March 2015 Board Minutes

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Mission Valley Corner Bakery

8:15 – 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 4, 2015


  • January 2015 Meeting Minutes were approved by email on: 02/20/15



In Attendance:

Anna Russell, President

Michele Knapp, Vice President

Barbara Glennan, Past President

Robert Wickman, Treasurer

Ian Kipnes, Secretary



Call to Order by President at 8:33am


Old Business




New business

Treasurer’s Report – Robert Wickman

The last checks have come in from the Winter Institute (other than large AALL check – see below) and no more checks are scheduled to be sent. Checking account balance looks good although we were forced to pay $15/mo service charge fees since account did fall below minimum balance levels. A $6,000 grant from AALL is still expected which will help offset the account balance issue.


  • Status of SANDALL funds

Winter Institute checks are all sent. Past President suggested moving funds from savings to checking account (at least until large AALL check arrives) in order to avoid bank fees.


  • Any membership updates

No new members since last meeting. Treasurer expects to share a short form update report via email to Board prior to the next (May) meeting.




Secretary’s Report – Ian Kipnes

Approved January minutes sent to Heather for posting as of 2/20/15. All agreed that the minutes of the meetings need to be password protected to allow member access only. President will send reminder to webmaster to add that protection.




Past-President’s Report – Barbara Glennan

Still working on issues of incorporating SANDALL. Past President stated she will try to send out a report to Board members soon on this.


  • Plan for vote on SANDALL bylaws: 1) to modify the date of election of SANDALL officers and 2) modification to include “gender identity” language.

Current Bylaws require a vote at a “regularly scheduled meeting” such as the annual Business Meeting in June.

Considered emailing notice to membership but that is not allowed per bylaws

Secretary is to send out notification with text of Bylaws change to members on timeline spelled out in Article 10 of Bylaws (also requires action on behalf of the President)



  • Bylaws voting package and plan.

An Amendment proposal can be announced in the Newsletter (but deadline is March 15) so by March 13 (the latest) the President and Secretary must have language and notice ready for newsletter inclusion.

Board needs to announce Bylaws change ballot and then send out link to ballot.

Proposal : 1st announcement around March 13 and 2nd announcement at the end of April

Ballots to be sent within 2 weeks of June 11 Business Meeting (so approximately the end of May)



  • List of requirements for May and June SANDALL meetings (i.e. Committee Reports, Awards, Etc.)

For June (Business) Meeting:

Awards and recognitions done

Swearing in of newly elected Board members

Committee Chairs need to get the Board their annual reports by the May Committee meeting (for a summarization and reading of said reports at June’s Business Meeting)

Due to President’s impendig maternity leave more details will go to President from Past President and reports from Committee Chairs may be sent to either the Vice-President or Past President in the President’s absence. Vice President will handle lunch orders for June’s Business meeting.



President’s Report – Anna Russell



  • SANDALL 2015 Election

Planning process for elections is going well. The Committee is reaching out to members seeking good nominees for open offices.


The President is working with the nominations Committee on this.


  • Ballot is currently anonymous

The Board would like to keep it that way.


  • Nominations Committee: Suzanne Smith, Betsy Chessler, Benita Ghura

The nominations committee is currently working to recruit nominees. They have had discussions with Treasurer and Vice President about those positions, potential nominee recommendations, etc.

The Board discussed a few potential nominees to discuss with the committee.



  • Schedule for Elections: The schedule is on track as follows:
    • February – recruit VP and Treasurer candidates; listserv/newsletter announcements, nominations committee soliciting candidates



  • March – Determine Candidates, get candidate statements and photos for newsletter. Mid-march Election newsletter




  • April – Election ballot: Mar 30 to Apr 17; Announce new board week of Apr 20; invite board to May social and May committee meeting.



  • WebMtg with Archive-It and CA-Chapters – Discussion of preserving online content

The President sent emails to other Chapter V.P.’s asking them if they had any chapter achival policies and, if so, what they might be.

SANDALL just needs to create a short policy statement regarding the SANDALL archives. President is in discussion about that with Loren S. at USD (the current SANDALL archivist)

Robert O. at CWSL is working with Loren to digitize SANDALL archival materials.

There was a discussion among the Board regarding preservation of SANDALL’s website content as well. President discussed such archiving with “Archive It” (a company associated with the “wayback machine”). Cost is the biggest issue. This may end up being a long-term project for President once she becomes Past President following change in the Board in June.



Vice President’s Report – Michele Knapp


  • Programming Report


  • Winter Institute Wrap-up

Vice President distributed a detail sheet to Board showing (after potential AALL reimbursement) a potential small income to Chapter from Winter Institute.

The Winter Institute DVDs have been received from the production company.

We are, however, still awaiting word from AALL regarding the potential reimbursement.

Lots of good, positive feedback came in from attendees at the Winter Institute.


  • Spring events – as follows:
    • Mar 4, Happy Hour with SLA-SD
    • April 20, Balboa Museum of Art tour – 4pm until 5pm. Limit of 20 people.
    • May 2, Spring Social, Brent’s House, 12 – 2:30pm; Potluck – signup form will be sent out by VP

There will be a SANDALL raffle at the event as well.

  • May 21, Committee Chairs Meeting, SDLL upstairs Boardroom, 12 – 1:30pm; SANDALL provides boxed lunches

President will reach out to Committee chairs before she starts on her leave.

Vice President and Past President to co-run the meeting

Board members are expected to attend

  • June 11, Annual Business Meeting, TJSL Boardroom, 12 – 1:30pm; CEB to sponsor food?

The President will send an email to CEB and then let the Board know status updates as they occur.

President expects to be present at this meeting and, possibly, at the Committee Chairs meeting in May.




Wrap up & Future Agenda Items

There was a short discussion that the Treasurer and Treasurer-elect (whomever that may be) will have at least one meeting to discuss the details of the position and a “how-to” lesson once elections are finalized.






  • Next Board meeting: May 21, 2015 at Mission Corner Bakery at the San Diego Law Library at noon (the Committee Chairs meeting)





Adjournment at 9:58am