March 2014 Meeting Minutes

Sandall Board Meeting
Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Corner Bakery in Mission Valley
8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

In Attendance:

Barbara Glennan, President
Anna Russell, (Interim) Vice President
Robert Wickman, Treasurer
Michele Knapp, (Interim) Secretary
Brent Bernau, Past President

Call to Order by President at 8:40am

Board Reports

 Treasurer’s Report—Robert Wickman

  1. Report of current budget with details on expenditures and deposits since last meeting. See Enclosure 1.
  2. Betsy Chessler is working on member directory. Robert to send her membership list.

Secretary’s Report—Michele Knapp

  1. Membership
    • Non-members and/or lapsed members have shown up for SANDALL events. We would like to encourage renewal of membership and new members.
    • Possible ways to track attendees include requiring RSVPs for events and comparing names to membership list. We can follow up with non-members individually and/or list a cost for non-members to attend events. We will send regular reminder notices regarding events and use Eventbee or Eventbrite to track RSVPs.
  2. Rundown of March, April, May events
    • March: Tour of the Edward J. Schwartz Courthouse building, brand new in 2012.  Tour at 12pm on Thursday, 03/27.  Request for RSVPs has been sent to members, 11 signed up so far.
    • April:  Cybersleuth’s Guide to the Internet – a one-hour program sponsored by the San Diego County Bar Association (SDCBA) and SANDALL at 12pm on Wednesday, 04/09 at the SDCBA Conference center.  Speakers’ fee of $500 is graciously provided by the SDCBA. Program is free for SANDALL members. Attorneys will pay and receive CLE credit. Web streaming of the program will be available to members for $20. There will be a 20% discount for the purchase of Internet for Lawyers books using the discount code SANDALL. Betsy Chessler updated the SANDALL brochure recently. Anna will have 50-75 brochures printed at USD copy shop. Leftovers will be used for AALL.
    • May: Spring social will be at Brent’s home on Saturday, 05/10, approximately 2:30-5pm. SANDALL will provide utensils, napkins, cups, plates, non-alcoholic drinks. Members will bring food & alcoholic drinks. Grill will be available. Volunteers will be needed for set-up, clean-up, raffle/auction. Friends and family welcome. Discussion of possible fundraiser – raffle or silent auction. Book exchange or book drive possible, as well.
  3. SANDALL Winter 2015 Institute:
    • Topic is UELMA. Draft programming proposal shared with the board.  Discussion of next steps and need for member support to make the event possible.
    • Anna has been communicating with Emily Feltren, AALL Director of Government Relations, and Jane Larrington, Vice-Chair of AALL Digital Access to Legal Information Committee (DALIC).
    • Michele will speak to Celeste Smith, AALL Director of Education, regarding the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) grant this Thursday.
    • We hope to bring in speakers from California and other states. No press to be involved. Possible for some speakers to appear virtually, if necessary for cost-saving.
    • It will be enough work that it would be like a joint institute and will require much help and involvement from SANDALL members. We will create an ad hoc committee for the Institute. Melissa Fung has agreed to be a member. We will seek out additional committee members.
    • Possibly look to SCALL, SDCBA for support.
    • We hope for AALL presidential visit during the Institute. Holly Riccio will get back to us.
  4. SANDALL Logo Redesign:

Vice President’s Report –Anna Russell

  • Idea to update the logo comes from the SANDALL Buddies committee.
  • VP will announce through listserv and newsletter that the board is considering a new logo.

 Past President’s Report—Brent Bernau

  1. AALL Joint Reception status & deposit
  • Brent has contacted the Presidents of each chapter regarding membership numbers and proportional payment. He is waiting for verification. He will ask for money ahead of time and provide refunds if there are funds leftover.
  • Anna and Michele will represent SANDALL at the reception.
    1. Board members will represent SANDALL at other regional institutes. Brent will attend NOCALL March 20-22 and Anna will attend SCALL April 11-12. Their registrations are comp’d. Barbara requested that each of them write an article about their experiences for the newsletter.
  1. President’s Report—Barbara Glennan
  1. Newsletter needs content. Michele will write article on military brown bag for March issue.
  2. Barbara will give SANDALL video camera to Anna for programming. Someone other than programming people should be in charge of recording events. We will put out a call for a media volunteer.
  3. Annual Business Meeting will be on Friday, June 13 at TJSL. Barbara has contacted CEB for luncheon sponsorship.
  4. Committees
    • Elections – via email this year, Rachel Green chair. Committee will send list of new candidates to Brent by end of March. (Barbara will be out of town). Ballots are to be e-mailed 6 weeks prior to the business meeting (May 2).
    • Historian – Leigh has resigned as chair, need someone new
    • Social Responsibility – Cheryl Weeks-Frey to become chair, will renew her membership
    • Social Media – possible new committee, Barbara to think about members
    • Vendor Relations – John Adkins suggested new committee, has a SDPLL staff member in mind for chair.
    • Incorporation – Barbara will look into incorporating
    • Library School Liaison – committee has been eliminated, as Buddies covers this area
    • UELMA Institute – create Institute committee, call for volunteers in May newsletter and at June business meeting
  • Webmaster – Anna is in the process of passing on the role to Heather Parker
  • May: Barbara will email committee chairs to invite them to May board meeting and solicit input.
  1. Attendance has been low at programs. Board is brainstorming ways to improve it. May rethink frequency of programming for 2014-2015.
  2. SANDALL sponsored Futures Summit at SDPLL, $100 donation.

Old Business – none

New Business

  • Discussion of a potential change to timing of SANDALL Board elections in the future. Incoming officers would take over at the same time but would be elected earlier in the year. This would require a change to the bylaws. We need to change the bylaws to match AALL bylaws in the near future, which would be a good time to make a change regarding board member election dates.

Wrap Up & Future Agenda Items

  • Barbara will check with SDPLL as a venue for SANDALL board meeting during the week of May 12-16.

Adjournment at 10:15am