April 2017 Board Minutes

SANDALL Board Meeting Minutes

April 28, 3-4pm


Meeting Facilitator: Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran

Invitees: Derek Antler, Lisa Foster, Michele Knapp, Laurel Moran


Call to order


President’s Report – Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran

  • OLD
    • Emily Ngo receives $1,000 grant for AALL 2017. There will be a newsletter announcement and something on the listserv.
    • PR social media update. Currently waiting for revised SDLL policy to move forward on this.
    • Ballot currently open until May 1 for treasurer and VP candidates. New ballot was opened with the two candidates.
    • Joint membership discussion update. We should table until new leadership is in place. This was with NOCALL. There are some issues; calendars do not coincide in terms of dues and technology requirements on payments, etc. If new leadership wishes to pursue there would be a lot of logistics to it.
    • Eventbrite update. Michele has not heard back from them after she trialed it.
    • PR Committee and Social Responsibility descriptions have been updated on website.
  • NEW
    • Joint SANDALL/AZALL institute 2018. Michele has talked with Tory Trotta. Keep it on radar for new board. This year they renovated library and timing wise it would be good time for a joint institute.
    • Chapter VIP Program (see attached). Michele sent to the board. There is opportunity for each chapter to send 2 individuals; not part of the chapter to go to AALL. This is due May 15.  Have to send name or names and affiliation to AALL before we extend invitation. The chapter is responsible for paying for this person to attend (other than complimentary registration).  We would be on hook for hotel and airfare, etc. Board members hesitant based on cost. Laurel will ask John Adkins if there might be a Law Library board member to invite in the future.
    • Updating Chapter Roster. Michele is working on updating; she is awaiting voting results to update our AALLNET entry.
    • Chapter Leadership training. This applies to President and VP. This is July 15th at AALL. Michele Knapp indicates that they will wait until the Chapter Roster is complete and we notify then the invite will be extended.
    • Monthly deadlines for Chapter leaders: https://www.aallnet.org/mm/Member-Communities/chapters/chapresources/generalinfo.html . This appears to have been updated and changed. Michele shares for incoming President and VP as it is a very helpful guide as to conducting business.
    • AALL virtual training sessions. There are series of training sessions available. Michele V. encouraged board members to attend as many as they can. Board members indicated that these are valuable and well worth the effort. May and June are the dates. Lisa Foster has already signed up for the financial one.
    • Conference of Newer Law Librarians (CONELL) marketplace participation. They have devoted time on the 15th and want to see if chapters want to be involved. Chapters can meet and greet the new librarians and they will have a marketplace with tables and seating.  We have to let them know by May 5th. There are conflicts with some of the leadership training. We are going to pass on this for now as we do not have a full complement of board members to assist.
    • Activities Area Display Board Signup. This year instead of tables they are again doing poster sessions for display. We would be responsible for all materials. The boards are in the membership services area.  Do we wish to do this year?  If so, we need to fill out form and set them up.  Michele Knapp may be able to set up but she is jurying other posters and will be busy with that. We can reuse the poster from last year.  Michele Knapp will take it out and look at it.  We could add to the bulletin board. We should recognize Karl Gruben, etc. A photo of the new board in June would be great. Perhaps our Institute and Keith Ann Stiverson’s chapter visit. Maybe order some more stickers and we will look at costs of doing that.  Consensus was we should offer stickers again. Michele V. offered to pop in and out and monitor the Chapter poster session. June 5 is deadline for reserving this poster space.
    • 501(c)(3) determination letter: each individual chapter would have to request a Determination Letter from the IRS: https://www.irs.gov/charities-non-profits/eo-operational-requirements-obtaining-copies-of-exemption-determination-letter-from-irs Non profit confirmation letter sometimes required. AALL confirmed that each Chapter would have to request. We are not incorporated as a non profit though.  Lisa Foster believes we would not be able to request this in this instance. Some of the other chapters are probably incorporated.
    • Diversity & Inclusion Committee: invites each chapter to consider adding ‘Inclusion’ to the name of their diversity committee. For those chapters without a diversity and inclusion committee, we hope you will consider establishing one.

Diversity & Inclusion Symposium: Intersectionality and Identifying with Multiple Identities: Race, Gender, and Beyond. https://eventmobi.com/aall2017/agenda/213084/1115814

We could form a committee; not sure needed.

  • Newsletter deadline May 15th. Michele K. will take pictures at Spring Social for this.


Vice President’s Report – Lisa Foster

  • Programming
    • May 6, Spring Social. Doodle poll was sent for food sign ups. The invites are out. No huge number of RSVP’s. Michele V. and Laurel cannot attend. SANDALL provides, water, etc. and Lisa will purchase and get reimbursement.
    • Rescue Mission Donation Drive; items were taken to the Mission. Thanks to Derek for donations taken to Connect. Betsy Chessler also donated.  The back of Lisa’s car was full of things. It was nice load of things. Karla Castetter donated quite a bit.  TJSL donated generously as well. It was a nice grouping of items and they were well received.  Photos will be sent to Melissa for the newsletter. Lisa has sense we don’t have a lot of interest in these social responsibility events. Perhaps we should poll if they want to do it through SANDALL or we should leave it alone. Michele K. will talk to Jane Larrington who is leading SIS at AALL level; maybe she has suggestions about how this might work for the chapter. We can explore at Business meeting.


Past President’s Report – Michele Knapp

  • Google Drive & Wiki-is being worked on and transitioned. Committee information where should it be housed in Google Drive? You can create folders and just give access to folders; and then more robust access for board to the entire drive. You can create committee folders as well. Who has access?  Board members and committee chairs?  What about broader if there is a need or interest? Resolved that just board members and chairs would have access and ad hoc permissions on an as needed basis for others.
  • Archives Committee update. Still need committee members. Jean Miles is back and wants to continue. We will try to recruit others and we need details on what this person would be tasked to do.


Secretary’s Report – Laurel Moran

  • March meeting minutes
  • Submitted Michele’s changes this morning—anything else?


Treasurer’s Report – Derek Antler



Same balance for checking

Savings has increased .13 cents

Paypal is same

Winroom deposit; will it be reimbursed for payment or bring a check. Lisa donated deposit.

There was one discrepancy in check number in statement.  Derek called and they corrected it.

May 2 personal digital management ALA—seminar; Derek provided as an informational item.


Future Events & Meetings

  • May 6, Spring Social
  • May 18, Board & committee Chairs meeting at 12-1:30pm, San Diego Law Library – will send a reminder
  • June 8, Annual business meeting & luncheon at 12-1:30pm, Thomas Jefferson School of Law – will send a reminder to register
  • July 15-18, AALL annual conference, Austin, TX


Adjournment at 3:55

Next meeting with be Board and committee chairs meeting.