May 2016 Board Minutes

SANDALL Board & Committee Chair Meeting Agenda

San Diego Law Library

Thursday, May 19, 2016, scheduled for 12:00-1:30pm



In Attendance :


Michele Knapp, President

Michele Lucero Villagran, Vice President

Anna Russell, Past President

Derek Antler, Treasurer

Ian Kipnes, Secretary


All Committee Chair people (see below as they make their reports to the Board) as well as Betsy Chessler who we called in via conference call.



Call to Order by President at 12:06pm


  • April 2016 Meeting Minutes approved 5/19/2016



Old Business



New business


Committee Chair Reports

  • Archives – Izabela Aleksieva

Briefly went over the new archive policy and where it can be located on the SANDALL website. She also invited all other Committee Chairs to review the policy for future submissions.


  • Connect/Buddies – Lisa Foster

The biggest highlight of the year is the recent name change from “SANDALL Buddies” to “SANDALL Connect”. There’s been lots of positive feedback received and new member interest. Student outreach is going well including looking to expand to reaching out to U.N.T. students via our current VP (who teaches there). The last meeting of this season will be Saturday May 21, 2016 (see website for details).



  • Employment – Melissa Fung

The regular weekly employment list mailer comes out every Friday. This year there were some 1346 positions advertised in the mailer.

The Committee is looking for a new Chairperson.

The Committee asked that all members send in any job notices they come across.

  • Government Relations – Vance Sharp

This was Vance’s first year as chair and he really seemed to enjoy it.

He will continue to send progress reports on AALL’s Gov’t Relations Office

New Law Librarian of Congress is up for approval. An actual Librarian!

On the Federal level AALL focuses on 3 main areas/goals:

  • Privacy
  • Greater access to government information
  • Reforming the gov’t to be more transparent/open

On the State level the State is trying to resolve the funding issue for County Law Libraries in CA. One way is by trying to secure a one-time appropriation in the State budget. The Committee is looking at working on something where all the CA Chapters (NOCALL, SCALL & SANDALL) can write joint letters to promote passage of such a bill in the State Legislature.



  • Grants – Marie Templo-Capule

This was Marie’s first year doing committee work and that was recognized by the Board

This year we had 6 applications and awarded 2 grants:

Fall 2015 – Grant to Vance Sharpe to attend CLA Conference in Pasadena

Spring/Summer 2016 – Grant to Christine Matthias to help her attend AALL



  • Membership – Lisa Foster

Lisa F. has been working with the Treasurer to keep track of membership figures.

She has been trying to keep the listserv up to date.

Due to a formatting error somewhere the earlier membership count figures were off. Actually we now have 87 paying members

Emily N. (from TJSL) will be taking over as Membership Chair as of the June 2016 Business Meeting

The Committee is definitely looking to increase membership numbers. They plan to send letters to Library Directors, Library Schools, etc to try and encourage membership



  • Newsletter – Melissa Fung

The newsletter is going strong and publishing 5 issues per year (via mailchimp) and is fully digital and available on the SANDALL website.

The Committee asked all members to please submit photos, articles, information and basically anything else you might want to promote.



  • Nominations – Suzanne Smith

Special thanks given to Anna R. who worked out the switch from Adobe’s (now unsupported) platform to a survey monkey balloting system.

There were 2 positions open this election cycle:

  • Vice President – Lisa F. ran unopposed
  • Laurel M. & Emily N. ran and Laurel won in a very close election!
  • Public Relations – Betsy Chessler

A new print membership directory will be handed out at the June Business meeting (thanks to MoFo for producing it each time).

There will no longer be chapter tables at AALL and instead it will be a poster session

The Committee is always open to new ideas but is certainly looking for a replacement Chairperson in the new year.



  • Social Responsibility – Cheryl Weeks-Frey

This is now a Committee of TWO!

A book drive was held at the SANDALL Holiday party to benefit Toys for Tots literacy program and was quite a success!

The membership survey taken earlier this year showed some interest in this Committee from the membership.

The Committee is currently prepping for participation in “Stand Down San Diego” in July and an email will be sent to the membership about that event.




  • Webmaster – Heather Parker

Past meeting minutes on the website had financial info excised for privacy reasons

Captcha was used to update most of the SANDALL form pages

There’s plenty of things still in progress regarding the website

The Webmaster requested written updates of Committee descriptions and asked Committee Chairs to review what was there and to update as they see fit

The Webmaster will be working this year on updating the SANDALL mobile website.

The highest number of visitors to the site this year was during the Winter Institute. During January/February 2016 the site had over 1000 hits per month.

Most popularly viewed pages were “Current Openings” (the employment page) and then the “welcome” page and then the pages regarding the Winter Institute.




