June 2015 Annual Business Minutes

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SANDALL Annual Business Meeting :  Thursday, June 11, 2015


The Annual Business meeting of SANDALL was held on Thursday, June 11, 2015 at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego. President Anna Russell called the meeting to order at 12:07pm.


  1. Announcements


  1. New members

            It was reported that we have 9 new members including one returning member and representatives from academia, private firms as well as Government Law Libraries.



  1. Members presenting at AALL

            There are a few SANDALL members who will be doing presentations in Philadelphia at the Annual Meeting in July including Jane Larrington who is also a AALL Award winner this year!




  1. Chapter table at AALL

Information will be sent out via email to members regarding volunteers to help staff the table in the exhibit hall



  1. Pacific Chapters Reception at AALL
  • Free to members it will be held on Saturday July 18 from 7-8:30 PM in the Field House Brew Pub, 1150 Filbert St, inside the convention center.



  1. July 2015 marks SANDALL’s 17th Year!



  1. Betsy Chessler printed member directory and passed out to members – there was an official thank you extended to Betsy and to Morrison Foster for that effort and expense.




  1. Thank you

A thank you was extended to all who participated in making it a great year for SANDALL as well as to:

  • Thomas Jefferson School of Law for facilities and hosting the meeting and to
  • Suzanne Smith and CEB for providing lunch at the meeting as well as to
  • All members who contributed photos over the past year to the newsletter and archives


  1. President’s Report – Given by Anna Russell

            Special thank you to Michele Knapp for all her work over the past year as VP

            Thank you also to Lisa Foster and Robert Wickman for their membership related activity




III. Vice President’s Report – Given by Michele Knapp

SANDALL held lots of good events this year including several mixed events with San Diego’s SLA Chapter. We had events on an almost one per month basis. The success of the SANDALL Winter Institute was especially noteworthy and won our chapter an award from AALL



  1. Secretary’s Report – Given by Ian Kipnes

            SANDALL’s Board met 5 times during the past year plus one additional meeting held on May 21, 2015 where the Board met at the Downtown Public Law Library with Committee Heads.

The SANDALL Bylaws will need to be amended to include non-discriminatory gender identification language (to match that of AALL) in the upcoming year. A vote will be held after proper notice to all members soon (no date yet set).

The Secretary also thanked his fellow Board members, Anna Russell, Michele Knapp, Robert Wickman and Barbara Glennan who helped make his transition a smooth and easy one.


  1. Treasurer’s report
  2. Report filed with SANDALL Board
  3. Treasurer Robert Wickman reported that SANDALL has 99 renewing members, with an additional 13 new members.
  4. Our accounts are healthy but we spent a little more than we took in from member dues thanks to the Winter Institute (which was successful in many other ways).
  5. Treasurer Robert Wickman thanked SANDALL and is succeeded today by Derek Antler as Treasurer.


  1. Past President’s report – Given by Barbara Glennan
  2. We have set up and are maintaining procedures regarding the SANDALL bank accounts
  3. Past President was a guest of NOCALL at their Spring Institute and really enjoyed it
  4. Past President wants to create an ad hoc committee regarding 501(c) non-profit status change issue. She wants to have this committee up and running within the next year.



  1. Committee Reports
  2. Archives – Loren Stamper (report given by Robert O’Leary for the absent Loren Stamper)

            SANDALL archives have now been moved out of climate controlled area at USD and placed in Tech Services area

            Archive committee is looking into AALL Chapter cooperation on creation of an archival repository

            Archive committee is also looking into creating metadata on all digitally archived items



  1. Employment – Reported by Isabella ___________ for Jason Curtis, Chairperson

            As of June 5, 2015 the SANDALL employment Committee had found and posted some 1,805 positions (967 in SoCal with 838 in other areas of the USA with 988 legal positions and 817 “other” jobs for librarians

            There were many improvements made to the site which has made it far easier to use.




