February 2016 Board Minutes

SANDALL Board Meeting Agenda

Virtual Meeting using GoToMeeting

Wednesday, February 24, 2016, 8:00-9:30am


In Attendance (online via GoToMeeting):


Michele Knapp, President

Michele Lucero Villagran, Vice President

Derek Antler, Treasurer

Ian Kipnes, Secretary


Anna Russell, Past President, not in attendance



Call to Order by President at 8:05am


November and January meeting minutes approved


President’s Report – Michele Knapp


  • A big thank you to V.P. from President and the Board for her work on the successful Winter Institute


  • Board member job descriptions update
    • Review and finalize by April 2016.



  • Professional development opportunities
    • SCALL Institute, March 4-5, Temecula Creek Inn

Anna (Past President) & Michele K. (President) attending, Michele V. (V.P.) stated she is unlikely to attend


  • NOCALL Spring Institute, March 18, Santa Clara University

No SANDALL Board members will be in attendance


  • AALL Annual Meeting, July 16-19, Chicago, IL

Anna, Michele K. & Michele V. attending


Betsy Chessler won the registration fee giveaway at the Winter Institute and is investigating funding from her employer at the time of this Board meeting. Many of the USD Librarians will be in attendance. Limited promotional opportunities at the meeting due to elimination of tables in favor of poster sessions only. President is looking into our best bang for the buck re promotion.

  • Complimentary registration to AALL Annual Meeting for newer member. Must select and submit name to AALL by April 1.

The name will likely simply be (as in the past) whomever the new SANDALL V.P. is at that time. If, for some reason, the member would otherwise be funded (ex. Employer pays) then the Board agreed it should go to one of the newer SANDALL members



  • Newsletter items due to Melissa Fung by Tuesday, March 15 2016

Melissa will send an email reminder of the due date and call for any additional items from membership.

Betsy Chessler will likely write an article on SANDALL Institute from the private firm librarian perspective

The V.P. will place info into the newsletter regarding programming. There will also be information included in the newsletter regarding the elections.



  • Nominations

The President has been in touch with the nominations committee (Suzanne from CEB, Betsy Chessler both re-upping and now joined by Leigh Inman to complete the Committee)




Vice President’s Report – Michele Villagran


  • Executive Summary for Committee Chairs of Survey results update

This has been done and will be sent to Committee Chairs soon.


  • Institute Wrap Up
    • Thank you’s
      • Presenters – sent
      • Sponsors/exhibitors – V.P. will email each with copy of program and photo of signage if they sponsored


    • Online survey
      • To be sent to all attendees (and ONLY Institute attendees) including presenters and exhibitors that attended


    • Presentations, photos

All uploaded thusfar with the exception of a link to Robert O’Leary’s presentation slides


    • CEB & Lexis followed up with already. Suzanne from CEB is checking with her supervisors. The Lexis document was a special item and should be processed soon. SANDALL should be receiving their check within the next 30 days.



  • SLA-SD meeting with Greg Sorini @ Qualcomm

They’re interested in doing some events with SANDALL. Possible web event with them on “Intelligise”


    • May, July, August or Sept joint events

The possibility of joint events was suggested and will be worked out by Greg and SANDALL. Everyone seemed very interested in doing something in May.


    • March – they already have a Balboa event planned for March 22 from 4-530pm


    • Joint events targeted for 4pm

Events will likely be held on a Wednesday or Thursday. It is thought that it could be a challenge to get things set up at that time with tours and museums especially though.


    • Possible joint event: Intelligize webinar on SEC filings – to be discussed further in the future


    • Joint library tour and exhibit tour of SD History Center & Loar Behind Roar exhibit (May is target). V.P. working on it at the time of the meeting. Many Board members seemed interested in attending.



  • Event update (March-July)


    • March: educational session – possibly an event on “branding” (especially pertinent with the AALL branding taking place now)



    • April: vendor brown bag – possibly to be held as either webinars or brownbags. Sutron Global might be one. I.P. Solutions another. V.P. trying hard to keep these “non salesy”. President suggested that maybe the vendor(s) presenting could provide lunch for attendees.



    • July, August/September: SLA-SD joint event (this will be for new VP)


Short discussion followed regarding the SANDALL Spring Social which is usually held in May each year.

Additional potential future events include a brewery tour and maybe a potluck. These will all be under the new Board though.



Past-President’s Report – Michele Knapp providing report for Anna Russell


  • Archives policy

The vote was tabled until the April meeting as Treasurer wanted to discuss financial document retention/archiving with Past President before any final voting.


  • Request for redaction

Briefly discussed that a member was concerned as the SANDALL newsletter showed personal info (her employer). Redaction was done on latest issue but an older issue had a problem in removing the info and so the whole issue was taken down. It has since been reposted without the private info (including a reposting by national AALL). The President and Past President will discuss as to redaction of archived materials.



Secretary’s Report – Ian Kipnes

  • Bylaws change –schedule update

On schedule for Business Meeting vote


  • Election of SANDALL officers – set schedule update

Schedule set


  • Addition of Meeting Minutes to the website

Any and all missing meeting minutes to be sent to webmaster ASAP



Treasurer’s Report – Derek Antler

  • Winter Institute finances

With the sponsorships we actually came out slightly ahead. That extra money will be used for grants

This is especially good news as the Institute is the only event we hold where SANDALL even has the possibility of coming out ahead.


  • Chapter finances

Board members were shown and reviewed the Treasurer’s worksheet

There were some questions from the Board regarding bank fees and Treasurer will discuss them with the Chase Bank rep and update the Board thereafter


  • Membership update

We gained 3 new paying members since the last meeting

SANDALL currently has 102 members on Treasurer’s list but not all are paying members. Some moving or retired and that leaves 85 current dues paying members of SANDALL.

The President will follow up with whatever (non-paying) members may have fallen through the cracks.




Wrap up & Future Agenda Items

Upcoming expenses –

  • Small expense relating to Board Meeting with Committee members in May (5/19/16).
  • CEB has sponsored the June Business meeting lunch (this year 6/9/16) and the Board will confirm with Suzanne from CEB that this will be true again.
  • We will have to pay a share for the Pacific Chapters event held at AALL Annual Meeting (as we always do)



  • Next meeting – Wednesday, April 6, 8:00-9:30am at U.S.D.

Michele V. will call in. Secretary has requested parking permit. President will arrange for that and notify Secretary when available.




Adjournment at 9:40am