March 2018 Board Minutes

SANDALL Board Meeting Minutes  

Meeting held via


Wednesday March 21, 2018, 11:00 a.m.


Meeting Facilitator: Lisa Foster

Participants: Christine Mathias, Laurel Moran, Marianne Sterna, and Laurel Moran. Absent due to illness: Michele Villagran


Call to order


President’s Report – Lisa Foster

  • Listserv hosting issue. We will be charged $250.00 annually for Listserv hosting by AALL. Lisa has been communicating with other chapters. Most are going to pay first time and explore other options going forward. Potential for open source listserv if we can find a member to host.  Laurel will take a look at listserv options. Lisa will provide our timeline in acting on this.
  • Grants Committee vacancy. Robert O’Leary has resigned as a committee member. Jan Hedlun is still serving on this committee. We need someone to round out the committee and there have been no responses on listserv. Grants committee recommends grants to the board and we make final decision on allocation and amount. Right now they have $1,000 to work with but we can look at what we have available depending upon what comes in with applications this Spring.
  • Proposal to raise dues in 2018. We need to have 2 board meetings. This board meeting will be the first board meeting. We need to propose and put out proposed increase for 2 weeks. Then second meeting to consider feedback we receive from members. Third step will be to request ratification by simple majority at Annual Meeting. Will attach as addendum to minutes the AALL Chapter Membership Dues informative piece prepared by Lisa Foster.


Proposed New Chapter Policy: Revise existing current policy which reads” Due are $20 per year. Student Dues are $15 per year” TO:


“Dues are $25 per year. Student Dues are $20 per year.”


  • Board recruitment (VP and Secretary). No one has expressed interest. Board needs to put out feelers for any interest; possibly newer members or those who have expressed interest should be sought out.


Vice President’s Report – Marianne Sterna

  • Programming
    • March webinar has been set and topic is the AzALL Institute wrap up.
    • April event will a webinar on serving people with disabilities.
    • Spring Social; no venue yet. Forward any ideas to Marianne. Possibly a park will be utilized.
    • June Business Meeting . Suzanne offered to bring food. It will not be at TJSL; it may be held at county administration building.
    • AzALL institute finances will be wrapped up after AALL reimbursement.


Past President’s Report – Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran

  • No report.


Secretary’s Report – Laurel Moran

  • Approval of February meeting minutes. Everyone has approved the February minutes and they may be submitted to the Newsletter and website.


Treasurer’s Report – Christine Mathias

  • Financial report. We have total assets of 15,766.12 and no liabilities as of March 2018.


Future Agenda Items & Meetings: Our dues increase will be put on next meeting agenda.