April 2016 Board Minutes

SANDALL Board Meeting Agenda

Meeting held at USD Legal Research Center and Virtual Meeting using GoToMeeting

Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 8:00-10:00am


In Attendance :


Michele Knapp, President

Michele Lucero Villagran, Vice President (online via GoToMeeting):

Anna Russell, Past President

Derek Antler, Treasurer

Ian Kipnes, Secretary


February meeting minutes discussed


Report from Lisa Foster – SANDALL Buddies Chair (via group telephone call):


  • Discuss possible name change for committee to better reflect its intent as a networking and mentoring group. Potential names or versions thereof:
  • SANDALL Connect
  • Emerging Leaders Program
  • Mentoring Program
  • Recruitment and Mentoring Program
  • Ambassador Program
  • Buddy Program
  • Mentorship Program
  • Peer Mentoring Program
  • Mentoring and Leadership



Via a vote of the Board the name “SANDALL Connect” was adopted as the new name.


President and Lisa Foster (as Chair) will notify Melissa F. regarding inclusion in and the wording of notice for Newsletter.


President will discuss this name change with SCALL regarding their student members and how we might get them involved with SANDALL Connect.


  • Professional development
  • AALL Annual Meeting, July 16-19, Chicago, IL
  • Attending: Anna R., Michele K., Michele V., Loren S., Karl G., Jane L., Betsy Chessler & Lisa Foster (as the 2016 AALL Grant Awardee)
  • Complimentary registration awarded to Lisa Foster as incoming V.P.. Selection has been submitted to Kim Rundle of AALL (due date April 1, 2016).
  • No SANDALL members presenting at AALL this year as of this time
  • If there are SANDALL members presenting at other conferences please notify other Board members of same



  • Newsletter items due to Melissa Fung by May 15, 2016 (this will be the last issue until September 2016)



  • Elections
  • Uncontested V.P. contest but two nominees for Secretary Board position
  • Vote closes Thursday, April 14, 2016
  • Suzanne to announce results Friday, April 15, 2016
  • Committee Chair vacancies
  • Employment – Melissa took over temporarily after Jason left Isabella (also on archives committee)

Rachel – Has been busy with her job. President to reach out to her                               re her continued interest in position

A few other possible suggestions made (Ruth G., Christine M.)

  • PR – Betsy C. would like to step down

Christine M. expressed some interest but chose SocialRespCmtee. Pres will discuss with her the possibility of also taking on this position. Currently a student but may take on more post graduation this Spring


  • Membership – Lisa F. to become V.P.

We very much therefore need replacement chair for this!


  • Buddies (Soon to be SANDALL Connect…see prior notes above) – Lisa F. willing to stay on but would very much like a co-chair


  • Michele V. – V.P. agreed to reach out to others after June meeting to see if they want to stay on. This will certainly be a point for discussion at the May Board Meeting.


  • Professional development grants
  • 3 applications received
  • SANDALL will award a single grant of $1,000.00
  • Recommendation from Grants Committee

Reviewed by Board who approved Committee’s choice.


It appears this award may go to a group or an individual. Pres. would like to officially nominate SDPLL and the Board approved that decision. The President will bring a draft of the official nomination to the May 2016 Board meeting.


  • San Diego Law Library for Civil Appellate Self-Help Workshop
  • Received Outstanding Service Award from Legal Aid Society of San Diego in May 2015, with an individual award for Gina Catalano for developing workshop
  • Nominations due June 1 – President to write and submit


  • Board member job descriptions update
  • Board members to submit a “final draft” within a week of this meeting. Review and finalize by April 29, 2016.


  • President noted she would like to locate an email re a SANDALL recognition award that used to be awarded to members of the general community. President recalled discussing the idea with John A. and believes they have some good ideas. There was discussion among the Board members of handing out a potential award/certificate type item.



