September 2014 Board Minutes

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SANDALL Board Meeting Minutes

Mission Valley Corner Bakery

Wednesday, September 24, 2014



In Attendance:


Anna Russell, President

Michele Knapp, Vice President

Barbara Glennan, Past President

Robert Wickman, Treasurer

Ian Kipnes, Secretary



Call to Order by President at 8:17am


Approved August 6, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes


Old Business

  • Wrap-up from Treasurer on the Chase Bank mysterious summer Dish Network charges:

We have received credit for all the fraudulent fund activity from Chase Bank after Past President and Treasurer made the bank aware of same following the last Board Meeting. In addition, Past President and Treasurer will now both “immediately” be notified by bank of all transactions on SANDALL accounts. It was agreed by all Board members that going forward the best practice is to have at least two board members listed on the Chase Bank email notification alert service.

  • Treasurer noted that some members have requested W-9 forms for membership payments. Treasurer has possession of these forms and sent them out to meet requests and will continue to meet such demands in the future via an electronic copy of form.



New business


Treasurer’s Report – Robert Wickman

  • Status of SANDALL funds

Treasurer reported on bank account funds held.



  • Welcome letter created by the president; Renewal update email ready for when Dues are paid.
    • New members to receive welcome letter from President after their dues are received.
    • President send out reminder Dues Due Email week of Oct 1.
    • Positive feedback on both from the Board.




Secretary’s Report – Ian Kipnes

  • eNewsletter is up and working.
  • Unfortunately Melissa, et al could not send it to the SANDALL listserv because there is a script in the newsletter (that is not removable) that is blocked by the listserv.  They ended up individually entering in each email address in the listserv directly into a new newsletter list.
  • Due to the above issue with the newsletter list, in the future, any new members names will be sent by Treasurer and Lisa Foster to President and Melissa Fung for manual addition to the newsletter list.
  • Melissa sent out the email blast to the listserv on Friday 8/29 and that seemed to work well for people to give people enough lead time to submit their articles.



  • The first eNewsletter began with vol 17.1, which went out (as scheduled) on Friday, September 19, 2014 despite the newsletter list issue previously discussed. All members of the Board agreed that it looked great.




Past-President’s Report

  • Per AALL notice” “Chapter liability insurance payments are due in October. The annual premium for coverage is $1.00 per chapter member and is based on the number of members in chapter as of October 1, 2014. In order to include this coverage for the chapter, AALL must receive the check and completed insurance form no later than Monday, October 20 2014. If you have any questions, please contact AALL Director of Finance & Administration Paula Davidson.”
  • Since the AALL insurance renewals fall at the same time every year and cannot be changed the Board discussed changing the SANDALL membership renewal date to more closely match the insurance date so that we would have a better idea of exactly how many paid members we had when the insurance payment comes due each year. This issue remains unresolved though.
  • We had 111 paying members last year and this year’s membership is still an open question. It therefore it was decided that despite having only 37 paid members as of the meeting date (just 1 week prior to the AALL deadline), SANDAOLL would renew our insurance based upon a membership of 95.


  • Past President is still investigating the positives and negatives of potential 501(c)(3) status change and will update the Board at the next Board meeting.




President’s Report

  • The President has been reaching out to committee chairs for committee responsibility listings on the website via email and has only heard back from the Employment Committee to date. President is hoping to soon hear back from the Government Relations and Social Committees. The Vice President will send a description of the Social Committee.
  • There was a discussion of some type of potential showcase for new members so that they might get more involved based upon greater awareness.
  • Reminders will go out about Chapter Council Trainings. The next scheduled one is scheduled for September 30th at 12pm and is regarding financial info for chapters. Melissa Fung will be asked to reach out to AALL’s Government Relations Committee person to see if they would include something in the newsletter on a regular basis.




Vice President’s Report – Michelle Knapp

  • Programming Report
  • Programming is expected to be a little lighter this year (especially in light of the Winter Institute in January)
  • There will be a Happy Hour jointly held with SLA on Thursday October 9 at Green Flash in Mira Mesa.
  • The SLA will be holding their all day Fall Seminar on “Big Data” on Friday October 24th from 8am to 4pm
  • Vice President is trying to schedule at least one museum library tour. Possibilities include the Museum of Art, the Midway Ship’s Library and/or the UCSD Library. There was a discussion of trying to do the Salk Institute though that would require a group donation payment which averages out to between $10 and $15 per person and so that idea was put on hold.
  • The Vice President is already working on getting a venue for the SANDALL Holiday Party. Options discussed included Balboa Park, Tom Hamm’s Lighthouse, the downtown Cheesecake Factory, the Central Library, the Zoo and the Scottish Rite Center in Mission Valley.


  • Social for new members: Anticipated to be held sometime in early November. Possibly Thursday the 6th with the 13th as a potential fallback date.
  • Discussion of the Winter Institute.
  • The Vice President is getting the Speaker’s bios together and making arrangements for their travel.
  • Notifications to “Save the Date” have been sent out to all California AALL Chapters.
  • A “call for volunteers” will be sent out shortly.
  • The after-institute reception will be held at the Old Tequilla Factory as it is attached to the hotel where speakers will be staying.
  • Thursday January 8th will be the Board’s dinner with Holly Riccio, AALL President (as this will also serve as her chapter visit).





Wrap up & Future Agenda Items


  • Next Board meeting: November 12, 2014 at Mission Corner Bakery at 8:30am








Adjournment at 9:36am