June 2017 Board Minutes

SANDALL Board Meeting Minutes Annual Business Meeting

June 8, 2017 12-1:30 p.m.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law


Meeting Facilitator: Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran

Board Members: Derek Antler, Lisa Foster, Michele Knapp, Laurel Moran

Members in Attendance: approx. 25 members in attendance


Call to order at 12:12 a.m. by Michele Villagran. Welcome.  Thank you to our hosts: Leigh Inman and others at TJSL. Special thanks to sponsor Suzanne Smith of CEB.




New members: Joined or rejoined

Jennifer Closson

Phillip Gragg

Henry Rose

Sean Saxon

Marianne Sterna

Luz Villalobos


AALL Annual Meeting & Conferences


In Austin we will have at least 15 SANDALL members attending. Michele Knapp is chairing the annual meeting poster session award jury.  Anna Russell is participating in the GRC’s advocacy training session.


We will have a Karl Gruben tribute as part of our poster session. We will use our poster from last year. There is no Pacific Chapters reception.  We will possibly have a Southern CA reception with SCALL. We do have a Chapter VIP and it will be Keith Davis, Superior Court of San Bernardino County in California.  We are sponsoring and hosting; not paying for him to attend.


Anna Russell will be at CALIcon in Phoenix in June. Michele Knapp is on the Board of the Northwest Interlibrary Loan and Resource Sharing conference in August. Michele V. will be at International Assoc. of School Librarians and REFORMA in Puerto Rico.


Recognition and News


July 2017 marks SANDALL’s 19th year.  Next year is Baltimore for the AALL conference.


Membership Directories done by Betsy Chessler were distributed to members attending the meeting.


Photos were shared of events that took place this year.  Keith Ann Stiverson was our visiting VIP this year.


Article of the Year Award: Jan Hedlun for her article on the San Diego National History Museum Research Library Tour, January 2017, Vol 19(3).




Betsy Chessler has been promoted to Competitive Intelligence Manager at Morrison Foerster.


Judith Lihosit is the new Assistant Dean and Director of USD School of Law Pardee Legal Research Center (LRC). Starting June 1st.


Moment for remembering Karl Gruben. November 17, 1951-November 22, 2016. USD Associate Dean, Library and Information Services and Director, Pardee Legal Research Center.


Board Member Reports


President’s Report:  In August 2016 the bylaws were updated as to an anti discrimination clause.  Those changes were approved by AALL. Thank to Lisa Foster for all her work as VP. We accomplished a lot this year. One thing you will notice is that social responsibility was not chaired but if there is someone interested please step forward. If not the committee will be dissolved.


Heads up for coming year. First of all there will be a change coming to bylaws in next fiscal year relating to dues.  We did a survey two years ago asking about whether a nominal dues raise would be acceptable to the membership.  Membership did approve nominal increase. You will hear more about a 2018 increase and there will be a bylaws change on that. When we have events that are fee driven but someone has to cancel; the board will put out a cancellation refund policy in the coming year as well.


Vice President’s Report: Event planning was the focus.  We had a mix of events, some attended better than others. Some events were impacted and canceled (Spring Social). There was an attempt to mix webinars with in person events. Events are fun and important so please support whatever efforts are made.  Pass on ideas for events to the new VP, etc.  Subjects you want to see them tackle.  Want to speak or host something?  Speak up. Thank you to sponsors.  It is a fun job, but well worth the effort.


Secretary:  SANDALL’s board met 10 times in various locations and some meetings were held virtually via Go To Meeting.  August 2016 to May 2017. The minutes of all meetings are (or will be) available on the SANDALL website.


Treasurer report: Derek. Balances x,xxx in checking; x,xxx in savings; and Paypal xx.00 total x,xxx. There are a few pending transactions so those will be adjusted after the meeting.  Membership total 76 renewing and 6 new members (2 re-joining). 4 lifetime members. 86 total.


Revenue bottom line is x,xxx. Expenses were x,xxx. Net income was -xxx.00. Roughly even which compares well with last year where we had a bit more revenue.


Past President: Michele Knapp. As past president acted as an advisor and participating in those decisions.  Was liaison with archives and nominations and webmaster duties. SANDALL has a wiki space to put documents and is shifting that over to Google Drive.


Committee Chair Appreciation and Reports


Archives: all newsletters are processed on archives. Has pre chapterhood information as well. Izabela Alesksieva gave report.  We have a working committee with about 800 pages to go. We want to make the text of these newsletters text recognition and keyword searchable.  Looking for people who can help in that digitization effort.  Volunteers who could do that contact Izabela. They are still collecting materials and brochures. Any chapter activities—workshop handouts all pass her way.  Photos, directories, posters, flyers, reports, etc.  Election materials surveys, anything. What to do with emails? Prefer pdf formats for submissions.  Think emails as well for our preservation efforts.


Employment: Allan Harjala gave report. Sent out via listserv of openings each week. Acknowledged his committee.


Government Relations: Vance Sharp.  Busy year. SANDALL board endorsed advocating jointly with SCALL and NOCALL committees. There are regular conferences and legislation monitoring. AB 165 was monitored. At Federal level the budget battle was escalating and there was stop gap budget put in place. IMLS and ALI are both on chopping block. Public libraries and legal aid institutions are under threat. It is important to advocate and speak to representatives. That will require a lot of action. There are advocacy webinars all of the time. Special thanks to Anna who is GRC liaison who helps with monitoring and created a google drive site for them as well.


Grants report. x,xxx to Emily Ngo to attend AALL. She was sworn in yesterday as CA lawyer as well.


Membership. Emily Ngo and Lisa co chaired. Put word out about renewals. Emily did a lot of research on trying to get contact with firms who might want to join. We do have several new members.


Newsletter: Melissa not in attendance for report.


Nominations: Suzanne Smith gave report. Interesting year.  Worked very hard. We found candidates: Christine Mathias for Treasurer and Marianne Sterna for VP.


Public Relations: Christine Mathias spoke for this committee. Big thing is social media policy. Logos updated on all pages.  We have a new plan based on SDLL model. Worked on membership directory with Betsy Chessler as well.


Connect: Lisa Foster presented for the Connect committee. We do outreach for library schools. Do things to spice meetings up.  Will meet again late summer and Fall. Encourage attendance.


Webmaster: Heather Parker. Works with board and committees as they submit information. We completed all committee descriptions and added captcha to forms to eliminate spam. Heather will continue to work on mobile website. We are going to create pages to link to legal resources. Our site is running wordpress beach theme.  Hosted on dream host. People search our site for Derek Antler most likely as he is membership and treasurer. Grants was the other. Highest month for visitors was August and January. Number one page is current openings. Then welcome, officers and committees, etc.


Service Recognition


Derek Antler.  Outgoing treasurer. Acknowledge his work on the board.


Michele Knapp. Outgoing past president. Acknowledge her work on the board.


New officer Installation and Oath


Christine Mathias as treasurer.


Marianne Sterna for Vice President.


Adjourned at 1:30 p.m.