October 2016 Board Minutes

SANDALL Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Specialty’s Café, 101 W Broadway

Friday, October 28, 2016


In Attendance:

Michele Lucero Villagran, President

Michele Knapp, Past President

Lisa Foster, Vice President

Derek Antler, Treasurer

Laurel Moran, Secretary


Call to Order by Past President at 9:45 a.m.

Meeting Minutes:

Approved (via email) September minutes by all board members.

President’s Report-Michele Villagran:

Chapter visit form will be sent in as soon as dates are available.

We need to update AALL brand on any SANDALL communications and/or publications. Derek will notify Heather, and Michele V. will work on making sure the branding update happens. There are guidelines and consistent formats to follow. Brand information will be sent to committee chairs as well so they use the new logo and AALL brand. Launch of new AALL brand happens in early November.

In the past AALL has supported representatives for July meeting; this funding concern was for AALL support of representatives to cataloging committees.

Annual meeting: there was discussion on whose turn is it to support joint reception.  Michele K. believes that it is NOCALL’s turn. Any rooms we need as chapter must be booked by December this year.

David Selden is new chair for Social Responsibility SAS. He has offered to assist any chapter looking to go green. Keep him in mind as a potential speaker or to use on a project in future planning.

Michele V. reported that Marie Templo is looking for help on the Grants committee.

Vice President’s Report-Lisa Foster:

Holiday party costs reviewed.  The consensus was to keep the cost lower and subsidize member costs if need be. The cost will be $25.00. We will invite SLA members and attempt to widen the scope of invitees.  We do not intend to have differing rates for members versus nonmembers, spouses, etc. There is a conflict with the SDLL Holiday Open House. We will accept PayPal registration for this event; Michele V. will show Lisa Foster how to set this up in EventBee. Prize drawings for holiday party are contemplated. Lisa Foster and Michele V. to work on donations/prizes for holiday party.

Topic of the month for Library Connect has been tried. Open for ideas on topics.

Programming update/events table submitted by Lisa Foster. Next event is tour of SD Natural History Museum followed by happy hour at Panama 66.

Holiday party at Solare on December 8, 2016. CEB is sponsoring [removed].

January 2017 there will be a training/brown bag on Effective Use of Social Media/Marketing.

February Institute (Winter/Spring Inst.). Library Safety and Security Issues. Julie Page a possible speaker on preservation.  Potential to do tracks so attendees could focus on their area of interest. SDPD speaker’s bureau will be contacted as well. Cyber Security is another potential topic. If we split this up to ½ day or full day registration we might get better participation and then can charge accordingly.

We need to get the February Institute dates down so we can request AALL President Ron Wheeler in as a key note speaker. Lisa Foster will work on getting dates and the location specified so this can be done.

March: Union Tribune library tour. They are downtown and not in Mission Valley so this will be after first of the year due to their recent move. There are two other potential topics: Tom Senzee on LGBT topics.  Possibly also get a panel together of long term librarians and the changes/trends they have seen.

Webinar: post mortem-other than technology problems the content was good on supervising students and volunteers. Slides and recording are on our website.

Spring Social is in May and the business meeting is in June at TJSL.

Past President’s Report-Michele Knapp:

Contacts through website; we have a number of different forms that people access—we are updating so these go to the correct persons/contacts. Some buttons are unclear so forms are sometimes not coming to the correct person or are coming twice.

Membership we have Lisa, Derek, and Heather as contacts. We should also add Emily.

Keep grant contacts small to protect confidentiality of the applicants.

She will use our contact emails for the Wiki, etc.

Lifetime achievement awards considered.

Secretary’s Report-Laurel Moran:

No information to report.

Treasurer’s Report-Derek Antler:

Chapter liability insurance; AALL cashed check and it has been paid; [removed]

Income statement note about budget being established for the year by President and Treasurer.  Derek has started a projected budget for this year; some items are tentative. Derek to work with Michele Villagran to develop this budget. The board discussed some budget variables such as grants. Holiday Party cost also covered.

Membership renewals are lagging. A targeted reminder might be called for at this point. Emily is doing outreach on memberships. We did outreach through Library Connect as well.

Taxes: we paid our CPA in November last year so this is budgeted as they are due November 15.

Member database Derek is refining. Querying the list is a focus.  Total is now at 61; not including pending registrations. No students on list at the moment. There were 3 volunteers from SDLL to work on committees.


Future Agenda Items & Meetings:

Executive Board Meeting will be virtual next month. November 14th, 2016. Call at 9:30 a.m.


Meeting adjourned by President Michele Villagran at 11:13 a.m.