November 2014 Meeting Minutes

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SANDALL Board Meeting Minutes

Mission Valley Corner Bakery

8:30 – 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, November 12, 2014



In Attendance:


Anna Russell, President

Michele Knapp, Vice President

Barbara Glennan, Past President

Robert Wickman, Treasurer

Ian Kipnes, Secretary



Call to Order by President at 8:43 am


Approved September 24, 2014 Business Meeting Minutes



Old Business

  • None




New business




Treasurer’s Report – Robert Wickman

  • Membership Update.
    • As of 9/23/14 membership count was somewhere between 105 and 110 members (variance due to the fact that some checks were received but not as yet deposited) including 10 new members thus far.

Based upon those figures an insurance payment of $110 will be made to AALL ($1 per member figure provided by AALL)


  • Info on prior members who did not renew:

A few of our Court Librarian members have not yet renewed membership. It was agreed that SANDALL will officially reach out to them. Lisa Foster will be sent a current list of all members and can check on any renewal/nonrenewal members.


  • Status of SANDALL funds
    • Treasurer reported on bank account funds held.



  • Implementation of procedure for separating out SANDALL institute monies from the general funds.
  • A separate sheet is kept by Treasurer for all Institute related funds
  • Vice President provided Treasurer with $1700 of Institute expense sheets (mostly travel and hotel related).
  • It was noted that some of the speakers have (or currently are) taking care of those arrangements/expenses themselves (and expect reimbursement post-Institute) but much of the work/arrangements have already been done by Vice President.


  • Treasurer received Bloomberg Law exhibitor fee check for Winter Institute from President



  • Tax Year paperwork completed.
    • Taxes of $75 will be paid (based upon SANDALL’s accountant’s communication with Treasurer)



  • Insurance paperwork status.
  • Paperwork and payment to be sent immediately following the meeting ($110 per membership notes above)



  • General discussion that Treasurer has info saved to a mini drive which will be handy for future Treasurers. President thanked Treasurer for all his work over the past few months (especially in light of the fact that this was his “busy season”). Following that was a short discussion of the importance of the Membership Committee Chair (currently L. Foster) and all the work that has recently been done at that position in service to SANDALL.


  • There was a short discussion amongst the Board regarding the Chase Bank situation and resolution thereof. Treasurer assures that all has been taken care of now and that he is receiving emails from the Bank as requested and agreed.




Secretary’s Report – Ian Kipnes

  • Treasurer agreed to send September 2014 Report to Secretary.




Past-President’s Report

  • AALL Emerging Leader Award
    • Submission deadline Jan 31 – It was agreed that the Vice President will discuss nomination with a member. Duties of handling the submission to be divied up.

President’s Report

  • SANDALL Institute VIP dinner discussion.
  • Dinner to be held 6pm-8pm on Thursday January 8 (the night before the Institute) at the Prado Restaurant in Balboa Park
  • AALL President Holly Riccio and another Executive Board member to be invited along with SCALL & NOCALL Presidents, Ken Hirsh and the SANDALL Board members. All expected to respond favorably and attend.
  • Rides to be provided by Board members (V.P. and others if necessary) and all expenses to be covered by SANDALL.



  • Hosting of AALL President.
  • Dinner as discussed immediately above. Vice President will pick up some Cohn Restaurant Group gift cards at Costco wherein $500 in expenses will cost $400 to SANDALL which should cover the cost of the event.




Vice President’s Report – Michele Knapp

  • Programming Report

There is a Happy Hour scheduled for Wednesday November 19, 2014 from 5pm to 7pm at Gordon Biersch in Mission Valley. SANDALL to provide up to $40 in appetizers but members required to buy their own drinks. Members of S.L.A. have also been invited to the event.


  • Holiday Party
  • Event is scheduled for Wednesday December 10, 2014 from 6pm to 9pm at Karl Strauss Brewing Company..
  • It is agreed among the Board that S.L.A. members will receive invitations to this event and will be able to attend at the same rate as SANDALL members.
  • Sponsorship opportunities have been sent to vendors but none have yet responded. Vice President will speak with Betsy Chessler regarding the current environment within Law firms and the possibility of Law firm donation/sponsorship and who might be best to contact (and how to go about doing same).
  • Expense of party expected to be $2500; registration page will be set up (and will allow PayPal payment for event).
  • Pricing set at $25 for students, retirees and unemployed, $30 for regular members and $35 for nonmembers (excepting S.L.A. as above).



  • Winter Institute
  • The All-Day Winter Institute will be held on Friday January 9, 2015 at USD.
  • Planning is proceeding smoothly with all speakers on-board although travel discussions continue with one of them.
  • Institute Planning Committee consists of Vice President, Melissa Fung & Lisa Foster.
  • Several vendors have already agreed to be in attendance. Specifically those include Bloomberg Law, ProQuest, Legislative History & Intent. Lexis has agreed to some level of sponsorship though they will not have a table there. Discussions continuing with FastCase and a few others.
  • It was discussed and agreed that someone will be needed to coordinate a “no host dinner” on the night before the Institute. Vice President will discuss with the Committee to try and pin down some candidates for that duty.




Wrap up & Future Agenda Items

  • There was a short discussion amongst the Board members of a possible change of SANDALL bylaws to modify the date of election of SANDALL officers. Past President agreed to look into such a change as well as modification to include “gender identity” language.
  • Past President continues to investigate the issue of SANDALL incorporation.





  • Next Board meeting: January 28, 2015 at Mission Corner Bakery at 8:30am

Adjournment at 10:17am