November 2015 Board Minutes

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SANDALL Board Meeting Agenda

Virtual Meeting using GoToMeeting

Monday, November 23, 2015, 8:30-10:00am


In Attendance (online via GoToMeeting):


Michele Knapp, President

Michele Lucero Villagran, Vice President

Anna Russell, Past President

Derek Antler, Treasurer

Ian Kipnes, Secretary



Call to Order by President at 8:40am



October 2015 Meeting Minutes approved as first order of business


President’s Report – Michele Knapp

The Wiki will be updated and moved to a different platform (GoogleDrive perhaps) per the SANDALL President


  • Board member job descriptions update

All Board members completed their updated job descriptions. They need to be reviewed and posted. Board members may use the (GoogleDrive) wiki to do this as it will probably be the easiest tool to use/sort/organize and use


  • SANDALL Grant Application Form update – work continues with the Grant Committee


  • Committees updates

Employment Committee will be losing a member as Jason Curtis is about to move. Melissa Fung will step in as temporary chair of that Committee through the end of June 2016. Jason also suggested to the Board that an additional committee member be added. The Board will look for volunteers to do that and held a brief discussion of the value of the job listings posted by that committee.


  • Professional development opportunities


  • SANDALL Winter Institute, Friday February 12 @ USD

This is the same venue as the last (2015) Winter Institute and has already been booked. More info to follow prior to next Board meeting.



  • SCALL Institute, Friday/Saturday March 4-5, Temecula Creek Inn

SANDALL will send out announcement about this event as the date approaches. Announcements will need to mention that there is grant funding available for this event.



  • NOCALL Spring Institute, Friday March 18, Santa Clara University

SANDALL will send out announcement about this event as the date approaches. Announcements will need to mention that there is grant funding available for this event.




Vice President’s Report – Michele Villagran


  • Member Survey: sharing with the committee chairs

This was discussed between the Vice President and President. They will work together to try to write up a “one page executive summary” for the general membership. Committee chairs will be eligible to receive a more detailed report. The Vice President (working with the President) will be the lead person for this project.



  • Programming


  • SANDALL Holiday Party update (98 Bottles, Tuesday, December 15 6-9pm, $25); going forward with children’s book drive – either Cheryl or Anna will purchase books for members to buy at the reception. VP will help Cheryl advertise the book drive with this new feature.
  • The SANDALL Treasurer purchased 10 books at Barnes & Noble which totaled $73 with his member discount. Holiday Party attendees will be given the opportunity to purchase these books as part of the book drive.
  • Membership needs to be notified that the Holiday Party payment must be made via cash or check only (no credit card/paypal option) and an announcement to that effect will be sent by Vice President after the Board meeting.
  • The Holiday Party will not be a sit down dinner but rather a standing/mingling type event. This means that the person(s) handling the book drive there will need to set aside some table space specifically for the book drive.





  • Finalize Winter Institute title and theme; discuss structure for the 1-day programming – half-day/full day. Food/drink/reception.    Advertising.
  • The Title for the Winter Institute has been set after a discussion amongst the Board members.
  • Board members agreed that a half or ¾ day event is best (9am-1pm or 10am-2pm) with a lunch break and, due to the fact that it will be held on the Friday of the Valentines Day weekend we will do a reception immediately following the Institute.
  • A logo for the Institute is currently being designed and should be released in the next few weeks.
  • Registration cost for the Institute was discussed and it was agreed that $30 sounds reasonable for SANDALL members with $35 for non-member attendees.
  • Any emails to the Vice President (on this or other topics) would best be sent to her U.N.T. email address.




Past-President’s Report – Anna Russell


  • Digital archives & preservation update

Isabella _________ (?) and Robert O’Leary have been working hard and doing great work on this project


  • Review of Archives Policy by Executive Board. Discuss major aspects of the policy.
  • Board Members were able to view the draft policy of their GoToMeeting screens.
  • There was a discussion of private vs. public viewing of certain archived items. The discussion centered around which particular items would be protected and which would be open and freely available to site visitors (ex. Prior SANDALL financial statements should be kept as private)
  • SANDALL may need to develop handicapped access options for the website (ex. For the hearing and/or visually impaired)



  • Advertise policy to membership and committees in February.

Policy should be finalized in January 2016 and noticed to members the following month.


  • Share with other chapters.

Questions arose during this discussion including what ownership rights we might have (or not have) to certain materials; how much can we restrict usage permission to certain groups of website visitors. These groups include but are not limited to SANDALL members, Committee Chairs, members of other organizations and other AALL Chapters and their members.


  • Develop helpful webinar for establishing chapter digital archives

This was agreed as a good idea for the future


  • Discussions with groups in AALL; potential for chapter archive meeting at AALL.

Some of this will arise from the Winter Institute



Secretary’s Report – Ian Kipnes


  • Bylaws change – set schedule update

SANDALL bylaws much match the language of AALL’s as to gender and sexual identity discrimination. Secretary to discuss with President to set scheduling of the vote and notification to membership of that bylaws change election.

Treasurer will review payment date of dues in Bylaws to see if late joining members can avoid having to pay an entire year of dues for that much less time as member (they say “April due date” specifically and perhaps can make a change to a more generalized “within 3 months of renewal date”) . Secretary to discuss with President to set scheduling of the vote and notification to membership of that bylaws change election.



  • Election of SANDALL officers – set schedule update

Secretary to discuss with President to set scheduling of the vote and notification to membership of that bylaws change election.



  • Addition of Meeting Minutes to the website; 6 meeting minutes reports need to be uploaded by the webmaster.

Treasurer will discuss with Heather _____ as to what might be missing from the SANDALL website, what the Treasurer might have and what she’ll need to upload to the SANDALL site to fill missing item spots



Treasurer’s Report – Derek Antler


  • Membership update

Membership numbers are healthy and basically unchanged from last meeting


  • Update on draft email to membership informing them of new dues. Set date of email.

The SANDALL Treasurer wanted to wait until after the holidays to notify membership of dues increase. He may wait until after the regular business notifications are sent out (those as to vote on bylaws changes, etc) so the President and Secretary will  notify Treasurer once they’ve examined the current bylaws and determined the required notification date(s).

Treasurer will continue to work on the language for the dues increase notice and will circulate draft to the Board prior to the next Board meeting.


  • Chapter tax due date

Taxes were due November 2015 and were already paid along with a $75 fee that was paid to SANDALL’s accountant


  • Chapter finances and budget discussion
  • Board members received copies of the Treasurer’s most current spreadsheet
  • Board members had a discussion as to avoiding Chase bank’s fees for banking there. Treasurer will check the interest rates on each account to determine if moving funds back and forth among the accounts would be worthwhile action to help save fees.
  • Board members agreed that the PayPal account should hold a reserve balance of roughly $40.




Wrap up & Future Agenda Items


  • Next meeting – To be scheduled for January 2016… likely the week of January 11th and most likely it will be on 1/12, 1/13 or 1/14.



Adjournment at 10:30am