August 2016 Board Minutes

SANDALL Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Specialty’s Café, 101 W Broadway

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


In Attendance:

Michele Lucero Villagran, President

Michele Knapp, Past President

Lisa Foster, Vice President

Derek Antler, Treasurer

Laurel Moran, Secretary


Call to Order by President at 9:35 a.m.

Meeting Minutes:

The June 2016 meeting minutes were approved electronically in June (via email).

AALL Reports:

Michele Villagran, Michele Knapp, Lisa Foster, and Laurel Moran provided highlights of what they learned and enjoyed about the AALL Conference in Chicago.

Past President Michele Knapp valued the networking opportunities available. One program that stood out was on Asian Language materials. Michele found it valuable to her in the context of her work with Interlibrary Loans.

Vice President Lisa Foster attended the Legislative History research program; she will later write an article on what she learned. One speaker recommended compiling legislative history as a method for librarians to get published while at the same time brushing up on their research skills. The Chapter Summit was valuable to see what others are doing, to make connections, and explore collaboration. Lisa also noted the SANDALL poster at AALL was well received.

Secretary Laurel Moran attended the Hackathon at Chicago Kent School of Law where her group used AALL data to create a Chrome Browser extension that gives a user information on whether a legal source they are using is an official version of the law.

President Michele Villagran attended the diversity symposium; which this year was on LGBTQ issues.  Michele is now writing an article on inclusivity and has recently attended a similar diversity event at UCLA.  The Chapter summit training was excellent especially on noting the risks an association may encounter and how to insure against those risks. There was a discussion on whether we should review our insurance coverage through AALL and evaluate whether it is sufficient.

Goals of SANDALL Board:

Discussion on Board goals for the year.

Lisa Foster-noted that one goal is building the membership. Membership committee members are compiling a list of potential new members to reach out to, especially large firms and government agencies. The question is: Are we missing anyone and how can we encourage them to join? Some of our planned programming may have broader appeal (safety and security and supervising volunteers) and this may help in growing membership. CONNECT kickoff is coming in September and will be utilized for recruitment.

Michele Knapp-a second goal is to improve our record of institutional knowledge. Example: update the wiki.

Derek Antler-a third goal is improving record keeping for membership. Consider moving membership record keeping to a database where we may create reports and find information quickly. Access database floated as an option. Board members should consider potential database design—think about fields such as date first joined, etc.

Michele Villagran indicated a fourth goal would be a communication audit. Evaluate the most useful tools we use now and what we might want to change in the future.

President’s Report-Michele Villagran:

  1. New committee chairs & members status update

We have responses from five committees.

  1. PR committee: Christine Mathias is the new chair and Betsy Chessler stays on as a member and will continue the yearly print directory.
  2. Employment committee: Melissa Fung is meeting with Alan Harjala to work out committee details. One other member is needed.
  • Newsletter committee: Melissa Fung to stay on as chair.
  1. Grants committee: Marie Templo to stay on as Chair. Grants committee may be seeking an additional member.
  2. Archives committee: Jean Miles from USD is a new member.
  3. Membership committee: Emily Ngo and Lisa Foster continue as co-chairs.
  • CONNECT: Lisa Foster is seeking a co-chair.
  • Leigh Inman needs to be added to website as Nominations committee participant. We need at least 3 persons on the committee.


  1. Statement of Purpose for the Government Relations Committee

Statement of Purpose for GRC was handed out for review. If there are any changes, let Michele Villagran know. Other committees need to create a statement of purpose as well.

  1. Other

Council of Chapter Presidents: we should share news if there is something going on in our chapter. Julie Pabarja is the contact.

Note the SLA-SD Chapter practices manual—  This manual contains bylaws, job descriptions, gives best practices and is updated regularly.  Potential project to pull together something similar for SANDALL .

Reminder on AALL crowdsource & voting 8/19 is deadline.


9/15 is next deadline for SANDALL newsletter.  Send items to Melissa Fung.

Upcoming professional development opportunities:


  1. AALL Copyright Issues in Institutional Repositories and Digital Archives webinar, 8/18
  2. SLA-SD August Volunteer Event; Feeding America San Diego, 8/23. Register by 8/17
  3. SLA-SD annual professional development seminar, San Diego, California, 9/30 – Exceeding our Patron Expectations: The Engagement-Centered Library
  4. Internet Librarian, Monterey, CA, 10/17-10/19
  5. California Library Association, Sacramento, CA, 11/3-11/6
  6. National Conference on Copyright of State Legal Materials, Boston, MA, 12/2


Also noted:

Michele Villagran is presenting 2 sessions at CLA this year

Michele Knapp, Betsy Chessler, and Laurel Moran are presenting at SLA-SD September event.

WESTPAC; Brent Bernau presenting on Collection Development panel.

Emily and Michele Knapp are going to the ILL symposium in Portland.

Vice President’s Report-Lisa Foster:

Lisa is mapping out programming and has a tentative plan. September will be a library tour.  Rare book room at Central Library in consideration.

Other idea if Central Library tour is a no go: tour the special collections as SDSU. Laurel will ask Chris Pickford about the contact there.

October webinar using Go to Meeting.  Topic under consideration—supervising students, volunteers, and interns. Speakers from volunteer/nonprofits (ex. Red Cross).

November—possible library tour

December-holiday party. Solare or Old Town restaurant are being vetted.

January 2017-Effective Use of Social Media and Marketing

Other ideas: diversity in the profession (LGBTQ) and Library Safety and Security Issues (Dr. Steve Albrecht a potential speaker) Partner with SLA SD maybe to help split the fee.

Joint Institute—potential idea with Arizona (AZALL) and SANDALL.  They host and show off the new law library in Phoenix.  It would involve travel—but if we did it in the upcoming year SCALL will be in San Diego for those who cannot travel. Their preferences were first 2 weekends in March.

Past President’s Report-Michele Knapp:

Presented draft of AALL Annual Report.  Email any suggestions to her.

Committee Chairs and members covered.  Creating liaisons on board for each committee an idea.  Will send list out.

Bylaws-changes did get approved and are official. We did get suggestions from AALL Bylaws Committee.   Suggested changes from AALL we can consider later.

Secretary’s Report-Laurel Moran:

No information to report.

Treasurer’s Report-Derek Antler:

Question on our bylaws for any dues increase. Average dues are 27.00 AALL-wide. Ours are on the low end (20.00). Any increase will need to be submitted to members and voted on at the annual meeting. If we seek to increase dues this would have to be brought up at the next June annual meeting; simple majority vote.

Revised membership application form is done. Renewal date October 21, 2016 and form is ready to go to members. It will be sent to Listserv and to membership in September. Communicate with those who join mid-year and remind them they get next year as well under Bylaws terms.

Status of Funds: Revenue minus expenses we are at $xxx in the black.  Sponsorship and support for events is helpful in meeting expenses. Status of funds reported as:

Checking:  $xxx

Savings:  $xxx

PayPal:  $xxx

Total:  $xxx


Future Agenda Items & Meetings:

Executive Board Meeting on Monday 9/26/16 at Specialty’s Café, 101 W Broadway, San Diego, CA.


Adjournment at 11:30 a.m. 8/17/16