Sept 2017 Board Minutes

SANDALL Minutes from Board Meeting September 13, 2017

101 West Broadway, San Diego

Call to Order at 9:30 a.m. at Specialty’s Café


President’s Report: Lisa Foster [present]

Grants Committee update.  Marie Templo wants to know the amount they have to work with this year. We allowed $[removed] last year and will do so again this year. Persons can apply to go to different conferences other than AALL. We will leave it to committee discretion whether to split the amount or offer one large award for the total amount. We could always bump the amount up later as funding allows.

Connect Outreach. Next Connect meeting is September 16, 2017. Lisa has done her outreach to library schools. For next month—Lisa will be gone so she will get coverage. Lisa will handle the announcements. Lisa shows up even if no RSVPs in case there is a drop in.

New AALL treasurer community for chapter treasurers. Christine is on board with it and enthusiastic.  It has not quite started but is being formed.  She can collaborate with other chapter treasurers.

Deadline for newsletter is September 15th. Lisa is thinking of something like member news section. Lisa will compile and submit it. Programming planner is needed and Marianne has this on her radar and will submit.

Proposed bylaws changes/dues increase. Our vote must be ratified at the business meeting. Bylaws article 3, subject to ratification at annual meeting. Lisa would also like to do a cancellation policy for events. Discussion over what is a reasonable time to hold attendees who register to going forward with their registration. We will look at SCALL’s policy on late cancellations. We will ask Christine to pull a report and see how much we were out last year on cancellations.

Vice President’s Report: Marianne Sterna [present]

Marianne is looking at Holiday Party venues.  Solare possibly again.  Easy parking and good location; good food.  We need to get the costs down some.  No host bar a possibility. We will all check with our workplaces.  Right now we are looking at Dec. 12. We should start thinking about sponsors and Marianne will be provided with the form to use to approach CEB if they are willing and able to sponsor again this year.

Other upcoming programming. Next week there is a county library director speaker. Erin Grimes has volunteered to help with programming.  We need to encourage attendance.

October will be the UT tour. It will be the newsroom area.

Coronado Winn Room; we will have speaker June McCleod and Marilyn to speak on SANDALL’s beginning and future.

A happy hour is being considered as well. Has to be a good location that people are interested in trying.

Spring social is going to be planned for a private home of a donor.

We are looking at speaker on library users and disability as a webinar.

Marianne is interested in a cataloging webinar as well.

Spring Institute. Update: AZALL is meeting today. They are interested in a joint institute. They are entitled a chapter visit—as well. They want to ask for the AALL President. The topic they are considering is privacy issues—multiple issues. Fake news, cyberware, passwords, etc. We are looking for AALL grants for the Institute.

Past President’s Report: Michele Villagran [present]

Google Drive is still ongoing.

We need list of officers who are responsible for individual committees.

Secretary’s Report: Laurel Moran [present]

Approval of June Business meeting minutes; already approved via email.

Treasurer’s Report: Christine Mathias [absent and given in written form]

We have submissions from Christine. When she sent it was not password protected. Inquire as to whether protection is necessary and or possible.

We purchased chapter liability insurance last year. October 28th is the deadline. It is only a dollar per member. Yes purchase and get check in before deadline.

When to set renewal deadline—should be sent out quickly.  Deadline in October.

Total assets [removed] as of 2017-09-12. Checking balance of [removed]: PayPal of [removed]; Savings of [removed]. No liabilities.

Future Agenda Items & Meetings

Next meeting set for October 18th; 9:30 a.m. at Specialty’s Café.

Adjournment at 10:51 a.m.