President’s Report – Michele Knapp


  • Committee chair and board member reports not yet submitted – please get to Michele K. by Thursday, May 26
  • Drafting AALL annual report – due during summer (possibly August 2016)
  • Drafting nomination of San Diego Law Library for 2016 Roy M. Mersky Spirit of Law Librarianship Award for Public Service – – due June 1

The President has been getting good feedback and letters of support and promises of additional letters from those who think SDLL is a good choice.

  • Board member job descriptions update – President asked Board members to please turn them in to President if they haven’t yet already done so.


  • Committee Chair vacancies
    • Employment – Looking for replacement for Melissa
    • PR – Looking for replacement for Betsy
    • Membership – Emily Ngo to become chair in June
    • Connect – Lisa F. would like a co-chair (as she’s taking on the V.P. role in the upcoming year). She asked the Board to consider potential people.



  • Certificates and awards for June meeting
  • Michele K. will have certificates printed

Also making up something for Suzanne from CEB as our loyal sponsor


  • Potential lifetime members

It was decided that it would be a good idea to have them listed on the website. There was a discussion of creation of some formal criteria for inclusion in this status group. It will have to wait until the new Board takes over though.





  • AALL – Chicago, July 16-19
    • At least 15 SANDALL members attending, will send contact list to attendees
      • Betsy presenting poster on summer associate training
      • Lisa hosting coffee talk on working with student journals
      • Michele K. hosting coffee talk on electronic licensing



  • Poster at AALL instead of table in exhibit hall
    • Michele K. will draft and have printed at USD (estimate under $200). There was discussion of a more permanent “fabric based” poster but President was unsure that the USD printers could do fabric printing.


  • Will reach out to members to staff it during certain exhibit hall times


  • Pacific Chapters Reception at Portillo’s, 100 W. Ontario, Saturday, July 16 7-9pm

The Treasurer had the figures for this. WESTPAC received some sponsorship money from WESTLAW which will help keep costs down (SANDALL’s portion may be only about $200 which is far less than in the past).

Treasurer’s Report – Derek Antler

  • Chapter finances – finances are good for SANDALL. Although not finalized our revenue exceeded expenses over the past year.


  • Raffle at Spring Social raised money for grants program – the raffle raised $140 for SANDALL’s grants!


  • Membership update

2 new student members since last meeting and 12 new members since last year


  • CEB sponsorship for Annual Business Meeting

Funds were requested from CEB by Suzanne. Check is expected to arrive in the next 4 to 6 weeks.



Secretary’s Report – Ian Kipnes

  • Newsletter article of the year – work with Melissa to select by June 1

Will connect with Melissa F. ASAP

The article of the year committee will likely be recruiting another member


  • Bylaws vote

Notice was sent to the membership as required by current bylaws

An actual emailed ballot needs to be emailed to all membership by 5/26/16.

For SurveyMonkey – send ballot info to Anna R. with the following info:

  • The visible change – what was old, what will new look like and why do we want the change
  • Vote: yes/no



Past-President’s Report – Anna Russell

  • Joint CA chapter support and work with Government Relations Committee (Vance S. specifically) regarding legislative initiatives

There is also an advocacy training session on the first Saturday of AALL Conference in Chicago. The SANDALL President will be emailing info about that to the listserv as she feels it is important for the membership to attend if possible.



Vice President’s Report – Michele Villagran

We may be working with a vendor (or vendors) in the future. Educational events and not sales!

The V.P. has a social media to-do list. She wants to work with the Public Relations Committee on this too as it all ties in together.





  • Programming
  • The recent webinar went really well. 17 people registered and we had 15 attendees. The webinar was recorded, archived and is now on the SANDALL website along with the corresponding educational materials along with the “E.Q. vs I.Q.” webinar and its’ corresponding materials.
  • The Spring Social was this past weekend. It was a little chilly and we only had about 10 attendees but it was nice and quiet and everyone had a good time.
  • This coming Tuesday (May 24th) we are having a joint event with SLA at the San Diego History Center relating to the “Lore Behind the Roar” (S.D. Zoo) exhibit. Non SLA members will have to pay admission.
  • On June 15, 2016 SANDALL will hold another “Emotional Intelligence” educational session. The first was held at MoFo in North County but this one will be at CWSL.
  • SLA San Diego is having two upcoming events that SANDALL members may be interested in attending:
  • June 23, 2016 at Qualcomm – Networking with LinkedIn and Writing Successful Resumes.
  • July 21, 2016 at Qualcomm – Library hiring managers panel discussion on “What Makes a Successful Candidate?”. We will have a SANDALL member as a speaker on the panel!




Wrap up & Future Agenda Items

  • Annual Business Meeting – Thursday, June 9, 12:00-1:30pm at Thomas Jefferson School of Law


  • CEB is sponsoring; Michele will order food, send announcements & collect RSVPs






Adjournment at 2:03pm