May 2017 Board Minutes

SANDALL Board & Committee Chair Meeting Minutes

San Diego Law Library

Thursday, May 18, 2017, 12:00-1:30pm


Meeting Facilitator: Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran

Attendees: Melissa Abernathy, Derek Antler, Lisa Foster, Allan Harjala, Michele Knapp, Christine Mathias, Laurel Moran, Emily Ngo, Heather Parker, Vance Sharp


Committee Chair Reports

  • Archives – Izabela Aleksieva (unable to attend). The committee has been looking for additional members.
  • Connect – Lisa Foster gave the report. Reports first year of using new name. Targets library school cohorts in area. We have a new member, Jennifer Clossen. Summer we have off and we will pick up recruiting in the Fall. Open to outreach ideas; let her know.
  • Employment – Allan Harjala reported on the weekly jobs email. There are four people involved in checking out sites and placing information on a Wiki. Allan also helps post jobs on website.
  • Government Relations – Vance Sharp reports in January SANDALL endorsed protocol for joint advocacy. There are regular teleconferences throughout the year on this effort. AB 165 is being looked at right now and the bill was pulled. Federal battle on federal budget is primary. Funding for libraries, museums, legal aid. Michele Villagran thanked Vance for work on this.
  • Grants – Marie Templo-Capule. Emily Ngo reported for the committee. $1,000 granted to Emily Ngo for AALL; her first time attending.
  • Membership – Lisa Foster and Emily Ngo. Lisa and Emily are co-chairs. This year they did a targeted outreach to firms via email. There were a few responses. We do have a few new members.  89 dues paying members and 4 emeritus.
  • Newsletter – Melissa Abernathy reports. Readership is 159; mostly unique members. This works off of same list as listserv but Newsletter comes via MailChimp server. Same publication schedule is 5 times per year and hits at the busy times for organization. Great articles this year and there was a great deal of participation.
  • Nominations – Suzanne Smith (unable to attend). No report yet. Recently we had election. Incoming VP Marianne Sterna and Christine Mathias as Treasurer. Incoming President is Lisa Foster.
  • Public Relations – Christine Mathias reports she took over around the beginning of the year. She is coming up with a social media plan to get all accounts set up and functioning. Current logo is now on all accounts. We are working with SDLL’s plan to create a SANDALL template for our organization. Michele V. will be looking and adding to communications audit.
  • Webmaster – Heather Parker reports 95.00 is the cost annually for hosting of our website. We succeeded in updating and adding all of the committee descriptions on website. Heather Parker continues to put in meeting minutes. She recaptioned forms to limit Spam. She is going to look at mobile site again. She will be working on archiving digital content; they live on the server. Eventually we will do web archiving. We had talked about Law Research pages in the past that we link out to. We are on DreamHost and running WordPress. Statistics: one search was for Derek and grants. Some people are looking for eviction information, etc. Visitors to site have severely dropped off after our big institute a few years ago. We did not even break a thousand.  August and January were the big months. Top pages: current openings is number 1; home page next, and then officers and committees is way up; jobs and careers also. Institute was up there but not as high as year before.  Calendar and Newsletter are also up there. Membership form, directory, contact SANDALL, and SANDALL connect and program page. Update Melissa Abernathy’s name on the website will be done.


President’s Report – Dr. Michele Villagran

  • Committee chair and board member reports not yet submitted – please get to Michele V. by Thursday, May 25. Committee chairs excused.
  • AALL Awards announced


Karl T. Gruben

Awarded Posthumously

Associate Dean for Library & Information Services

Professor of Law and Director of the Legal Research Center

University of San Diego School of Law

San Diego, California

  • Agenda items for the July AALL Executive Board meeting due June 9. We have nothing to take to executive board.
  • Drafting AALL annual report – due July 1. Michele V. is working on it based on last year’s template. Committee reports informed that report quite a bit.
  • Committee descriptions updated on website is done.
  • Committee Chair vacancies
    • Social Responsibility – Cheryl Weeks-Frey

There has not been much interest in efforts this year. Do we want to continue or not?

Maybe tied to programming might be easier and more fruitful. No vote or amendment to Bylaws needed.  We can bring it up at Business Meeting.  It will dissolve if no interest.