Vice President’s Report – Michele Villagran

  • Programs update
  • We had 7 attendees at the North County speaking engagement on I.Q. vs E.Q..
  • On April 26th there will be a SANDALL webinar on the topic of Competitive Intelligence. We have an “outside” speaker to do it (presenting an intro, tools, templates and techniques from fields other than simply Law Libraries). It will be a “GoToTraining” and will be held in the lunch hour period.
  • May 14th will be the date of the SANDALL Social st Sunset Point in Mission Bay this year. There are no reservations or permits required for gatherings of under 50 people. We can set up up to 3 tables, 39 chairs, blankets and a 10×10 canopy. We are NOT allowed alcohol or glass bottles. Most likely this event will be a potluck brunch from about 10am until 1pm but the time will be set later by organizers. SANDALL will provide paper goods and all beverages. The V.P. will reach out to membership to see if anyone has items to donate to the raffle.
  • May 24th we will jointly host an event with SLA. This is the “Lore Behind the Roar” exhibit at the SD History museum and will include a library tour plus other items. It will kickoff at around 2-3pm that day and will likely be a 2 to 3 hour event.



Past-President’s Report – Anna Russell


  • Archives policy –

The Latest iteration was slightly modified (addition of the word “work” after the word “published” in section 10(a)) and then unanimously approved by the Board. Past President will send a copy of the policy to the AALL Chapter of Presidents and will formally request that AALL form a task force to update their own (AALL’s) archive/archiving policy

  • Vote on implementation

There had been discussions between the Past President, SCALL and NOCALL folks about formulating a giant joint archive using ArchiveIt/Internet Archives but it turned out to be cost prohibitive. SCALL is currently moving servers and potentially will do a “closure crawl” with the Internet Archives people so we may be able to get a better ideas on those types of expenses once they’ve been done for SCALL.

  • Request for supplies

A list of items has been given to the Past President by our SANDALL Archivists. It has been agreed that the archivists would only request supplies on an annual basis (with minor emergency exceptions) and all involved seem to think that each year’s supplies would total no more than $35 to $50.

  • Report on joint CA chapter support letter and work with GRC regarding state legislative initiatives

We are an organizational supporter of the Legislative Archive Bill. A phone conference will be held in the near future between AALL’s California Chapter Presidents (SANDALL, NOCALL & SCALL) and some of the other AALL membership regarding how to improve communications when it comes to things like supporting/opposing bills passing through the Legislature.



Secretary’s Report – Ian Kipnes


  • Addition of Meeting Minutes to the website
  • The following Board Meeting Minutes are Missing from the website: March 2015, May 2015, June 2015, August 2015, September 2015, October 2015, November 2015, January 2016, February 2016
  • Set deadline to complete and submit to Heather Parker

President will send email to Secretary for submissions to website

Secretary agreed to supply other Board members a list of what he has that’s OK to post to website by April 11, 2016 and will complete and submit the remaining minutes by April 25, 2016

  • Bylaws
  • Update on changes –
  • Secretary will send info to membership about the Bylaws change vote ASAP (and per the schedule currently in the Bylaws)
  • Treasurer & Lisa F. to send Secretary a list of member emails and then Secretary will send out to membership. If this cannot be done then President agreed to take the lead in getting emails to those not on the more general SANDALL list.
  • Secretary will send the Board the schedule of notification as set during conference call between himself and the President



Treasurer’s Report – Derek Antler


  • Winter Institute finances – Current calculations are showing we did OK with the Institute and didn’t lose money!


  • Chapter finances – Chapter finances are in the black! We’ve been able to get our $15/mo bank service fees waived through linking our accounts (for combined minimum balance requirements). There was also a discussion of the PayPal fees that we pay and Treasurer will look into setting up future events with a “buyer pays fees” situation


  • Membership update – Most renewals and dues payments funnel into SANDALL annually in the month of October

As of now we have:

83 members who have paid dues

20 members who have not paid dues

12 new members & 74 renewals

Noted that some former members neither replied to inquiries nor renewed their membership this year


  • Final notes from Treasurer on additional deductions prior to fiscal end –

We still need to cut and send the SANDALL Grant check ($1,000) to the awardee

We will be billed for the May Board meeting lunch with Committee chairs

The Spring Social will incur minimal expenses

The Pacific Chapters reception at AALL this year will be another expense partially paid for by SANDALL. WESTPAC is running it and the President will discuss our contribution obligation with them.

CEB says they expect an approval for lunch expenses for the June SANDALL Business meeting


Wrap up & Future Agenda Items


  • Next meeting – Thursday, May 19, 12:00-2:00pm @ San Diego Law Library, 1105 Front Street; Committee Chairs have been invited & lunch will be served



Adjournment at 10:02am