May 2014 Meeting Minutes

SANDALL Board Meeting
San Diego Law Library
Thursday, May 8, 2013
11:45am – 1:15pm

In attendance:

Barbara Glennan, President
Anna Russell, Vice-President
Robert Wickman, Treasurer
Michele Knapp, Secretary
Brent Bernau, Past-President

Committee Chairs:

Betsy Chessler, Public Relations & Buddies (via conference call)

Michele Jones, Government Relations

Melissa Fung, Newsletter

Heather Parker, Web Master

Cheryl Weeks-Frey, Newsletter

Call to Order called by Barbara Glennan, President, at 11:47am

  • April Minutes – approved via e-mail



Committee Reports


  1. Michele Jones, Government Relations
    1. This year, AALL supported the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 2013; S 350, H.R. 708 Creation of online searchable and downloadable databases for scientific research; H.R. 1380 Congressionally Mandated Reports; H. Res. 110 Congressional Research Service Reports; GPO appropriations requests; funding for Legal Services Corporation (Access to Justice); open access to government information; and privacy and civil liberties issues for the public.
    2. AALL opposed the Cybersecurity Intelligence Sharing Protection Act.
    3. AALL applauded the victory for libraries and consumers in Kitsaeng v. Wiley.
    4. Thanks to the Committee on House Administration for rejecting NAPA suggestions to charge a fee for public use of FDsys.
    5. AALL reported on the National Security Agency collecting phone records of American citizens and the laws surrounding the issue.
    6. AALL tracked closures due to the federal government shutdown in October 2013.
    7. AALL has been lobbying to restore the principle of net neutrality.


  1. Cheryl Weeks-Frey, Social Responsibility
    1. Cheryl began her tenure as chair of the committee in March 2014. She needs a description and charge for the committee.
    2. On March 10, 2013, SANDALL members were invited to volunteer at the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program’s 25th Women’s Resource Fair scheduled for March 15, 2013. Perhaps, with more notice, next year there will be a better response.
    3. On May 3, 2013, a book drive was held to support the San Diego County Bar Association’s Children at Risk Committee. Three books were collected for children in grades K-12 to be distributed to needy school libraries in San Diego County.
    4. Cheryl is looking for committee members and suggestions for library-related events.
    5. Suggestions for committee include:

i.      Beach clean-up;

ii.      Volunteer at San Diego Law Library;

iii.      Partner with public library literacy program;

iv.      KPBS fund drive; and

v.      Provide information to members as to what volunteer opportunities are available.


  1. Betsy Chessler, Public Relations & Buddies
    1. Public Relations

i.      New logo options being considered. Most members polled prefer current logo. Betsy will ask graphic designer about possibility of updating current logo and will inquire about cost.

ii.      Betsy will not attend AALL Conference this year and is asking for volunteers to organize and staff the SANDALL table.

iii.      Betsy will get folders and binders from prior years to Loren Stamper for archives.

  1. Buddies

i.      Continues to meet for breakfast every third Saturday of the month. Group will not meet in July and August. All members are welcome.

ii.      Library school students Kera Harkins, Lisa Foster, and Rachel Green participated in the program this year. Rachel shadowed Betsy at Morrison & Foerster. Kera is hoping to participate in job shadowing in the near future. Lisa Foster recently accepted a job at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, after working in a temporary position at the San Diego Law Library. [Redacted 2/8/2016]

iii.      Library Liaison Committee has been inactive for quite some time. Buddies serves that essential function.


  1. Anna Russell, Programs
    1. Attendance was low at several events. We will be rethinking the frequency of events.
    2. Anna will present a formal committee report at the June Business Meeting.


  1. Barbara Glennan listed reports submitted by committee chairs not in attendance, including:
    1. Historian, Leigh Inman; Archives, Loren Stamper; Employment, Jason Curtis; and Grants, Brent Naritomi
    2. Barbara read content of Grants Committee report:

i.      During 2013-2014, grants were awarded to:

  1. Michele Knapp to attend the Northwest Interlibrary Loan and Resource Sharing Conference in Portland, Oregon in September 2013;
  2. Lisa Foster and Rachel Green to attend the AALL 2014 Annual Meeting and Conference in San Antonio, Texas in July 2014.

ii.      New criteria were added to grant recipients, beginning with the AALL grants:

  1. Attendance at regional reception at AALL strongly encouraged;
  2. Article regarding conference experience submitted to newsletter; and
  3. Participation on a SANDALL committee.

iii.      Committee lost one member this year, Connie Sterling, and continues to seek new members.

iv.      Thank you to Barbara Glennan, Robert Wickman, Amy Moberly, and Anna Russell for assistance to the committee.

v.      Announcement of this year’s AALL Conference grant recipients to be made.

  1. Question was raised as to whether Historian & Archives should be combined, as Leigh Inman has resigned as Historian. Matter to be taken under consideration.


  1. Heather Parker is in training with Anna Russell to become new web master.


  1. Melissa Fung, Newsletter
    1. Melissa will take over newsletter from Amy Moberly.
    2. Will transition to e-newsletter. Suggestion made to contact Benita at San Diego Law Library for ideas.


  1. Robert Wickman, Membership Committee
    1. Will look for a committee chair outside of board.


Board Reports


  1. President’s Report – Barbara Glennan
    1. Election is in progress. The Google form seems to be working.
    2. Annual meeting to be held at Thomas Jefferson School of Law on June 12. A few parking passes available from TJSL, other lot nearby for $1.
    3. Barbara will create descriptions and charges for each committee.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Robert Wickman (appended at the end of the minutes)
    1. Robert will send a check for $549 to each grant recipient.
    2. Brent collected money from other Pacific chapters for the joint reception and gave them to Robert.
    3. USD still needs to deposit check written to cover cost of brochures.


  1. Secretary’s Report – Michele Knapp
    1. 2015 Winter Institute grant proposal submitted to AALL for $7,775.50.
    2. Michele, Anna Russell and Melissa Fung make up the Winter Institute Planning Committee. They will need more committee members to assist with planning.


  1. Vice President’s Report – Anna Russell
    1. Vendors for 2014-2015

i.      Lexis (hopefully) & CEB will donate money for Winter Institute.

ii.      Anna will look into vendor contacts from Shannon.

iii.      Considering providing a schedule to vendors for events over the course of the year.

  1. Article of the year for newsletter

i.      Will select a few articles from the year’s newsletters.

ii.      Volunteers will vote on top article.

  1. SANDALL table at AALL Annual Meeting and Conference

i.      Vases left from last year will be handed out.

ii.      SANDALL brochures are already printed and paid for and will be handed out.

iii.      Winter Institute information will be handed out.


  1. Past President’s Report—Brent Bernau
    1. Brent will not be at AALL in July. Anna Russell and Michele Knapp will attend Joint Reception. Anna will serve as contact person for the restaurant. Michele will make payment for remaining charges.



Old Business


New Business


Next Board Meeting

Annual Business Meeting at Thomas Jefferson School of Law on Thursday, June 19, 12:00-1:30 P.M.



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Treasurer’s Report(Revised) 5-8-14

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