May 2018 Board Minutes

SANDALL Committee Chairs Meeting and Board Meeting Minutes

San Diego Law Library, 1105 Front Street, San Diego

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Committee Chairs Meeting: Noon to 1:00 p.m.

Board Meeting: 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Meeting Facilitator: Lisa Foster

Attendees:: Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran (phone), Christine Mathias, Laurel Moran (arrived at 1:20 p.m.), Marianne Sterna, Allan Harjala, Melissa Abernathy, Suzanne Smith.


Call to order


Committee Chair Reports:

  • Archives – Izabela Aleksieva was unable to attend.
  • Connect – Lisa Foster gave the report regarding outreach to library schools in Fall 2017. Connect meetings were held in September, October, November, January, March, and April. Attendance has been low and when the program resumes in the Fall of 2018 we will try to have a discussion theme for each meeting to create more interest.
  • Employment – Allan Harjala reported. This year Allan, Melissa Abernathy, Rachel Green and Sean Saxon comprised the committee. They researched and compiled legal and non-legal library and information science opportunities that might be of interest to SANDALL members and provided that information in a weekly listing. The weekly lists included 1,034 advertised positions from July 2017 to April 2018.
  • Government Relations – Rachel Green was unable to attend. Her report was submitted in written form. She reported that 2018 was busy, supporting legislative efforts at both the federal and state levels. This included support of H.R. 5305, the FDLP Modernization Act of 2018, and advocating for permanent funding for California County law libraries. The committee worked on this advocacy in collaboration with CCCLL, NOCALL, and SCALL. The committee also promoted AALL’s Online Advocacy Training and Virtual Lobby Day, and sent out four Washington ebulletins.
  • Grants – Marie Templo-Capule was unable to attend. The Grants committee received only one application for a grant during this year. This application will be discussed at the board meeting immediately following the committee chair reports.
  • Membership – Lisa Foster reported that SANDALL currently has 73 dues paying members and 4 emeritus/lifetime members, for a total of 77 members. This is a reduction of about 10 members from the same time last year. Outreach efforts were made by Lisa Foster and Treasurer Christine Mathias following the Fall 2017 membership drive to former members who did not renew, resulting in some additional renewals. Welcome emails were sent by Lisa Foster to new members, including information about upcoming events and how to join the listserv.
  • Newsletter – Melissa Abernathy reported regarding the newsletter, which is being published using the Mail Chimp marketing service. The newsletter had a 31.78% open rate this year for the five issues published in May 2017, September 2017, November 2017, January 2018, and March 2018. The most popular issue was January 2018 highlighting the “History of SANDALL” event. The mailing list for the newsletter has 159 members. Thanks were given to Lisa Foster, Marianne Sterna, Anna Russell, Emily Ngo, Ian Kipnes, Michele Villagran, Laurel Moran, Christine Mathias, Kelly Keach, Michele Knapp, Rachel Green, Izabela Aleksievea and Dan Kimmons for their photos and written submissions this year.
  • Nominations – Suzanne Smith reported for the Nominations Committee, and shared that she and fellow committee member Leigh Inman have made extensive efforts, but still have not identified any candidates for the open Vice President and Secretary positions. Possible solutions for this situation were discussed, including the posting of a candid message to the membership on the listserv about the situation.
  • Public Relations – Christine Mathias took over as Chair of this committee last year. She reported that she and Erin Grimes have been working on a social media plan based on SDLL’s plan, which is comprehensive. She thanks Michele Villagran and Erin Grimes for their contributions to the creation of this plan. Christine encouraged everyone involved in event planning to forward information to her about events for posting on SANDALL’s social media platforms.
  • Webmaster – Heather Parker was unable to attend the meeting.


Lisa Foster closed out the Committee meeting by noting that there are updates that need to be made the Committee Information section on the SANDALL website. Those updates will be made with the assistance of Webmaster Heather Parker after Marianne Sterna (as the President Elect for the coming year) checks in with all of the Committee Chairs in June to determine if they intend to continue serving on their committees next year.


Board Meeting commenced at approximately 1:00 p.m.


President’s Report – Lisa Foster

  • Listserv hosting issue. AALL has been notified of SANDALL’s intention to leave the AALL hosted L-Soft listserv platform later this year. The Board discussed the recent two week free trial of Gaggle, a group email service that would be significantly less expensive than staying with the AALL-hosted platform. The Board agrees that Gaggle was user friendly and appears to meet SANDALL’s listserv needs, and would be a viable alternative to the AALL hosted listserv. Because the SANDLL listserv will remain with AALL until the fall, there is still time to test other possible group email services that we could use, if any are identified.
  • Grant Recommendation for Michele Villagran (Michele Villgran recused herself) for this portion. The Grant committee recommended an award of a $1,000 grant to Michele Villagran for expenses associated with her attendance at the SLA Annual Meeting in Baltimore. Michele will be speaking at the conference, and has contributed much time and effort to SANDALL during her three years on the Board. The board members present voted to award the grant to Michele.
  • Feedback from dues increase proposal. Lisa Foster reported that two emails were received from SANDALL members in response to the message posted on the listserv regarding the proposed dues increase of five dollars for regular and student members. Both emails were in favor of the increase. One of the emails suggested the Board explore creation of an institutional member category. The Board will look into this matter next year, which require compliance with the same process that was used for the dues increase proposal.
  • Board recruitment (VP and Secretary). The Board discussed the lack of candidates for the open Board positions, and the consequences of not having a fully staffed Board next year. Failure to fill the Vice President position will require that the Board scale back event planning for the coming year. Feedback is needed from the membership about the reasons why members are not willing to run for the Board, and whether changes to the current structure might encourage more participation. Laurel Moran mentioned that at the SDLL, the director requires employees to be actively involved in SANDALL as a requirement of paying the employee’s dues. Outreach to other library directors about ways to encourage SANDALL participation was discussed. A listserv message will be drafted by Lisa Foster for review by the rest of the Board regarding the situation, and seeking feedback from the membership.
  • June 4 Annual Business meeting. The business meeting date was changed to June 8th due to a conflict with schedules. Laurel Moran will form a committee for article of the year—to be awarded at the Business Meeting. Lisa Foster will do a PowerPoint and prepare certificates. Food will be from Corner Bakery.
  • 2018 AALL and SLA conferences – SANDALL members attending/presenting; Joint Reception for Western Pacific Chapters. Michele Villagran will be presenting at AALL and SLA. Our chapter will only have three or four attending AALL (as of those who responded to Lisa Foster to date). The Joint Reception of the Western Pacific Chapters will be July 14th from 6 to 8 p.m.


Vice President’s Report – Marianne Sterna

  • Programming
    • Spring Social will be canceled and the raffle held as part of the business meeting on June 8th. Only 2 persons had signed up. Connect will not be held on 5/19 and will resume in the Fall.


Past President’s Report – Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran reported that she will have a busy summer before starting on San Jose State’s faculty. She will remain a member of SANDALL.  SJSU offers minimal support for committee and other work but she will continue to assist on PR and social media and remain active in the association.


Secretary’s Report – Laurel Moran

  • March 21, 2018 meeting minutes – previously approved and posted.


Treasurer’s Report – Christine Mathias

  • Financial report. Total assets $15,045.27 and no liabilities. The Joint Institute brought in $908.89 and there were additional payments for the Holiday Party that boosted us to having revenue on that event as well.


Future Agenda Items & Meetings: June 8th Business Meeting at San Diego Law Library 12:00 p.m.