January 2019 Board Minutes

SANDALL Board Meeting Agenda

San Diego Law Library – DT, Board Room; Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019; 9:00am-10:00am

Meeting Facilitator: Marianne Sterna

Invitees: Lisa Foster, Chris Pickford, Kacie Neu, Sasha Orman

Call to order

Past President – Lisa Foster

  • Discussion on SANDALL bylaws regarding an official membership year. Our practice has been putting a call for renewal out in October with a deadline to sign up, but our bylaws say something completely different, which means that we have not been following our own bylaws. Should we change our bylaws to reflect our practices?
  • Heather Heen with Thomson Reuters: Hosting the 2019 AALL Pacific Chapter Reception Washington D.C. It is SANDALL’s turn to be responsible for the AALL Pacific Chapter reception. This doesn’t mean we spend any more than our share.

Our membership feels strongly about having a reception. We have contacted Thomson Reuters regarding sponsorship money; the remainder is split up based on members. As current president of SANDALL on a year we are hosting, it was decided that Marianne should attend.

  • Social responsibility. This will be a topic of conversation at the business meeting. Our membership has not taken interest in general social responsibility events—book drives, beach cleanups. We can always try to revive this concept later, but for now we need to pick our battles and focus time and effort on points of higher interest such as advocacy and our job list.
  • Grants. We should remind our membership that we do grants. We do not need to specify how much we have allocated, just ask people to explain what they’re looking for and why. Example: Michele Villagran was able to use a grant to fund her AALL speaking engagement.

President’s Report – Marianne Sterna

  • AALL matters: Listserv and Liability Insurance. We’re within our allocation of listserv members, but are nearing our maximum before we have additional costs. If we communicate with people using more than one email that they’re being counted as more than one member, this could open up our capacity. Regarding liability insurance, Lisa and Kacie took care of this after our last meeting.
  • Board structures: Other chapters and ours. Before our next board meeting, Marianne plans to reach out to other chapters for comments on how they are structured. She is also questioning if other chapters have had trouble getting people to run for board seats. People might be more open to committing if it was less of a time commitment. This could be an issue to draft a proposal for and take to a vote at the upcoming business meeting. One idea could be to make the vice-president role a two-year term. We could also replace the “past president” year with a member-at-large role, with no specific responsibility other than being voting member.

Related to this issue, it was discussed that there should be more guidance and formalization on the responsibilities of each board member role, particularly written job descriptions that we can hand to prospective board members detailing what they can expect. A checklist of required and optional duties could be helpful for creating job descriptions. This will be discussed further at the next board meeting.

  • Moving toward online webinars for training sessions. The San Diego Law Library is going to be doing online webinars and could have the capability to share that with SANDALL. The Stotland seminar had eleven attendees, but had issues with sound. If we were to capture a recording, it would have lasting value.

Vice President’s Report – Chris Pickford

  • SANDALL event for late February. Options for a museum tour include the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum or the Comic-Con Museum, or the Midway. Last year at the Natural History Museum, we were able to bypass entry fees.  
  • Spring Institute: theme, venue, speakers, date.
    • Theme: This year’s institute theme will be of health and wellness, mindfulness for library professionals. Three organizations that we can contact to find out about: Infinity Wellness (has done CLA events and MCLEs, can cater their talks toward a certain audience); UCSD mindfulness center; Zentangle (meditative relaxing art, has done programs at public libraries).
    • Finances: it is time to communicate with vendors to sponsor lunches or honorariums for speakers. We do not have a grant this year, so we are working with our own budget. We do not want to charge more than like $50.
    • Date: We need to make sure our date does not conflict with other things like SCALL institute. We should decide whether we will invite AZALL and other partner organizations.
    • Venue: Considerations so far include Mission Valley Public Library or USD.

Treasurer’s Report – Kacie Neu

  • Memberships. As of January we have 79 members, 12 of which are new or returning. For liability insurance we paid for 97, just to be safe. New people pop up sometimes, and we would rather have room to grow. We should talk to Heather Parker about adjusting our new membership form (e.g., how did they find out about us? What is their job title?).  
  • Holiday Party financial results. Our fees were a little higher, we were still in the negative but overall it was a great event and a win. Even so, are there things we could do differently to avoid some of these costs next year? We may charge more. $5 probably won’t be a deal breaker for most and would help narrow the gap. We may also offer the option of paying by check to bypass PayPal fees.

Secretary’s Report – Sasha Orman

  • Minutes from 10-11-18 meeting. Everybody approves.


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