January 2017 Board Minutes

SANDALL Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Held Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at Specialty’s Café, San Diego, CA


In Attendance:

Michele Lucero Villagran, President

Michele Knapp, Past President

Lisa Foster, Vice President

Derek Antler, Treasurer

Laurel Moran, Secretary


Meeting called to order 9:34 a.m.


Meeting Minutes:

Approval of December meeting minutes.

President’s Report-Michele Villagran:

For our chapter visit Keith Ann Stiverson is visiting; she has already booked travel.  She arrives Thursday 2/9/17 and stays until Saturday 2/11/17. She will be staying near Morrison and Foerster. She is available for tours during the day of various libraries. Michele will get her main interests for visits, etc. It will be nice to have her hit various local law libraries.

A February 10, 2017 dinner will be planned with our AALL guest and the SANDALL board.

An Invitation has been extended to SCALL and NOCALL for them to attend our Institute.

The SCALL Institute is on Constitutional Law March 3-4, 2017 in San Diego. Michele V. will be attending. There should be a good contingent of SANDALL people attending. NOCALL Institute will be held April 1, 2017; topic to be set. Members should apply for grants for the other chapter institutes and we will put reminder in the newsletter to this effect.

Newsletter deadline January 15th. The institute and webinar information will be in there.  Good article on Natural History tour, etc. We should add nominations information for board positions and connect with the Nominations Committee. Will need Vice President and Treasurer. Board is favoring the slate idea for going forward. We approved the slate method and consulted the bylaws to know that no change is required to do an election by slate. Michele Knapp will put announcement about this in the newsletter. It was noted our website should reflect date of the current amendments to bylaws (Heather).

AALL Online Election System. Costs too much money per election. We will not use.

Call for Nominations: AALL Chapter Professional Development award. Any thought provoking things SANDALL members have done—we can nominate a SANDALL event.  Two categories; programs up to a year’s duration or a single workshop of at least a ½ day.  Due February 1st.

Committee Chairs meeting and Board will be May 18th, 2017 12:00 to 1:30 at SDLL. SDLL has been contacted to set this up. Will be put on the calendar as we have done this in the past. Will send save the date for committee chairs.

Business meeting June 7 or 8th. We can select either date and both are booked at TJSL. We will do Thursday, June 8, 2017. CEB will sponsor; Michele has the form to fill out.

Vice President’s Report-Lisa Foster:

SANDALL events 2017. January webinar invite has gone out.  There have been nice emails from those excited about it. Maximizing your Social Media is the topic and the speaker is Gayle Lynn Falkenthal. Michele V. will check sign ups.  January 18th is the date.

Winter/Spring Institute.  Some issues are the pricing and who can be invited. Four speakers are Mark Anning; Daniel Libby; Virginia Hire Damrauer, and Julie Page. Location is MOFO multipurpose room. Sponsors/Exhibitors are Thomson Reuters, Lexis, Legislative History and Intent, Retrieve-It, Documents Delivered, and CEB. Lunch by Panera. Event bee link is up. Do we want to offer a lesser amount for morning session for those who have done Julie Page sessions already? Inclined with those interested to offer ½ day at lesser price. $35.00 ½ day option approved. Could we invite non law librarian from another library who might be interested. We should open up to SLA and other associations so we fill up the Institute. Should we charge a different price for non members? Yes. $40.00 for ½ day and $60.00 for full day, non members price.

Other: We need to get program together and get bios of speakers and titles of the talk. We will gather their handouts by the end of the month. Perhaps see if Barbara Glennan can assist in putting this together from the existing template. Signs?  Poster board 18 by 24 to thank sponsors, make announcements. Need easels and/or tables. Fed Ex office would be a good choice for signs and the cost is reasonable.  Lisa will give lunch choice information. Morrison Forester would also be thanked as a host and for providing beverages. We have coverage for morning and afternoon breaks and for half of the Julie Page speaker fee (Thomson). AALL will have a table to give away a complimentary registration and a membership. Derek will check in on sponsors. Are we hoping to record this—Lisa will ask MOFO to see if they have the capability built in and we can use at no cost. If it is costly or we need to man a camera we will not get a quality recording. Will put out requests for volunteers. Can just draw at end of day or use bingo card to encourage vendor interactions. Discussion on prizes; we have Amazon cards, mugs, memberships, etc. We have Bloomberg; they sent bags with swag as give aways.

Lisa will be getting back with her speakers.

Library tour of Union Tribune library is coming and will be planned; tentatively for March.

April social responsibility campaign a potential. 5K walk; other ideas. Could pull ideas from other chapters or talk to SLA about partnering.

Spring Social in neighborhood was nice. Balboa Park as a location, possibly. May 6th or 20th would be Saturdays available.

Connect is the 21st of January. New member Jennifer should apply for grant.

Past President’s Report-Michele Knapp:

Wiki and Google Drive is still a work in progress.  Michele has been working on best ways to access via gmail.

Archives Committee update: Robert O’Leary sent email and when he gets back they will speak about detail.  Lots of details they are working on and it is time consuming to create a digital archives. Copyright and newsletter questions they are working on. We will see how they manage their work load (rather large).

Secretary’s Report-Laurel Moran:

Approval of December minutes. Lisa Foster has one thing; when it comes to cost of institute. Minor point. Carl with a K; approved as amended.

Treasurer’s Report-Derek Antler:

Account balances:

PayPal $xxx.xx with 2 transfers

There is no PayPal fee that Derek is seeing right now.

Checking is $xxxx.xx

Savings $xxxx.xx

Error in PayPal to refund a double payment. Mail her refund; Lisa Foster has contact information.

Membership 3 new; 4 lifetime 82 total. PayPal option people are utilizing. 62 paid online.

Derek was using Google docs for this when we have uniform logins for google drive.

Updated holiday party.  Lost x,xxx.xx on it.  50 registrants for party.

We have some Institute registrants and sponsors are beginning to pay. CEB, Documents Delivered, Jan Raymond, Legislative Intent, and TR.

x,xxx.xx received for Institute as of now.

We may balance out with good registrations for institute. We will keep costs down.

Logo looks good (one Derek prepared).  Board approved.

Excel/Access seems as if Excel can work as well as an Access database.

Future Agenda Items & Meetings:

Executive Board Meeting will be 2/8/17 at 9:30 and held online/virtual.


Meeting adjourned by President Michele Villagran at 11:04 a.m.