September 2016 Board Minutes

SANDALL Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Specialty’s Café, 101 W Broadway

Monday, September 26, 2016


In Attendance:

Michele Lucero Villagran, President

Michele Knapp, Past President

Lisa Foster, Vice President

Derek Antler, Treasurer

Laurel Moran, Secretary


Call to Order by President at 9:37 a.m.

Meeting Minutes:

August 17, 2016 meeting minutes submitted by Secretary Laurel Moran and approved.

President’s Report-Michele Villagran:

  • News from Chair of AALL Council of Presidents. Julie Pabarja and her committee have regular meetings posted on AALLNet. They are collecting chapter news and we need to get news to her by Oct. 28. She is featuring one or 2 chapters a month—we can highlight events. Chapter visits-discussed; scheduling and dates to avoid. We should get a Chapter visit this year and we can request a specific person. President would be nice; but we can request preferences and a backup person. Ron Wheeler—get a date and event we can invite him to as a speaker. Possibly the February Institute and give a backup event as well (June business meeting). Michele Villagran will look at form and complete.
  • AALL Program and workshop proposals due October 3, 2016: Eugene is the person to contact for funding, room rental, travel fees, broadcasting. Oct. 19 is next deadline for program and workshop proposals. There are 3 grant cycles throughout the year. Grant cannot cover food, advertising, etc. Michele Villagran to look up other deadlines for grant cycles as well.
  • AALL/BNA Continuing Education Grants. Next deadline October 19, 2016.
  • Chapter Liability Insurance: We have to pay by Oct. 28; based on number of members as of October 1, 2016. We are in the middle of our membership cycle but will count only those actually members as of 10/1 so we get people who paid last year and new members. We also have to count lifetime members.
  • Email conduct policy: came up on listserv. Email conduct policy—do we have one? May tie in to the communication audit that is part of this year’s goals. NOCALL is looking at modeling theirs after AALL.
  • Issues with posting job ads: Do we have to provide disclaimers for the jobs we post? We believe that we are an aggregator and not responsible for the individual employer’s responsibility to post their jobs in a non- discriminatory manner.

Vice President’s Report-Lisa Foster:

  • Programming update.

We are having holiday party at Solare lounge at Liberty Station. Buffet style Italian—Dec. 8 is the date. It has a heated patio/part inside and out. Venue is more cost effective than totally indoor venues.  Event starts at six p.m. to nine. Derek has handled the deposit. Michele K. has viewed the event space and assisted in making the arrangements.


Library tour is scheduled for Wed. Not a huge number of RSVPs.


October program on supervising volunteers.  Have a UCSD speaker. Tough to get someone from non profit. Open to suggestions on garnering someone at non profits. Mid week time slot again. Lisa F. will send speakers a checklist of things to cover. Thinking this will be held as a webinar.  November a library tour and December is our holiday party.


Institute will be about library safety and Lisa F. is working to get grant to pay speaker’s fee. Also we want to get as speaker a person from a library that had a recent security incident. Michele K. mentioned a speaker that was at LA Times near time of the Rodney King verdict. SDSU shooting incident perhaps? Does not have to be a librarian speaker. We need to arrange with our main speaker 2 months in advance.  Can use Thomas Jefferson as a venue. Vendor contacts need to be made for sponsorship/support. Tentative date 2/10 and then backup date going to earlier Jan. 27.


Using Social Media program in the works as well.


Past President’s Report-Michele Knapp:

Committee Liaisons:

Archives/Historian: Board Liaison is Michele K. Committee Chair is Izabela Aleksieva.

SANDALL Connect: Board Liaison is Lisa F. Committee Co-Chairs are Betsy Chessler & Lisa Foster.

Employment: Board Liaison is Derek Antler. Committee Chair is Allan Harjala.

Government Relations: Board Liaison is Michele V. Committee Chair is Vance Sharp.

Grants: Board Liaison is Michele V. Committee Chair is Marie Templo-Capule.

Membership: Board Liaison is Derek Antler. Committee Co-Chairs are Emily Ngo & Lisa Foster.

Newsletter: Board Liaison is Laurel Moran. Committee Chair is Melissa Fung.

Nominations: Board Liaison is Michele K. Committee Chair is Suzanne Smith.

Programs: Board Liaison is Lisa Foster. Committee Chair is Lisa Foster.

Public Relations: Board Liaison is Lisa Foster. Committee Chair is Christine Mathias.

Social Responsibility: Board Liaison is Laurel Moran. Committee Chair is Cheryl Weeks-Frey.

Webmaster: Board Liaison is Michele K. Committee Chair is Heather Parker.

Board members should contact their committee chairs as soon as possible. Michele K. provided an email template to assist in this regard.

SANDALL email address and online forms. Discussion as to where email forms are being sent. Grant forms should go to Chair of committee and SANDALL President. Contact us links should go to Michele K. and Heather, our webmaster. Membership forms to Derek, Lisa Foster and Emily Ngo.

Secretary’s Report-Laurel Moran:

Update on 9/30 SLA event; 3 SANDALL speakers will present at roundtable section of this seminar.

Treasurer’s Report-Derek Antler:

As of 9/25/2016:

Checking balance $8,094.54

Savings balance $5,141.98

PayPal balance $125.36

Total: $13,361.88

Future Agenda Items & Meetings:

Executive Board Meeting on October 28, 2016, 9:30 a.m. at Specialty’s Café, 101 W Broadway, San Diego, Ca 92101.


Meeting adjourned by President Michele Villagran at 10:47 a.m.