  • Certificates and awards for June meeting
  • Michele V. will have certificates printed. There are templates on Wiki. Committee chair does certificate.
  • Michele V. will send template to Laurel for Newsletter award as well.
  • Potential lifetime members? No one submitted.
  • Honorary award for Karl Gruben was done at Holiday Party
  • SLA – Phoenix, June 16-21
    • 2 SANDALL members attending
      • Bobbi Weaver is facilitating on the topic of foreign law
      • Bobbi Weaver is presenting Quick Take: English-Language Sources for Selected Latin-American Law
      • Bobbi Weaver is presenting a poster titled “Making the ocean less plastic: California’s ban on single-use plastic bags and why it matters for our environment” at the All Sciences & Engineering poster session.
      • Bobbi Weaver is a panel member on ʖDónde Están los Libros en Español?: Supporting a Bilingual or Multilingual Curriculum
      • Michele Villagran is a panel member (focusing on the topic of cultural intelligence) on Changing Roles of Legal Information Professionals: Adapting Your Skills to New Challenges on Monday
      • Michele Villagran is a presenter on Cultural Intelligence: Ability to Adapt to New Cultural Settings
      • Michele Villagran is participating in a presentation of a report to the SLA Board from the SLA Diversity and Inclusion Task Force
      • Anna Russell has a program accepted at CALI.
    • AALL – Austin, July 15-18
      • Chapter VIP submitted
        • Judge Keith D. Davis, Superior Court of San Bernardino County
        • No cost to us – Larry Meyer and Judge are taking care of cost
        • Free registration
      • 15 SANDALL members attending, will collect/send contact list to attendees
        • Michele Knapp is chairing the Annual Meeting Poster Session Award Jury
        • Michele Villagran will reach out to members to staff poster during certain exhibit hall times
      • Pacific Chapters Reception
        • No response from NOCALL and not available on AALL Conference scheduler. Does not appear this will be happening, Michele K will inquire.
      • IASL – Long Beach, August 4-6
        • Michele Villagran presenting on cultural intelligence
      • Reforma National Conference VI – San Juan, Puerto Rico, September 7-9
        • Michele Villagran presenting a pre-conference on cultural intelligence


Treasurer’s Report – Derek Antler

  • Chapter finances
  • Membership number; 86 total including lifetime members. Will clarify with the Business Meeting.
  • Sharing of spreadsheet. Excel used for membership; Treasurer report in word, and income statements on Google. Will transition with flash drive to move things to new treasurer.

Balances as of today: Checking $x,xxx.xx; savings $x,xxx total $xx,xxx.xx; total including PayPal. We get linked to fees.


After June meeting we will need to put Christine Mathias on bank account. The incoming President will be Lisa Foster. Derek and Michele Knapp should be removed from the bank accounts. Should be incoming President and New Treasurer who will be on accounts; so Lisa Foster (President) and Christine Mathias (Treasurer).


Derek has listed revenues and expenditures; fees and all.  He is finalizing actual amounts.


Holiday party x,xxx.xx


Winter Institute x,xxx income almost for that.

Spring social postponed for June.

Expenses $x,xxx grant and annual business meeting (some last year as posting dates);holiday party, etc.


Derek has list of membership and renewals he will forward to Lisa.


We need to set minimum cancellation time frame so we get our Eventbee and our head counts which we pay for.


This year we should go forward with dues increase and then set cancellation of events/policy. Members are fine with 5.00 increase according to last survey. We need to keep up on cost of things.


Secretary’s Report – Laurel Moran

  • Newsletter article of the year – work with Melissa to select by June 1 and inform Michele V.
  • April 2017 Meeting Minutes approved 5/16/2017


Past-President’s Report – Michele Knapp

  • AALL conference – poster (, stickers, bookmarks. There are a few leftover stickers and we may need some more. We ordered a sheet of 96 last year; it is under 25.00 from Vista Print; and we have discounts. Michele K. will look at options for costs. Betsy Chessler did bookmarks and we have some of those leftover. Michele K. will bring them.
  • Google Drive committee gives chairs access to their own committee. Ask every year if committee chairs want to stay on. Done right after June business meeting.
  • Is presenting at Portland Resource Sharing Conference in August
  • Michele will create something on Karl Gruben memorial and add that to our presentation at AALL.


Vice President’s Report – Lisa Foster

  • Programming
  • 16 have rsvp’d to Business Meeting
  • Will reach out to Marianne Sterna
  • Do not buy any beverages for business meeting
  • Hang on and see what to order for business meeting
  • Simons is good company to work with on food
  • Possible joint institute; would get Marianne plugged in asap


Wrap up & Future Agenda Items

  • Annual Business Meeting – Thursday, June 8, 12:00-1:30pm at Thomas Jefferson School of Law
    • CEB has donated $xxx; Michele V. will order food, send announcements & collect RSVPs
    • Raffle at Spring Social will take place at Annual Business Meeting