May 2015 Board Minutes

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SANDALL Board & Committee Chair Meeting Agenda

@ Downtown San Diego Law Library

Thursday, May 21, 2015, 12:00-1:30pm



  • Meeting called to Order and March 2015 Meeting Minutes approved 1:32pm


Old Business




New business


Committee Chair Reports

  • Archives – Loren Stamper
  1. SANDALL archives were moved from LRC’s climate controlled room to Loren Stamper’s Department due to space considerations at USD.
  2. Digitization of some of the archival materials has begun with the assistance of Robert O’Leary (to be located at Anna Russell is discussing the potential sharing of a digital repository site with NOCAL and SCALL Chapters of AALL. There is a lot of material to digitize – including a bunch of VHS tapes and such – and Loren/Robert are seeking guidance as to what exactly should get digitized (and what doesn’t need to be). There was agreement all around though that ALL items in archives (especially print items) need to be properly cataloged into some type of main database.
  3. Loren wants to put out the call to any and all SANDALL members that if they have SANDALL related items/materials to please contribute them to the archives in order to help fill the gaps in the archived collection.



  • Buddies – Lisa Foster (presenting on behalf of herself and co-chair Rachel Green)
  1. The program kicked the year off in September
  2. Outreach was done with various library schools/programs
  3. The last Buddies meeting before the Summer break was just held at the Diner.
  4. Chairpeople are trying to find new ways to invigorate the program and are open to suggestions from the membership including the addition of a possible weekday “Happy Hour” which could alternate with the Sunday breakfasts.
  5. The Chairpeople may do a member survey to get feedback/suggestions from the overall SANDALL membership base.



  • Employment – Jason Curtis

Vice President Michele Knapp read from the report turned in by Jason Curtis as he was unable to attend. The Committee was very busy this year. They have several people on the Committee and each contribute from what they see in the employment arena. The more members = more eyes to view job openings.

  • Government Relations – Michele Jones
  1. It was another big up and down year for the government with more very important things coming up in the next year as well (gov’t surveillance, net neutrality, etc).
  2. Michele Jones is retiring at the end of June and actively looking for a replacement Chair for the Committee. A few suggestions were made as to potential successors.



  • Grants – Brent Naritomi

Grants report not yet submitted and Chair not in attendance. Expecting report at/by SANDALL Business meeting in June.



  • Membership – Lisa Foster
  1. Chair is trying her best to reconcile the several membership lists currently held by SANDALL. So far the best has been the Treasurer’s records (reflects all currently paying and 2 emeritus members). The listserv does have many additional people on it other than simply dues paying members.
  2. Chair has tried to outreach to members whose memberships have lapsed.
  3. We have 13 new members since September!
  4. Best figures show approximately 111 dues paying members and 2 emeritus members as of 5/11/15 which is an overall increase of 11 members over June 2014.
  5. There was a discussion of proration of the last few months on annual membership if initially joining SANDALL late in the fiscal year and another discussion as to potentially looking at dues increase in the coming year or two.



  • Newsletter – Melissa Fung (presented by Michele Knapp in absence of Chair)
  1. The main change in the newsletter this year is that it is now completely digital only.
  2. “Mailchimp” (program) templates are limiting to production but seem to be working well otherwise.
  3. There was general agreement to the idea that SANDALL needs to begin archiving all SANDALL newsletters (including digital editions) very soon.



  • Nominations – Suzanne Smith

The Committee consists of 3 people including the Chair. They received lots of help and advice in getting the most recent election completed and all went very smoothly. Installation of newly elected officers is scheduled to take place at the June SANDALL Business Meeting at TJSL.



  • Public Relations – Betsy Chessler (via phone)
  1. The new SANDALL logo was enacted and adopted this past year and incorporated into SANDALL materials.
  2. The print edition of the SANDALL membership directory will be distributed at the June SANDALL Business Meeting at TJSL.
  3. SANDALL will again have a table at the AALL Annual Meeting (Philadelphia this year). The Vice President will help staff table and is calling for additional volunteers. There was a short discussion of “table shwag” we might give away for the meeting.



  • Social Responsibility – Cheryl Weeks-Frey
  1. We held a beach cleanup event in November but only the Chair showed up.
  2. For the second year SANDALL put out a call for volunteer lawyers at our table at the Women’s Resources Fair.
  3. There was a discussion of the Committee perhaps getting more participation by doing events at other times than just on weekends.



  • Webmaster – Heather Parker
  1. This is really just the Chair with Anna Russell helping to keep the website running.
  2. Heather writes and creates the pages and a “contact us” page was also created on the site.
  3. The membership pages were reorganized and edited and now accept PayPal for payments.
  4. The new SANDALL logo was incorporated into the site.
  5. The most activity for the Committee over the past year was in creating the pages for the Winter Institute.
  6. There is still work to be done on the site including adding and editing descriptions of SANDALL Committees and trying to remove some of the more confidential Treasurer’s details from old meeting minutes (out of privacy/confidentiality concerns).
  7. There were some strange search terms run on the site over the past year.
  8. Chair needs to speak with Anna Russell regarding obtaining stats on use of the site.



