August 2014 Board Minutes

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SANDALL Board Meeting Minutes
Corner Bakery in Mission Valley
Wednesday, August 6, 2014

In Attendance:

Anna Russell, President
Michele Knapp, Vice President
Barbara Glennan, Past President
Robert Wickman, Treasurer
Ian Kipnes, Secretary
Call to Order by President at 8:09am

Approved June 19, 2014 Business Meeting Minutes

Old Business
• None

New Business

Board Reports

Treasurer’s Report – Robert Wickman
• Report of current budget with details about expenditures since last meeting. See Enclosure 1.

• Discussion of apparently fraudulent activity on account discussed .
Specifically, on 6/23 there were 4 withdrawals of $100 each for “Dish Network” as well as a credit from “Dish Network” for $83.87.
Treasurer and past President will go to Chase immediately following the Board meeting to sort things out with the bank. (UPDATE: Chase agreed to clear the charges and notify Treasurer of each transaction for a while so he will be aware right away if something is amiss with the account)
President and Past President have access to the account and it was agreed that from hereonin Treasurer and 2 Board members will always have such access rights.

• Plan for tracking Winter Institute funds. Need to keep separate track from SANDALL monies.
• Receipt of $100 donation from RetrievIt for Winter Institute at meeting (they cannot attend but wanted to be known as donor for give away). It is expected that Lexis, Bloomberg and possibly others will also donate later.
• AALL grant will be via a reimbursement from AALL but SANDALL will need to be the ones to initially lay out the funds.
• Membership Committee updates
o We have the Online Directory, the Excel Spreadsheet of members, and the listserv
o Lisa Foster updated the online directory and correlated it to the treasurer’s spreadsheet
o Guidelines were discussed as to who can access the listserv – we have many non-paying members on the listserv
• Due date for Membership Dues this year.
Last year there were 3reminders of dues payment though some members didn’t get emails. This year Board wants more notices sent and to make sure paying members (whether on listserv or not) as well as old members get notifications. This year Oct 20 will be the due date for all member payments.
o Use of PayPal account and charge fee to the member for online payment?
This was discussed in some of the meetings over the past year. New Board agreed it was a good idea and Treasurer and Past President will look into setting up an account.
o Update the PDF form for Dues on the website.
Treasurer has updated the form and will continue to do so as necessary
o Review of Dues amount.
Dues amount will stay the same ($20) for all except students, retirees & unemployed members (@ $15 per member)
• Creation of a Welcome and Renewal update email that should be sent out as soon as Dues are paid (President’s report).
Board agreed that this email would be a good idea and Anna will handle this.
o SANDALL social for all new Dues paying members.
This will be a Happy Hour for all and a good opportunity to meet and greet the new members. Tentatively decided as to be held sometime in early November.
Secretary’s Report – Ian Kipnes
• Melissa Fung is the Newsletter editor
• Creation of eNewsletter beginning with the first issue of the year.
First eNewsletter is expected to be sent out late September 2014 if possible
Secretary will contact Melissa to remind her to send out requests for content including pictures, stories, etc.
Past-President’s Report – Barbara Glennan
• Reviewing pros/cons of 501c3 status
Not much done thusfar. (Current) President discussed with AALL attorney at AALL Meeting in San Antonio. The attorney said that AALL is happy to help out the chapters. Past President took the attorney (Barbara Dunn)’s contact information. Per (current) President some chapters are and some are not electing to get this status. There are definitely pros and cons to having the status or not and many chapters are deciding for themselves and taking that step (or not).
One benefit is that we become a tax deductible donation for vendors though a certain amount of the money must be spent on certain items.
• Reviewing pros/cons of chapter insurance
We have (should have??) $1 million insurance per occurrence through AALL
Renewal occurs in September/October each year
Board agreed with AALL recommendation that there should be an indemnification bylaws clause for the individual Board members
Chapter insurance costs about $1 per member as of last renewal time
President’s Report – Anna Russell
• Theme for 2014-2015: Collaborating and Connecting. Working on joint events with other local legal or library groups.
An idea that will be further pursued by President.
• Pacific Chapters Reception in San Antonio Report
Approx. 75 people were in attendance
There was plenty of food and drink which we had paid extra to assure but it worked out well.
Brent Bernau wanted other participant organizers to be notified of attendance figures, success of reception and to be thanked. President will write up something for Brent to approve and pass along to them.
Next year’s reception will require more money. Upped to $3,000 from $2,500.
• Creating a Welcome/Informational letter for new and returning members. Ideas of info to include?
Should include info on “what we can do for you” rather than just a “look how great we are”.
We should ask people what they would like to help with (give members a list of options) versus assigning people to “volunteer” for a particular assignment/project

• Reaching out to committee chairs for committee responsibility listings on the website.
President will handle this.
• Developing eNewsletter with Melissa
Template currently being worked on with/by President.
• Short discussion of AALL Chapter leadership virtual trainings. They look good and helpful. All Board members can attend these.
• President reported that Chapter Leadership Summit at AALL meeting was very good.
Vice President’s Report – Michelle Knapp
• Programming Report
• UELMA Winter Institute will be held on January 9, 2015 at the USD Alumni Center
• Vice President met several of the speakers at AALL meeting in TX and reports that they’re excited about the Institute
• Hotel in Old Town has been chosen with a reception at that hotel to be sponsored by Bloomberg.
• Vice President is still working on a few more speakers and the travel arrangements
• Melissa Fung & Lisa Foster are working with President & Vice President. They will ask for more help sometime in the Fall.
• SANDALL will be lighter on other programming due to the Institute with a possible 9th Circuit Library/Courthouse tour possibly taking place in the Fall. Vice President will discuss that with Valerie at the Court.
• Vice President discussed other (potentially non-legal related) possible tours.
• Vice President will notify of SLA’s Fall seminar to be held October 24th and that will be advertised at our meeting.
• Potential changes for Holiday Party due to fact that the venue from the past 2 years is no longer available (hotel is being converted to condominiums). A discussion was started of a move away from a formal dinner type setting.
Wrap up & Future Agenda Items
• Next Board meeting: September 24, 2014 at Mission Corner Bakery at 8am
Adjournment at 9:20am