August 2018 Board Minutes

SANDALL Board Meeting Agenda
Thursday August 16, 2018, 9:00am-10:00am

Meeting Facilitator: Marianne Sterna
Invitees: Lisa Foster, Chris Pickford, Christine Mathias, Sasha Orman. Unable to attend: Lisa Foster.
Call to order
President’s Report – Marianne Sterna
• Listserv alternatives. Christine has tested Gaggle as an option, and proposes looking at it again now that Chris has joined the team. Chris asks whether there is there a digest option, Christine confirms that it does. Also wanted: something that everyone with a membership can post to, not just board members, and with an easy process to assign an administrator.

• Committee heads. Marianne spoke with committee heads, everyone wants to stay on and continue with the work they’re doing. Marianne noted that, while most said they do not need extra help, archives may need some. She will send out information in case anyone has suggestions.
Vice President’s Report – Chris Pickford
• Programming options (law library-specific).
o David Stotland (attorney at San Diego County, and counsel for San Luis Obispo): legally blind, can talk about the kind of tools he uses to practice and keep up with the law. Considering this as a combination live presentation/webinar (via Facebook Live or other means) so that others can join.
o Librarians on Bikes: bike to different libraries.

• Programming options (not law library-specific).
o Zoo library: as we are a specialty library, seeing other specialty libraries could help open up ideas.
o Lance Prager, Infinity Wellness: did MCLE programs previously at SDLL, can tailor programs for what we want – mindfulness program, nutrition program, ergonomics.
o Zentangle: drawing structured patterns. (Janet Massey, Skyline Hills branch.)
o Myers-Brigg assessments.

• Winter institute and spring social. Will check with people who have opened their homes before for the spring social.

• Sponsorship for upcoming events. CEB Account Manager Suzanne Smith is changing positions within the company but will continue to handle requests until the end of 2018. Holiday party sponsorship requests are needed 90 days before the event. Now that we may be working with a different person, we need to be on top of that early. Who else do we look at for holiday party sponsorship? Usually CEB is enough to cover: the year before last went over on budget, but the last year was under budget. Holiday party and Institute usually biggest events, Institute largest money maker. Honorarian at institute? Possible venues for this year include: Mingei museum with hors d’oeurves, Tipsy Crow Law Library room. Last year’s event was at Fig Tree Café, Liberty Station (sit-down dinner, beer and wine).

• Bike the Bay. Has everyone signed up yet? New email may be needed as reminder. Received a suggestion for social media posts of Bike the Bay, which could be picked up by partners. Do we want to do a shout-out challenge?
Treasurer’s Report – Christine Mathias
• Financial report. We have total assets of $14,911.48 (with $9,478.65 in checking, $288.08 in Paypal, $5,144.75 in savings). We have already had one membership renewal. Only expenses so far are $180 for the AALL reception.
• Budget/Venue for holiday party. To help Chris get a better idea: last year’s budget was $1,500, charging about $30 per ticket including drink. $500 sponsorship, which needs to be applied for. The year before was $25 per ticket. Usually the holiday party is on a weekday. This year’s may be the first or second week of December?
Secretary’s Report – Sasha Orman
• Welcome.
• Processes. Send out the minutes to get them approved before the next meeting. Send minutes to Heather to post to SANDALL website.
Future agenda items & meetings
• Per bylaws, at least four board meetings per year plus annual meetings. Lisa held meetings every month to six weeks. Two more meetings before holiday party to check in on progress: next meeting in early October?
• Chris is out from Oct. 13-20, we will need to schedule around that.
• Local county library director: would line up a cataloguer for us if needed. Might come from a different perspective and training, could have good input.