June 2016 Board Minutes

SANDALL Annual Business Meeting

Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Thursday, June 9, 2016, 12:00-1:30pm



The Annual Business meeting of SANDALL was held on Thursday, June 9, 2016 at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego with approx. 26 members in attendance. President Michele Knapp called the meeting to order at 12:13pm.




  • Thank you to our hosts at Thomas Jefferson – Eliza Sanchez and Leigh Inman.
  • Thank you to our sponsor – Suzanne Smith, CEB


New members who joined during 2015-2016 year

  • Dierdre Anderson, San Diego City Attorney
  • Kathy Aranda
  • Lisa Hampton, Legislative Research & Intent LLC
  • David Isom
  • Artemesia Jones
  • Maggie Keller, TPR International
  • Melissa Krummel, Darts-IP
  • Jerry Limberg
  • Christine Mathias, San Diego Law Library
  • Emily Ngo, Thomas Jefferson School of Law
  • Elizabeth Osborne, Factset-SharkRepellent-MergerMetrics


AALL Annual Meeting & Conference in Chicago, July 16-19

  • At least 15 members attending; Michele Knapp will send contact list to attendees and asked that anyone else attending kindly provide her with name, email and phone number for potential contact while in Chicago
  • There are no more tables in the exhibit hall. The tables are replaced by a poster session (SANDALL poster is currently being created) and President asked for volunteers to stand by the poster during the exhibit hall session breaks.
  • Presenters
    • Betsy Chessler presenting poster on summer associate training
    • Lisa Foster hosting coffee talk on working with student journals
    • Michele Knapp hosting coffee talk on electronic licensing
    • Poster at AALL instead of table in exhibit hall
      • Michele Knapp and Betsy Chessler working on creating poster
      • Michele Knapp will reach out to members to staff it during certain exhibit hall times
    • Pacific Chapters Reception free to SANDALL members will be held at Portillo’s, 100 W. Ontario, on Saturday, July 16, 2016 from 7-9pm
  • July 2016 marks SANDALL’s 18th year


Acknowledgments & recognition

  • Membership directory and bookmarks passed around to members – thank you to Betsy Chessler and Morrison Foerster for creating and distributing these materials.
  • Thank you to all members who contributed photos from SANDALL events during the past year
  • Betsy Chessler received the SANDALL Newsletter Article of the Year Award for her work Digital Archives: Best Practices for Preserving Organizational Memory, March 2016, Volume 18(4).
  • Congratulations
    • Isabel Eustaquio is the new Associate Director of Career Services at Thomas Jefferson School of Law after recently leaving the SDPLL.
    • Phillip Gragg is the new Associate Dean of Library and Information Resources at California Western School of Law. He was present and introduced to members.
    • Christine Mathias is the new User Experience Librarian at the San Diego Law Library. She earned her MLIS from Simmons College in May 2016.


Board member reports

  • President – Michele Knapp
  • SANDALL accomplished lots of good things over the past year thanks to our active membership
  • SANDALL nominated the SDPLL for AALL’s Roy Mersky Award


  • Vice President – Michele Villagran
  • SANDALL held a membership survey this year and it got a great response
  • SANDALL had lots of programmed events this past year including 4 joint events held with SLA
  • Materials for all the SANDALL educational programs (including the materials from our Institute) are on the SANDALL website
  • There’s lots more programming upcoming as well.


  • Secretary – Ian Kipnes
  • SANDALL’s Board met 8 times in various locations (and some meetings were held “virtually” via GoToMeeting) during the year (August 2015 through May 2016).
  • The minutes of all said meetings are (or will be) available on the SANDALL website.
  • The vote to amend SANDALL Bylaws to include non-discriminatory gender identification language (to match that of AALL)as well as to change timing and methodology of election and ballots was held online via SurveyMonkey sent to all members via email with additional voting. An opportunity was given to anyone who hadn’t yet voted to do so at the Annual SANDALL Business Meeting itself.
  • The Secretary then thanked and acknowledged my fellow Board members over the past two years of his (now ending) term of office.




  • Treasurer – Derek Antler
  • SANDALL bank balances are good and SANDALL is “in the black” financially
  • Our membership count is good though lower than originally thought (have now settled on as currently having 87 paid members)


  • Past President – Anna Russell
  • As past president A. Russell took on the SANDALL Archives project
  • She was aided in this project by Izabela A. & Robert O and thanked them for all their help on the team
  • She is currently working on a way to best preserve and archive SANDALL website content (including recent SANDALL electronically published Newsletters)
  • She thanked all and said that this has really been a fun and productive year


The President then thanked the membership for voting on the Bylaws amendments and asked if anyone present had yet to vote (but nobody responded).



