January 2016 Board Minutes

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SANDALL Board Meeting Agenda

Virtual Meeting using GoToMeeting

Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 8:30-10:00am



In Attendance (online via GoToMeeting):


Michele Knapp, President

Michele Lucero Villagran, Vice President

Anna Russell, Past President

Derek Antler, Treasurer

Ian Kipnes, Secretary



Call to Order by President at 8:35am



November Meeting Minutes were approved via email following meeting


President’s Report – Michele Knapp


  • Board member job descriptions update – all Board members had revised these by meeting date


  • Review and finalize by March 2016 – This was noted as a goal. Each Board member is to review these for feedback. The President will send out more information and a deadline for calendar.


  • Professional development opportunities
    • SANDALL Winter Institute, February 12 @ USD – Info going out to membership very soon after meeting
    • SCALL Institute, March 4-5, Temecula Creek Inn – Notice to be sent to membership which will be accompanied by attendance grant information
    • NOCALL Spring Institute, March 18, Santa Clara University – Notice to be sent to membership which will be accompanied by attendance grant information
    • Computers In Libraries, March 8 – 10, Washington, DC – Notice to be sent to membership which will be accompanied by attendance grant information


  • January newsletter items due to Melissa Fung by Friday, January 15 – It was agreed that this would be a good time and forum to give summary results of membership survey to SANDALL members. President will also put in an article regarding the results of vote of the AALL proposed name change. It was agreed that there are plenty of events to announce to SANDALL membership in the newsletter as well.


Vice President’s Report – Michele Villagran


  • Member Survey – Detailed reports to be sent directly to committee chairs and summaries will be published in the next upcoming newsletter
  • Programming

VP will send links regarding upcoming events (especially the Winter Institute) and reminder about January 26, 2016 social get together event to be held at “Pacific Times” (near USD).

Re: Winter Institute –

Institute sponsors are coming together. Treasurer confirmed receipt of some vendor sponsor checks

Most of the speakers are also set but VP is still awaiting a couple of more responses

VP will post a general schedule (with no times specified) ASAP to membership

The President has requested (local) AALL Board member John Adkins to be in attendance though she has not received confirmation of approval for that as of this date from AALL

The deadline has officially been set for Institute registration and food choice



Past-President’s Report – Anna Russell


  • Digital archives & preservation update

We received good feedback from Isabella & Robert O’Leary as to the archiving policy draft

Past President has discussed archiving policies with the AALL archive people and even they don’t have an official policy in place

In the future, the Past President will serve as the archive chairperson since they are directly involved in the archiving of materials, focusing on the policy and advising the actual archivists in any case



Secretary’s Report – Ian Kipnes


  • Bylaws change – set schedule update

The President and Secretary will discuss later in the week due to the deadlines set by the current bylaws

  • Election of SANDALL officers – set schedule update

There was a short discussion of holding future elections earlier than had been done in the past (mainly to let AALL know who might be our representative(s) to Leadership Conference(s). The President and Secretary will discuss later in the week to try and set the scheduling and any necessary bylaw amendments


  • Addition of Meeting Minutes to the website

The Secretary agreed to reach out to SANDALL webmaster Heather Parker to determine what information is missing from the site within the week.



Treasurer’s Report – Derek Antler


  • Membership update

We have roughly 80 paying members who have renewed this year thusfar

We also have severallifetime and non-paying members as well

The President and Lisa Foster will discuss these figures to get a solid number of actual membership numbers

  • Chapter finances and budget discussion

The Board went over the Treasurer’s spreadsheets and SANDALL finances look good.

The President has estimated that the Winter Institute will not cost SANDALL more than $1,000

Official notice of dues increase for next year to be sent to membership later in the week



Wrap up & Future Agenda Items

There was a short final discussion regarding details/arrangements for Winter Institute


  • Next meeting – The next Board meeting will be held in approximately 6 weeks and likely will be the week of Feb 22, 2016. The President will poll the Board members for their availability and schedule that meeting which will be another GoToMeeting (virtual meeting). The (early) April Board meeting will likely be an in-person meeting though.



Adjournment at 9:58am