December 2016 Board Minutes

SANDALL Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Held Virtually via GoToMeeting

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 at 9:30 a.m.


In Attendance via computer and/or telephonically:

Michele Lucero Villagran, President

Michele Knapp, Past President

Lisa Foster, Vice President

Derek Antler, Treasurer

Laurel Moran, Secretary


Call to Order by President Michele Villagran at 9:30 a.m.

Meeting Minutes:

The board approved the November minutes.

President’s Report-Michele Villagran:

The President raised a question about whether our bylaws should incorporate the agreement/collaboration of the California Chapters Government Relations committees. The Board determined this was not necessary. This collaboration document will be posted to members so they are aware of the information.

Our chapter will be visited by Keith Ann Stiverson.  She will come to the Spring Institute. Michele will be picking her up and taking her to the event and we will also possibly host a dinner the night before the Institute or a breakfast before, depending upon her schedule.

Michele Villagran has extended an invite to SCALL and NOCALL to designate one board member for a complimentary attendance at our Spring Institute.

June 7/8 are tentative dates for our Annual Business meeting.

Vice President’s Report-Lisa Foster:

Lisa provided details on programming.  She has been working very hard on the Institute and has a draft vendor packet ready. Members of the board will assist and review and suggest additional vendors that might be suitable for this event.

Lisa will continue to work on a program for the event (including logo). A save the date will be forthcoming and she will if at all possible get registration up before the holidays. Lunch options were discussed; possibly Panera as they did a great job at the SLA Fall workshop.

The cost of the Institute was discussed. It was determined that the cost will be $50.00 for full day and $35.00 for a ½ day option. Vendor prices for sponsorship will be increased as well. Lisa will work on getting packets out and perhaps have vendors sponsor speakers as well.

Lisa is also working on a January webinar.

Lisa pointed out that Grants is in need of an additional member. Since 2 of 3 members of grants are TJSL employees the wish is to get someone outside TJSL involved. Some possible names were suggested.

Past President’s Report-Michele Knapp:

Michele Knapp is working on access to the Google Drive and/or Wiki.

Michele Knapp also reminded all that the SCALL Institute is in San Diego this year (March 3-4). She will forward information to the SANDALL listserv.

We also need to start thinking about nominations-reminder. One possibility is to have one person per office and elect officers as a slate.

Michele also reported that January 15th is the newsletter deadline and Ruth Levor will provide an article about the death of Karl Gruben. There should also be an announcement or moment in his memory at the SANDALL Institute.

Secretary’s Report-Laurel Moran:

No information to report other than the approval of the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report-Derek Antler:

Total members as of this date: 81; 77 regular and 4 lifetime (this includes 2 new members).

Account balances:

Checking $x,xxx.xx

Savings $x,xxx.xx

Many members are paying their dues with Paypal. One lifetime member paid dues and donated the payment.

Holiday Party: Total that was paid in tickets $x,xxx.xx. Total expenses were $x,xxx.xx.  With CEB sponsorship it is projected we will take in $x,xxx.xx for the party. There was some uncertainty as to why the restaurant bill was higher than expected; most likely due to how they charged for drinks (not included in cost per person).

Derek will request a debit card increase of maximum charge to $x,xxx.

Two parties paid by check early on then had an employer pay; the double payments were refunded by Derek.

One new member paid twice and this will be refunded.

On a quick review of the membership list it was noted that a lot of members have not renewed as of yet. Some board members will follow up with some individuals.

Future Agenda Items & Meetings:

January 10, at Specialty’s Café in San Diego, CA.  9:30 a.m.


Meeting adjourned by President Michele Villagran at 10:42 a.m.