call to order

Past President – Lisa Foster

  • Status of SANDALL Bylaw changes and next steps. The board is waiting to hear back from AALL’s bylaws committee to ensure that approves of the proposed bylaw amendments. The next step is for an email (not via listserv) to go out to all members, with the proposed amendments and statement of purpose attached, on or before May 14. As board secretary, Sasha will send that out using Kacie’s up-to-date member list. The next step after that is sending a ballot out to all current members on or before May 30. The board made plans to send a yes/no approval or disapproval ballot via SurveyMonke with a deadline of June 12 by 5PM (one day before business meeting). Anyone attending may cast a vote at the business meeting if they didn’t already cast a ballot online. Lisa will tabulate the votes halfway through the business meeting.
    • For the amendments to pass, we need votes from 50%+1 of SANDALL members and 2/3 of that quorum need to approve.
  • Grants committee nominations. The board unanimously approved Valerie Gragg’s SANDALL Grant application for the full amount. She is a new member who has never received grant. The grant will allow her to attend the American Bar Association’s Equal Justice Conference in Kentucky this May.

President – Marianne Sterna

  • Procedure Manual and Job Descriptions. Marianne has received no response from former board members on job descriptions they have for their positions. It is agreed that such descriptions are something our organization needs. Marianne will continue to work on this, starting from scratch. Lisa added that these descriptions should be less than a page, and some should be simpler (i.e. treasurer and secretary). Responsibilities listed in bylaws and policies & procedures should be instructive as well. We must ensure that current version of those documents are available and viewable on the SANDALL website.
  • Heather Heen w/ Thomson Reuters, 2019 AALL Pacific Chapter Reception Host in Wash D.C. Marianne has requested a travel grant for AALL, and Chris will likely attend as well. Lisa said that SANDALL is due for a conference chapter registration grant from AALL, and that we should send an email to gauge interest. We also need to arrange a place, time and date before the email is sent. Usually Pacific Chapter Receptions are held the Saturday before the conference starts. It’s usually an appetizer event walking distance from the conference. Plans are to contact a DC chapter board member for suggestions on reception venues.

Vice President’s Report – Chris Pickford

  • SANDAL Spring Institute — details, assistance needed, registrants, vendors. The Eventbrite registration deadline is Monday at noon, but extra food should be ordered for those who register late; we should also cover speakers and vendors in the lunch tabulation. Art supplies for the Zentangle presentation have been ordered, and Chris is reaching out for more sponsorships for raffle prizes. This year’s exhibitors are CEB and Jan Raymond Legislative History Intent. Lexis is sponsoring breaks and snacks. Morrison Foerster will provide drinks.
    • Going forward, we should create an informal timeline for implementing a winter/spring institute—a time by which to contact vendors, choose a venue, etc.
    • Should there be a presentation during lunch (i.e., a roundtable discussion on mindfulness)?
    • Tech: Morrison Foerster should have everything necessary in their room, but presenters should send any PowerPoint presentations ahead of time so that they can be loaded onto a computer.
    • Sasha is creating the brochure. We also need to create signage for vendors.
    • Chris will deliver opening remarks including a thank you to sponsors, what inspired the institute, and a thanks to everyone for coming. Thanks to Heather for website work, and to Betsy and Morrison Foerster for the hospitality. We need to ensure that our sponsors are on the website. He may also touch on the anti-swag movement.

Treasurer – Kacie Neu (on leave)

Secretary Report – Sasha Orman

  • Minutes from 01-08-19 meeting. The board reviewed the minutes from the January meeting and noted that “Agenda” needed to be changed to “Minutes” at the top. The board will approve the minutes via email after the meeting pending this change.