February 2017 Board Minutes

Meeting Facilitator: Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran

Attendees: Derek Antler, Lisa Foster, Laurel Moran, Michele Villagran


Call to order at 9:32 a.m.


President’s Report – Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran

  • Keith Ann’s She comes in Thursday and there will be an SDLL tour. Then head to San Diego Central Library. Docent will provide a tour there. Friday the Institute and then dinner at SeaSalt. Invited Stephanie from SCALL but she cannot attend. Saturday Keith Ann will tour TJSL and then Lisa Foster will take her to the airport.
  • PR social media update

Christine Mathias now primary lead on the committee.  She will do work with social media. Michele will call with her and report back on the meeting.

  • Joint membership discussion

Michael, NOCALL President, asked about low membership.  Michele threw out possibility of a state wide initiative to let people join more than one chapter and provide incentives for so doing. This would be a joint membership incentive.

  • Reminders: Board & committee chair meeting – May 18; Business meeting – June 8. Business meeting will be on list serv and invite will go out next week.


Vice President’s Report – Lisa Foster


February Institute


Institute is ready and all things in place. Head count has changed slightly-total is 33 and that includes speaker and vendor reps. 20 full day and 4 half days. Would have like to have more registrants but it is a solid number.


Food ordered through Panera. Total cost $xxx plus tax.


Signs are done. Betsy Chessler had printed through firm at no cost.  Thanks to Morrison and Forester.


Lisa submitted the program to board. Badges are designed and need to be printed on stickers. There is registration list. Lisa will buy drop cloths for water salvage exercise so tables do not get wet.


AALL sent items for their table and Michele V. will bring those.


Lisa detailed donations and give aways for board.


Lisa also prepared a trivia game to incentivize attendees to talk to vendors.


Lisa will give opening remarks at Institute and discussed with the board on how to appropriately cover the opening of the Institute.


May Spring Social


Lisa sent application for a room at Coronado Library. Lisa proposed May 6th for the date. They will not book sooner than 90 days ahead. We would only be charged a cleaning fee of $25.00 since we are having food. The room is open to the public so they could wander in and participate and we could not exclude them. Time would be 10 to 1:00.




We had spoken to Union Tribune about tour.  Librarian is not responding so we need a plan B for another tour. April we have some Rescue Mission community event in the works. A donation drive where people could provide items on the wish list (ex. socks). A feel good thing for our group.



Past President’s Report – Michele Knapp

  • VP and Treasurer candidates


Christine Mathias will run for Treasurer.


We had hoped someone could participate from Cal Western; however, we have no candidates in mind.


Archives now needs 2 committee members. Jennifer Clauson is a potential person with a rich background and an interest in digitization projects.


Secretary’s Report – Laurel Moran

  • Approval of January meeting minutes. Approved and will be sent to Heather.


Treasurer’s Report – Derek Antler

  • Eventbee Invoice. Derek emailed tech support to figure out charges. Got word back that $14.00 invoice was for adding people to list of attendees manually- there is a per ticket charge for that. Need to select complimentary ticket in the future. Michele V. seems to think they have added this new charge since last year. Moving forward we might need lesson or training on Eventbee. Maybe an alternative service would work. Michele V. will speak with Christine Mathias at San Diego Law Library, which uses Eventbrite, and report back as an alternative service option. The invoice will be paid in account tab of Eventbee.


  • For the Chase Debit card, there is no per-transaction limit, though there is a per-day limit (this is contrary to previous information). Derek had called to increase—it is a per day limit of $10,000 and ATM limit. We should not have problem with a per transaction purchase or per day limits.


  • For PayPal, there is a $500 per-month limit for transferring money to our bank; the limit resets on the first day of the month. This is useful to know to prevent charges.


  • Balances checking $xxxx.xx. Savings $xxxx.xx; and PayPal at $xx.xx. Total balances $xx,xx.xx.


Future Agenda Items & Meetings


Next meeting propose that we have March 3 in the morning.




Adjourned at 11:15 a.m.