  1. Government Relations – Michele Jones
  • Report attached

            They’ve been following: the progress of UELMA, 1st sale doctrine cases, the FCC approved net neutrality, NSA surveillance and the Patriot Act to Freedom Act legislation.

            Michele announced she will be retiring at the end of July and that Vance Sharpe has agreed to take over Chairmanship of the committee with the assistance of Bobbi Weaver



  1. Grants – Jan Hedlun for the absent Brent Naritomi

            A $1,000 grant was awrded to Ian Kipnes to attend AALL 2015 in Philadelphia

            Thanks were extended to Melissa Fung and to Anna Russell




  1. Membership – Lisa Foster

            There were lots of different membership lists but they’ve been reviewed and updated and now should all be in sync

            SANDALL did acquire some new members through our outreach to lapsed members abd to newer/aspiring law librarians

            There was a discussion of the potential for pro-rated membership dues for those who might join late in the year. The Board will look at that over the coming year.


  1. Newsletter – Melissa Fung (by Ian Kipnes for the absent Melissa Fung)




  1. Historian –



  1. Nominations – Suzanne Smith

            Thanks were given to the members of her team which was Suzanne, Betsy Chessler and Benita Ghura. Benita is stepping down so they need another member to serve on the committee



  1. Public Relations – Betsy Chessler

            The committee is looking for new members.

            The new SANDALL logo was successfully put into full use this year

            Another membership directory was released this year




SANDALL Buddies –  Lisa Foster (for herself and absent co-chair Rachel Green)

            Thank you was extended to Betsy Chessler for the painless transition to the new team and for her continued attendance at meetings

            An increased outreach to library school programs resulted in some new people showing up to the meetings this year

            There is a discussion among the Committee of expanding SANDALL Buddies beyond just Saturday morning meetings.




Social Responsibility – Cheryl Weeks Frey

            Cheryl “is” the Committee so she’s looking for some new members to join her

            There were 2 volunteer opportunities this year. A beach cleanup in November and the attendance at a table at the Volunteer Lawyer’s Program’s Annual Resource Fair in February. Both were very weakly attended (basically just Cheryl was at each)

            The committee is looking for library related service oriented programs for SANDALL members to participate in.


Webmaster’s Report – Heather Parker

            Lots of additions to the SANDALL website including:

                        A “contact us” page was created

                        PayPal was added as a payment option

                        The overall look and verbiage of the website was updated

                        Pages were created specifically for the SANDALL Winter Institute


Article of Year Award

The Secretary announced SANDALL’s “Article of the Year” winner as Betsy Chessler for her article Social Media Best Practices, March 2015, Vol 17(4).



SANDALL officially then recognized Kera Harkins as a member who has just Graduated Library School!



Service Recognition certificates were given to committee chairs as follows:

  • Betsy Chessler: Public Relations Committee Chair
  • Lisa Foster & Rachel Green: SANDALL Buddies & Library School Liaison Co-Chairs
  • Jason Curtis: Employment Committee Chair
  • Suzanne Smith: Nominations Committee Chair
  • Michele Jones: Government Relations Committee Chair
  • Brent Naritomi: Grants Committee Chair
  • Loren Stamper: Archives Committee Chair
  • Cheryl Weeks-Frey: Social Responsibility Committee Chair
  • Lisa Foster: Membership Committee Chair
  • Heather Parker: Webmaster



Service Recognition Awards this year were given to:

  • Michele Jones
  • Phyllis Marion
  • Melissa Fung
  • Suzanne Smith
  • Robert Wickman &
  • Barbara Glennan



Oath of office taken by new board members

Vice-President/ President-Elect: Michele Lucero Villagran & Treasurer: Derek Antler


This means that the SANDALL Board for 2015-2016 is as follows:

  • President: Michele Knapp
  • Vice-President/President Elect: Michele Villagran
  • Past President: Anna Russell
  • Treasurer: Derek Antler
  • Secretary: Ian Kipnes





Adjourned at 1: 16pm