Committee Chair Appreciation and Reports

  • Archives – Izabela Aleksieva
  • An official SANDALL archives policy was written this year and is now on the SANDALL website
  • The Committee is asking members to turn over any materials they may have to the archives for preservation


  • Connect – Lisa Foster
  • The name of the program was changed in early 2016 from “SANDALL Buddies” to “SANDALL Connect” with lots of accompanying positive feedback
  • Lisa F. is dealing with her contacts at the Library Schools and trying to get them to put out the word /notices about SANDALL
  • The next SANDALL Connect meeting will take place in September 2016.


  • Employment – Melissa Fung (report presented by Michele Knapp)
  • The employment committee is looking for a new Chair to replace Melissa F. who took over the position as a temporary measure after (former Chairperson) Jason C. moved away


  • Government Relations – Vance Sharp
  • Vance S. reported that this was a very busy year for the GRC (and his first with the Committee) in keeping the membership informed.
  • Vance S. reported that he is currently working with SCALL & NOCALL on drafting of Joint Letters of Support on issues affecting Libraries/Librarianship.


  • Grants – Marie Templo-Capule (report presented by Jan Hedlun)
  • 2 grants were awarded this year by the Committee:

$600 to Vance S. to attend CLA Conference in November 2015

$1000 to Christine M. to attend AALL 2016 (in Chicago)

  • All members are strongly encouraged to apply for any grants they can (whether SANDALL related/sponsored or not)


  • Membership – Lisa Foster
  • Lisa thanked Derek A. (Treasurer) for his cooperation and assistance in calculating the correct number of paid members in SANDALL (87 paid members as of count just days prior to Business Meeting).
  • Lisa F. very much wants to up that number via outreach and asked membership for outreach ideas.
  • Lisa is asking for some kind of consolidation of the membership list(s) due to the confusion that causes


  • Newsletter – Melissa Fung (report presented by Michele Knapp)
  • There were 5 editions of the SANDALL newsletter released this year (electronic publication/distribution via mailchimp for the second year!)
  • The Committee is always looking for newsletter content. This content need not be just articles or job related matters. It is encouraged to submit those as well as any recipes, photos, stories or other ideas.


  • Nominations – Suzanne Smith
  • Suzanne S. reported that she really enjoyed working on the Committee with Leigh I. & Betsy C.
  • Thanked Anna R. for sending out the ballots
  • Congratulated Lisa F. & Laurel M. for their wins and thanked Emily N. for her running for an office (Secretary)


  • Public Relations – Betsy Chessler
  • This Committee consists solely of Betsy C. but she is looking for a partner, assistant or replacement Chair at this time
  • This committee produced the SANDALL print directory and is currently working on producing a poster for AALL 2016 poster session
  • There was short discussion of additional potential promotional materials (such as SANDALL T-shirts) for the future. Left for the new Board to discuss.


  • Social Responsibility – Cheryl Weeks-Frey (report presented by Michele Knapp)
  • This year’s big, successful matter was the Holiday Party Book Drive
  • The Committee is currently working on a joint participation venture with the SDPLL in collecting funds for “San Diego Standdown” which is a homeless veteran’s cause. In a related matter, the Committee is also looking for volunteers to help out during the actual event (at the end of July)


  • Webmaster – Heather Parker
  • This year the webmaster edited past Board meeting minutes to excise financial records (as agreed by the Board) and retain privacy on that issue
  • The webmaster would like to update the Committee descriptions posted on the SANDALL site and is asking Chairs to contribute updated info
  • There was a short discussion regarding possibly linking our site to other legal research specific sites so that our visitors seeking legal information might have somewhere reliable to go to for that info
  • The overall statistics for the SANDALL website were up this year and the Institute accounted for the largest number of draws
  • “Current Openings” (the job listings) is the most popularly visited page on the entire SANDALL site


Service recognition

  • Lifetime membership awarded to (retired members) Michele Jones and Phyllis Marion
  • “Best Vendor Ever!” award presented to Suzanne Smith of CEB
  • Ian Kipnes recognized for his service as Secretary from 2014-2016
  • Anna Russell recognized for her service as VP/President/Past President from 2013-2016


New officer installation (oath of office taken by new officers):

  • Lisa Foster – Vice President
  • Laurel Moran – Secretary


This means that the SANDALL Board for 2016-2017 is as follows:

  • President – Michele Villagran
  • Vice President – Lisa Foster
  • Secretary – Laurel Moran
  • Treasurer – Derek Antler
  • Past President – Michele Knapp





Adjourned at 1: 27pm