August 2015 Board Minutes

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SANDALL Board Meeting Agenda

Specialty’s Cafe, 101 W Broadway

Monday, August 10, 2015, 9:30-11:00am



In Attendance:


Michele Knapp, President

Michele Lucero Villagran, Vice President

Anna Russell Barbara Glennan, Past President

Derek Antler, Treasurer

Ian Kipnes, Secretary



Call to Order by President at 9:40am



June 2015 Meeting Minutes – Those minutes along with those from this meeting to be sent as single email to Board prior to next meeting




AALL report – Michele Knapp & Ian Kipnes

President Michele Knapp discussed her attendance at the AALL’s Chapter Leadership Training in Philadelphia. She also attended a few roundtables while she was there. Her favorites were the ones on student services and professional development

Secretary Ian Kipnes discussed his attendance at the AALL and how he had enjoyed the ALL-SIS speaker on “futurism” as well as the program with Ron Wheeler as speaker regarding deciding on whether upper management (Directorship) might be right for a member

President Michele Knapp then also talked about the three(!) awards that SANDALL received at this year’s AALL meeting. Very impressive for a small(er) chapter like SANDALL




Future of SANDALL – all board members

  • What do we want to accomplish? This question will be one of the Board’s ongoing discussions throughout the year
  • All Board members agreed with VP Michele Lucero Villagran when she said the focus should be on at least three main things:
  1. Any moves made should be purposeful (why are we doing this?)
  2. We need to collaborate with other entities and network more
  3. We need to retain and recruit members to SANDALL






  • What do we need to do to accomplish the above?
  • Keep modernizing and changing with the times (ex. Revised SANDALL website)
  • Reach out to students via Buddies program
  • Assign someone to handle SANDALL’s Social Media account(s) – this is something we can gauge interest in via a question in the member survey to be sent out soon
  • Podcasting (doesn’t need constant updating) and/or YouTube videos. Possibly ask other CA AALL Chapters to participate in creating these
  • Maintain contact/relationship with the SD County Bar Association




Member survey – Michele Knapp & Michele Villagran

All Board members had reviewed a draft of the survey and only a few minor changes were suggested

The possibility of some kind of incentive for completing survey (ex. Starbucks gift card raffle entry) was agreed upon. Likely to be a raffle for one of a few cards (several winners).





President’s Report – Michele Knapp



  • Committees
  • New committee chairs & members
  • We have some new people doing committee work this year; for example, Vance Sharpe and Bobbi Weaver are heading up the Government Relations Committee.
  • Jason Curtis from the employment Committee is looking for another member to join
  • The nominations committee is also looking for another member as one member just left.



  • Board member liaisons for committees

It was agreed among the Board that ideally we should have Board members as liaisons to specific Committees (ex. Secretary would be liaison to newsletter committee).









  • SANDALL wiki

It was agreed among the Board that we want the wiki updated over the course of the next year




  • Council of Chapter Presidents – sharing chapter procedures & processes

This is a good sharing tool from AALL. Vice President wants to add to this on behalf of SANDALL.




  • Possible dues increase – This idea will be looked at several times over the year but needs a vote of membership (at next Business Meeting?) to approve such an increase





  • Upcoming professional development opportunities



  • Society of California Archivists, San Diego, CA, 8/28 – The Future is Now: Digital Initiatives in the Archives

President will attend. Member Robert O’Leary scheduled to speak there.



  • Northwest Interlibrary Loan & Resource Sharing Conference, Portland, OR, 9/10-9/11

President is the Finance and Registration Coordinator for this event



  • AALL Business Skills Clinic, Chicago, IL, 10/16-10/17

This is a basic business skills workshop that presents some fundamental info.



  • Internet Librarian, Monterey, CA, 10/26-10/28

President will email them to try to see if we can obtain some registration discount for SANDALL members



  • SLA-SD Fall Seminar, San Diego, CA, 10/30 – Forging Forward: Techniques & Technologies for Gauging Success

No pricing nor program schedule out yet for this event






Vice President’s Report – Michele Villagran

  • Programming

“Ed Camp” could be a potential event for SANDALL members

Vice President had a list of potential events laid out chronologically including social events, seminars and educational opportunities, joint happy hours with SLA, tours as well as our regular holiday party, Spring social, etc.


There was a discussion of joint activities both past and future with other organizations (ex. SLA)

Treasurer expressed a desire to count SANDALL member attendance at some of these events (such as lectures/seminars) that SANDALL does not put on exclusively.





Past-President’s Report – Anna Russell

  • 2014-2015 AALL Annual Report due 8/28/2015. The annual report draft was submitted to the board in August for review and sent via email to AALL by the deadline.


  • Past-President will email passwords to the Board which will be specific to board member Policies & Procedures section of SANDALL website.



  • Digital archives & preservation

We’ve looked into what other chapters are doing and most aren’t doing any digitizing/preservation at all, so SANDALL is really on the cutting edge of this.

There was a discussion with the Board of potentially sharing our archives/archived materials with other chapters (maybe all the West coast chapters)

Robert O’Leary (CWSL) and Izabela Aleksieva (USD) are working on the archives together (following Loren Stamper’s departure from that role) along with a AALL liaison. They are planning to do a full inventory of all the SANDALL materials currently being held in archives.



  • DreamHost conference 10/1/15 – 10/2/15

The Board agreed it would be highly beneficial to send our webmaster (Heather Parker) to this conference (here in San Diego) and pay the reduced rate registration fee on her behalf






Secretary’s Report – Ian Kipnes

  • Bylaws change

The following changes need to be made to bring us in line with AALL’s own positions. The deadlines under SANDALL Bylaws must be watched carefully in order to put these changes to a vote at the July Business Meeting in 2016:

  • Inclusion of gender identity language

It should be noted that the SANDALL President attended the Chapter President’s meeting at AALL in Philadelphia and there was a discussion of this change in language. There is no official deadline to change it and many chapters are simply “working on it” similarly to the way SANDALL is doing.


  • Election of SANDALL officers

Discussion of terms of service and how election takes place resulted in no changes at the moment but we will revisit this over the year


  • SANDALL Dues Increase

This was discussed among the Board who will do more research into the dues charged by other chapters (ours seem rather low comparatively thus far). How much of an increase we need and the idea of a pro-rated (latecomer) membership was discussed. This is something we will also look at over the next few months and probably put to vote of the membership at the next SANDALL Business Meeting.



Treasurer’s Report – Derek Antler

  • Status of SANDALL funds

SANDALL is doing fine financially with some moneys in reserve (checking and savings accounts)

There was some discussion among the Board regarding possibly investing some of the funds (short term) in order to try and get a better return on our funds (higher interest rate)



  • PayPal account status

The SANDALL credit card needs to be linked to our accounts for transfer purposes. In addition, we need to add new Treasurer’s name to PayPal account (likely cannot take old Treasurer off account as he set it up)



  • Membership update

We currently have 94 members according to latest count; however, Treasurer still needs to discuss various lists in existence with Lisa Foster to try and sort it all out and get a more accurate membership count.


The Board then had a short discussion relating to trying to come up with some incentives for current members to retain their membership as well as to bring in new members. One idea popular among the Board as to current membership is some type of recognition of long term members (ex. 5/10 year pins)




Wrap up & Future Agenda Items


Next Board meeting to be held possibly as late as September 21, 2015 at Specialty’s Cafe, 101 W. Broadway. President will send email with dates for Board members to review and decide upon




Adjournment at 11:45am