Treasurer’s Report – Robert Wickman

  1. A summary overview from the Treasurer was distributed for review with detail sheets and a month by month breakdown of revenue and expenses.
  2. We generated just over $200 from the Spring Social’s Raffle.
  3. Outgoing Treasurer met with the incoming Treasurer (Derek Antler) on May 7, 2015 and gave him and overview of the duties related to the position.
  4. Treasurer needs to check with bank as to updating the names on the SANDALL accounts.
  5. Although we may finish up the year with a minor net negative compared to last year, our accounts still show positive balances.
  6. We covered membership updates in prior reports (see above)
  7. CEB agreed to sponsorship for lunch at Annual Business Meeting and SANDALL formally thanked Suzanne Smith and the CEB team for that.




Secretary’s Report – Ian Kipnes

  1. The Board met several times this year.
  2. The SANDALL Bylaws will need to be amended by vote in the upcoming year to reflect AALL’s nondiscriminatory gender identification language.
  3. The SANDALL Bylaws may also need to be amended by vote as to changes suggested regarding SANDALL officers. More discussion to follow at future meetings.
  4. The Newsletter article of the year was decided upon by the Secretary with assistance from other SANDALL members. Award to be bestowed at the June Business Meeting.



Past-President’s Report – Barbara Glennan

  • Incorporation
  1. The Past President (Barbara Glennan) would like to set up an ad hoc committee to pursue how and whether to adopt 501(c)(3) status.
  2. One reason in favor of this is potential revenue generation via tax deductible donations from vendors, sponsors and firms.
  3. Michele Knapp will be attending the leadership seminar at AALL in Philadelphia in July and will speak with the AALL attorney there regarding the possibility of a change in status to 501(c)(3) from current.



Vice President’s Report – Michele Knapp

  • Awards – There was lots of good work all around by SANDALL members this year. A few have been officially recognized including the following :
  1. SANDALL – We as a group received the Chapter Professional Development Award from AALL
  2. Jane Larrington (USD) – Awarded the AALL Emerging Leader Award. Jane is one of only three recipients.
  3. Phyllis Marion (CWSL) – Elected to the AALL Hall of Fame
  4. Additional awardees include Bobbi Weaver (CWSL) who received an award from SLA ; the SDPLL which received the Legal Aid Society Award and Gina Catalano (SDPLL) who received an award for her pro bono work.



  • Programming – PLENTY of member events this year including (most recently):
    1. Tour of San Diego Museum of Art Library & Archives, April 20
    2. The SANDALL Spring Social, May 2 in Point Loma



  • Michele Knapp will pass on ideas for next year to Michele Villagran, incoming SANDALL V.P. including (but certainly not limited to):
    1. A Fall happy hour with SLA
    2. A Competitive Intelligence session led by private law librarians





  • Archives Preservation and record-keeping agenda

There was a short discussion of the work that is being done by Loren Stamper and Robert O’Leary



  • Council of Chapter Presidents – sharing chapter procedures & processes
  1. Jean Willis is the outgoing Chair
  2. LAPS Past President Philip Cloutier is incoming Chair.



  • There was a discussion of AALL’s “mycommunity” vs “chapter resources” pages being added/used by SANDALL. The Board decided to go with the “chapter resources” section.



  • AALL – Philadelphia, July 18-21

Michele Knapp will be attending, will send notice to listserv re: staffing table in exhibit hall. There was a discussion of some good ideas regarding table giveaways and activities (for this year and beyond).

  • Pacific Chapters Reception

SANDALL to pay (based upon membership) a percentage of the costs for this (vs past years where we paid a straight third with NORCALL & SCALL) for Philadelphia. Cost will be $377 to SANDALL.


  • Reports
  • Board member reports due 6/4/2015 (one week prior to the SANDALL Annual Business Meeting)
  • Anna working on draft of annual report for AALL. We have some time to submit.


  • Committees
  1. Loren Stamper will be stepping down as SANDALL archivist. Isabela at USD has shown great interest in taking over as Committee Chair.
  2. Michele Jones will be retiring in June and will no longer Chair the Government Relations Committee. Vance Sharpe was recommended by Michele Jones as potential successor. There was one other potential Chair but person with the name said they had to speak with that person first.


  • Appoint new chairs

It was agreed that Isabela should be the new archivist and that Government Relations Chair would be decided soon (unless no other names are put in).


  • Seek new committee members

All Board members are reminded to keep their eyes and ears open as we have just a few spots to fill (or at least aid Chairs in their duties).



  • Certificates and awards for June meeting

It was agreed that awardees will receive certificates and bouquets of flowers. Awardees include:

  1. Michele Jones – Chaired Government Relations for MANY years; retiring from SDLL in June
  2. Phyllis Marion – retiring from Cal Western
  3. Suzanne Smith – vendor appreciation



  • Grant applications – discussed out of the presence of Secretary



Wrap up & Future Agenda Items



  • Annual Business Meeting – Thursday, June 11, 12:00-1:30pm at Thomas Jefferson School of Law
    • Suzanne has donated funds for lunch; Michele Knapp will order food, send announcements & collect RSVPs




Meeting closed at 1:55pm