January 2015 Board Minutes

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SANDALL Board Meeting Minutes
Mission Valley Corner Bakery
8:30 – 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Anna Russell, President
Michele Knapp, Vice President
Barbara Glennan, Past President
Robert Wickman, Treasurer
Ian Kipnes, Secretary

Call to Order by President at 8:54am

• November 2014 Meeting Minutes were approved by email on January 27, 2015 and again at start of January 28th Board meeting.

Old Business
• SANDALL Winter Institute wrap-up; thoughts on the event, lessons learned
–See Vice President’s Programming Report below–

New business

Treasurer’s Report – Robert Wickman
• Status of SANDALL funds
o Status of Institute payments/reimbursements
AALL reimbursement application is due on 2/6/2105. Treasurer expects to meet that deadline.

o Receipt of Vendor/Exhibitor payments
A number of funs sources/sponsors sent their checks already (Hein, ProQuest) with some funds just deposited earlier in the week of this meeting (incl. Lexis, Thomson-Reuters and Sony). Although BloombergLaw paid for the post-Institute reception we have not yet received a copy of that bill yet.

As to the SANDALL Holiday Party – although all the invoices are not yet in to fully calculate the expense of party, SANDALL is estimated to likely have lost some money in hosting that event.

• Any membership updates

1 new member as of 12/23/14 bringing total SANDALL membership to 113 members.

Secretary’s Report – Ian Kipnes
• Nothing new to report. Board meeting minutes from last meeting will be sent via email for posting online ASAP.
• Decision was made by the Board to add a Treasurer Report only within the Annual June Business Meeting Minutes.

Past-President’s Report – Barbara Glennan
• AALL Emerging Leader Award Submission

o Draft – Discussion of whether or not application should explicitly follow C.V. of candidate or whether it should be able to stand on its’ own. It was agreed that the application should basically follow C.V. for ease of review by awards committee. Vice President and Past President will have a discussion later in the week following the Board meeting as to the status of final recommendation letters and documents needed to complete the application process.

• Possibility of change of SANDALL bylaws to modify the date of election of SANDALL officers as well as modification to include “gender identity” language.
It was agreed by the Board that this needs to be done but modification of the bylaws requires a member vote itself.

President’s Report – Anna Russell
• AALL Chapter Professional Development Award Submission

o Draft was reviewed by all Board members. It still requires some editing but the President will email “final” version for review once it is ready. This is expected to be sent out no later than the end of week (1/31/15).

• Archives committee description

o Archives Preservation and record-keeping agenda for May business meeting (the Committee Chairs meeting)
President will look into digital preservation possibilities via use of the “Internet Archives” (The Wayback Machine) site.
SANDALL will cover the bill for DVD copies of the SANDALL Winter Institute (roughly $4 per set) to be given to SANDALL and AALL (1 set each).

• SANDALL 2015 Election

o Nominations Committee – consists of Suzanne Smith (from CEB), Betsy Chessler (from MoFo) and Benita Ghura (of the SDLL).

There was a discussion of voting technicalities. President suggested email notification and perhaps using “Adobe Form Central” as the actual voting tool (vs SurveyMonkey, GoogleDocs, etc)
It was agreed that the bylaws modification vote will be separate from the vote for election of officers. Elections will be done via email while the bylaws vote will take place at (or around) the SANDALL Annual Business meeting.
Prevention of election fraud will continue to be on the honor system (vs. possibility of payment to AALL for specialty “election program” software they sell).

o Election Dates – Board agreed to change in language to “at least X # of weeks” in practice and then get members to approve via vote at the Business meeting.
Changes proposed for bylaws and names of nominated new Board members should be placed in the next (March 2015?) SANDALL Newsletter.
o Nominees for Vice President and Treasurer positions are needed ASAP.

o Committees need (new) members. Most especially the Preservation/Archives Committee and the Membership Committee are in need of additional people.

Vice President’s Report – Michele Knapp

• Programming Report

o SANDALL Winter Institute!
All Board members agreed that the SANDALL Winter Institute was a big success. All feedback was happy and positive. Final report was filed in the week prior to this Board meeting. Final budget report to be filed by February 6, 2015. It was further agreed by all on the Board that starting planning the Institute so far in advance (almost a full year ahead) was highly key to the success of the Institute.
There was a discussion of the possibility of shorter workshop(s) put on by SANDALL as it appears that grant funding is seemingly very much available from AALL year round.

AALL VIP hosting duties wrap-up – All went well and everyone seemed happy with SANDALL’s efforts.

o Spring events
• Discussion of a possible Happy Hour to be held with SLA in February. Vice President is awaiting word back from her SLA contacts.
• The SCALL Institute to be held in Riverside, CA at the end of February.
• Vice President is working on some ideas for Library tours for March/April 2015. Possibilities include a tour of the 9th Circuit.
• Brent Bernau has offered his home for the Spring Social on Saturday May 2nd from noon until 2:30pm.
• We may try to hold a silent auction at the Spring Social in May. There followed a discussion of potential sponsorship opportunities and notifications to vendors (for any/all events) farther in advance.
• Annual Business meeting to be held in June 2015 with date/location to be determined but possibilities included June 4th or 11th and Vice President will speak with Leigh Inman regarding use of TJSL Boardroom for this year’s Business meeting.

Wrap up & Future Agenda Items

• Next Board meeting: Wednesday March 4, 2015 at Mission Corner Bakery, Mission Valley at 8:15am

Adjournment at 10:25am