March 2017 Board Minutes

SANDALL Board Meeting Minutes
Speciality’s Cafe
Friday, March 3, 2017
10:00 a.m.

Attendees: Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran, Derek Antler, Lisa Foster, Michele Knapp, Laurel Moran


Call to order at 10:02 a.m.


President’s Report – Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran

  • PR social media update: Christine Mathias and Michele had a call; talked about social media. They will be updating Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. SDLL has a social media policy that they will share and we are looking at to adapt. Lisa noted on our website that there are some inconsistencies in our name. Noted that this will be an update project for the future.
  • Joint membership discussion update: NOCALL had mentioned collaborating CA wide on retaining membership. The call is now scheduled for this Wednesday.
  • Eventbrite: spoke with Christine Mathias of SDLL. Main differences from EventBee: can set up free meetings; more functionality in Eventbrite-SDLL has had no issues with this platform. SDLL has not needed any support for EventBrite either. Michele Knapp has prior experience with Eventbrite and has found them responsive when help was needed. Michele V. will explore getting a trial of EventBrite for SANDALL.
  • Council of Chairs: Michele V. was inspired by Keith Ann and as a result she will be running for Chair for Council of Chapter Presidents. There are five people running for Chair. It is not an individual vote; it is a vote per board.  Lisa Foster has placed the board vote.
  • Newsletter deadline March 15. Lisa sent Institute photographs and Betsy Chessler did an article about the Forensics topic. Michele V. may write article on the police officer who presented at the Winter Institute.
  • Upcoming events:
    • SCALL March 3-4 (both Michele’s are going from our Board)
    • NOCALL April 1



Vice President’s Report – Lisa Foster

  • Programming
    • March 20, Lessons from a Library Fire webinar
    • May 6, Spring Social
    • Other


Lisa submitted an event calendar update. Virginia Hire Damrauer will do a March program on Lessons from a Library Fire. Webinar is open to all—100 is a technical cap/limit.  The information has been widely disseminated so we hope to get good attendance.


April we are thinking of a community service event; donation drive for Rescue Mission. Could designate people as collection points for the various local libraries. We could collect and have it end at Connect Meeting in April and we would make arrangements to deliver to Rescue Mission. This should reveal if our members are interested in any community service in the future.


May 6 is the Spring Social; 10-1 at the Winn Room Coronado Library.  We have to do a deposit but that is good for a year so we could use that for other events.

CEB has been contacted about sponsoring Business Meeting; the request is in.



Past President’s Report – Michele Knapp


Report about website.  Heather Parker was sent a list of things that needed updating. On page that shows previous officers—need last year’s board to make it complete.  Laurel Moran’s name misspelled.  Committee members will be updated and corrected.


Nominations: Anna has in the past been sent out ballots. Archives: We need two more archives members still. They need help with digitizing documents; a listserv announcement will be made on this need.


Still working on Wiki and Google Drive-work in progress.


Nominations—we need to figure out if we will have someone running for VP. What happens if we do not have a candidate? Nominations need to go to Executive Board nine weeks before annual business meeting and submission is 6 weeks prior to annual meeting. Six weeks before is April 27 and nine weeks is April 6th.


Secretary’s Report – Laurel Moran

  • February meeting minutes
    • Approved via email.
    • Publish in the newsletter and post on Listserv? Update: real procedure is website only. NOTE: to update policies and procedures in future. Website only is fine.
  • Nominations: some chapters have gone with one fewer board member. Can you offer a registration or incentive? Not favored. Suzanne Smith has been given a few names. Anna Russell will send out ballots and we need to look at time lines. Would be nice if we could get a firm librarian involved.
  • Michele V. has given business meeting notice to Listserv and that is sufficient.


Treasurer’s Report – Derek Antler


  • Googlesheets App – the income statement/budget spreadsheet was submitted.
  • Winter Institute revenue
  • We are at 85 members
  • Regarding Institute: next year set a deadline for late cancels and refunds. Some chapters do not refund if the person cannot attend. Set policy no refunds before 10 days before paid events in the future.


Derek put $1,000 in grants as a placeholder for April.



Future Agenda Items & Meetings

  • April 28, Board meeting at 3-4pm,
  • May 18, Board & committee Chairs meeting at 12-1:30pm, San Diego Law Library
  • June 8, Annual business meeting & luncheon at 12-1:30pm, Thomas Jefferson School of Law


Adjournment at 11:18 a.m.